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Year of the Artist, Day 210: Todd McFarlane, Part 4 – Spider-Man #5

spiderman8008 (2)

Every day this year, I will be examining the artwork on a single comic book story. Today’s artist is Todd McFarlane, and the issue is Spider-Man #5, which was published by Marvel and is cover dated December 1990. Enjoy!
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Comic Book Six Degrees: Dawnstar to Purgatori

I name two comic book characters. You then have to connect the two using only shared appearances in comic books (official appearances in comics only – no cameos like Terry Austin sneaking Popeye into the background of a panel and no outside comic book appearances, like cartoons and the like). You have to do so using less than six comics total. Covers and pin-ups do not count – only actual appearances in the same comic book story (so it doesn’t count if they each appeared in separate stories inside the same anthology). Mythological characters, public domain characters (other than public domain comic book characters, they’re free game) and real people (by the way, unless a fake name is used for a real person, like Ronald Raygun or whatever, you can use the person even if they are not officially named in the comic) are unique to their own comic book appearances (so DC’s Thor is different than Marvel’s Thor, DC’s Ronald Reagan is different from Marvel’s Ronald Reagan, etc.). But a licensed character is the same in all of their various comic book companies (so the Marvel Red Sonja is the same as the Dynamite Red Sonja) and approved appearances by a real person can go across comic book companies, as well (so, for instance, you can use Marv Wolfman from his Teen Titans appearance to connect with Marv Wolfman in his Fantastic Four appearance – you just can’t use modern appearances by Jack Kirby from one company to connect to Jack Kirby appearances from Marvel Comics, since obviously Kirby can no longer give approval for his appearance). Approval tends to be the key.

Every week, whoever connects the two characters in the least amount of turns gets to pick the next week’s match (in the event of a tie, the winner is chosen randomly among the people who sent in challenges for next week). Last time was ‘Mazing Man to Amazing Joy Buzzards. Eric H. was one of a few peoples to get it in three moves. Here is how Eric connected the two…

NOTE: Before I begin, let me again request that when you folks send in your answers to please include your suggestion for next week if your answer is chosen. Oh, and it would be nice if you demonstrate that it IS possible to connect your two suggested choices. Thanks!

‘Mazing Man was in “Ambush Big: Year None” #1 with Superman
Superman was in “Superman & Savage Dragon: Metropolis” with Savage Dragon
Savage Dragon was in “Savage Dragon” #137 with the Amazing Joy Buzzards

Eric’s challenge is…

Dawnstar to Purgatori

E-mail me your answers at bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Do NOT post your answers in the comments section!

Whoever connects the two characters in the least amount of comics gets to pick the connection for next time around (I’ll pick a random winner in the event of a tie)!

Remember, only authorized appearances in comic books count (for instance, all the Marvel characters in Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck do not count)!

NOTE: A reader asked me if a character appears in a comic but as a voice only, does that count? What do you all think? Vote in the comments – I’ll accept whatever the majority says.

Year of the Artist, Day 209: Todd McFarlane, Part 3 – Detective Comics #576

yeartwo6006 (2)

Every day this year, I will be examining the artwork on a single comic book story. Today’s artist is Todd McFarlane, and the issue is Detective Comics #576, which was published by DC and is cover dated July 1987. Enjoy!
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The Orange Won’t Peel | Up North, casting hooks

It’s not me this week. Instead, it’s Greg Hunter. Greg writes about comics for THE COMICS JOURNAL and THE RUMPUS, so please know you’re safely in the hands of someone who can do this. The best part? Greg’s one of those writers who brings a fresh explanation to well-worn topics. I read his stuff and come away newly interested in things I’d already buried. Like Scott Snyder’s BATMAN, even.

With the following piece, Greg provides this loose sentiment for Sam Alden’s drawing approach. Alden is a young cartoonist who’s already inspired much writing, but I like what Greg does here. He nails Alden’s soft pencils into a well-described package and tumbles with the intentions behind the work. It’s a quick piece, but it says what there is to say.

Where am I? Still here, driving trucks through the Twin Cities for money. I’ve read a pile of things I’m excited to write about. You’ll know what they are next week. 

In the mean time, hang out with Greg, and tell your mother you forgive her. 

P.S. Full disclosure: I intern with Uncivilized Books, but I asked Greg to write about whatever he wanted, and he chose this book. This is not intended as a sleazy plug to impress the boss. Sam Alden is just really fucking good. 
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3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode #068

It’s EPISODE #068!!!3 Chicks Logo 2 - Blue



Inside this episode! 

We have a very special guest host joining us for the entire episode, Tim Hanley, author of Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World’s Most Famous Heroine, also blogger at Straitened Circumstances, and author of the “gendercrunching” series on Bleeding Cool! Give him a warm welcome.

First up we talk about Tim’s excellent book Wonder Woman Unbound, an absolute must read for anyone with an interest in Wonder Woman or gender in comics, or even just fascinating comics history period.

