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* Jim Steranko was the inspiration for the escape artist character in Michael Chabon’s Kavalier and Klay as well as Jack Kirby’s Mister Miracle.

* Mickey Spillane wrote comic books.

* Steve Skeates reworked an unused issue of Aquaman as an issue of another comic for ANOTHER company – TWICE!

* Steve Englehart brought a character with him from Marvel to not one, but TWO other comic companies!

* Steve Ditko does not use the original art that Marvel has returned to him, except sometimes as CUTTING BOARDS!

* Robert Loren Fleming is dead.

* Dave Cockrum once sold the same character to both DC and Marvel…at the same time!!!

* Joe Orlando illustrated the famous depictions of Sea Monkeys.

* Devin Grayson named herself after Dick Grayson.

* Mike Deodato used to draw four books a month during the mid-90s.

* Kieron Dwyer is John Byrne’s son.

* Ernie Chan had to be credited under a different name for years due to a typographical error.

*Marty Nodell created the Pillsbury Doughboy.

* Will Pfeifer was briefly married to actress Michelle Pfeiffer (joke)

* Matt Fraction once took a restraining order out against Ed Brubaker (joke)

* Wendy Pini used to attend comic conventions dressed as Red Sonja.

* Mike Grell got his start working as an assistant to Dale Messick on Brenda Starr.

* James Kochalka performed the theme song for the FOX show, “The Loop.”

* The co-creator of Tank Girl co-created The Gorillaz

* The creator of Crime Does Not Pay went to jail for killing a woman

* Jack Kirby wrote comics under the pseudonym of Martin Burtsein during the 40s.

* Denny O’Neil named Optimus Prime.

* Jack Kirby co-created Thundarr the Barbarian.

* Milton Caniff produced a comic book for the US Army titled “How to Spot a Jap.”

* Roy Thomas used a pseudonym to retcon a 90s Conan storyline before it even finished!!

* A writer was killed by the Argentinian government over his comic book work.

* Alan Grant wrote most of his first year on Batman crediting a writing partner who wasn’t working with him.

* Chris Elopoulos draws the Mini-Marvels series.

* J.M. DeMatteis finished the story from a canceled Marvel comic series in a DC comic series.

* Steve Epting broke into comics by entering a non-existent contest!

* Bernie Wrightson once thought he had some sort of disease due to the paint brush he was using.


Suggestion. The story goes that there was a completed issue of Alan Moore’s Big Numbers #3. Though the art was credited to Seinkewicz, it was really done by his protoge, Al Columbia. The issue was already at the printers when Al Columbia had a freak out and went to the printers and tore up all the film? originals? Hence, no #3 ever saw print. The story also goes that Bill has a photocopy of #3 and shows people sometimes, and that there may