Next up, a review of the brand new Storm #1 by Greg Pak, Victor Ibanez, and Ruth Redmond. Then a review of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples Saga #21. Since we recorded on Saturday, two days into SDCC, we discuss what’s been released so far – new book announcements from Image, teaser pages of Finch’s Wonder Woman, some movie teasers by Marvel and DC, and a few other interesting bits and bobs. Unfortunately perhaps the biggest announcement relevant to THIS cast, was the Wonder Woman image that dropped later in the day, which, if you haven’t seen it, is here in all it’s “eh” plus ridiculous heeled boots glory.  No dramatic reading this week, but next time, we probably promise!

3 Chicks Review Comics is a podcast featuring female comics lovers and bloggers. Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass and Kelly Thompson from She Has No Head! Tune in to CSBG every other Monday at noon as we review comics and discuss hot topics of the week. In addition to the blogs above, you can also follow us all on twitter as well: Kelly and Sue.  Special thanks to Caanan Grall for our incredible 3 Chicks Logo and to Nik Furious for our awesome 3 Chicks theme song.

3 Chicks Ep 68 covers


Year of the Artist, Day 208: Todd McFarlane, Part 2 – The Incredible Hulk #330

hulk4004 (2)

Every day this year, I will be examining the artwork on a single comic book story. Today’s artist is Todd McFarlane, and the issue is The Incredible Hulk #330, which was published by Marvel and is cover dated April 1987. Enjoy!
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The Great Comic Book Cover Homage Streak: Week 96

It occurs to me that it seems like many comic book covers are homages. Which is fine with me. I have no problem with it. It just made me think, though, how long could I go before I hit a week where NO new comic book was released that had a cover that was an homage to something? Let’s find out! Here is an archive of all the cover homages featured in the streak so far!

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Year of the Artist, Day 207: Todd McFarlane, Part 1 – Coyote #11 and Infinity Inc. #16

infinityinc7007 (2)

Every day this year, I will be examining the artwork on a single comic book story. Today’s artist is Todd McFarlane, and the story is “Slash” in Coyote #11 and the issue is Infinity Inc. #16, the first of which was published by Marvel (under Epic Comics) and is cover dated March 1985 and the second of which was published by DC and is cover dated July 1985. The scans of “Slash” are from the trade paperback Coyote volume 4, which was published by Image in 2006. Enjoy!
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Gal Gadot is a Badass Looking Wonder Woman

As I noted a while back, I was pumped about Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman, and now we have our first visual evidence that she can pull the roll off.

CBR has the photo, but you can just look at it here, too:

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Last Saturday at the Raspberry Festival

It’s been over a year since we have been able to go on any kind of a real trip. But finally, the stars– and work schedules– aligned, and last weekend we were off to the north to see what we could turn up in the way of books, comics, and other diversions. Continue Reading »

Congratulations to Comic Book Resources On Their Eisner Win!

CBR just won the Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism!


Congrats to Jonah and the gang! And, I guess us? Kind of, sort of?

By the way, how is Tom Spurgeon not at least nominated, like, every year for that award? Not saying he should win it all the time, but that guy should at least be nominated every year (I feel the same way about CBR, but that’s sort of a biased opinion, ya know?).

Year of the Artist, Day 206: Adam Hughes, Part 5 – Fables #113

fables3003 (2)

Every day this year, I will be examining the artwork on a single comic book story. Today’s artist is Adam Hughes, and the story is “Porky Pining” in Fables #113, which was published by DC/Vertigo and is cover dated March 2012. Enjoy!
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Comic Book Legends Revealed #481

Welcome to the four hundred and eightieth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous four hundred and seventy-nine. This week is a special theme week tied in with our recently completed 75 Greatest Batman Stories of All-Time countdown. Was the Joker going to dress like Madonna in Arkham Asylum? Was KnightQuest shortened due to fan backlash? And did Harley Quinn really make her comic book debut in Mad Love?

Let’s begin!

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The Line it is Drawn #199.1 – Line it is Drawn Origins!

Welcome to our weekly gallery of amazing art by our great collection of artistic talent, all working from YOUR suggestions!

Go follow Comics Should Be Good on Twitter (if you have Twitter, that is – if you don’t, you can go sign up). Here is our Twitter page… http://twitter.com/csbg. And here are the Comics Should Be Good writers who are on Twitter (the links go to the person’s Twitter account) – myself, Greg Hatcher, Chad Nevett, Kelly Thompson, Bill Reed, Greg Burgas, Sonia Harris, Melissa K. and Ken H.

I update the blog’s Twitter account updates whenever a new post is put up on the blog, so it’s an easy way to keep up with the blog. In addition, I post new content on the blog’s Twitter account.

There is no regular edition of the Line this week. Instead, this is a special Line it is Drawn ORIGINS edition! There is a ton of unpublished artwork as well as some art that hasn’t been seen in years. These are all the try-out drawings by the current Line it is Drawn atists. The drawings by the newer artists have never been published before, so you’re in for quite a treat!

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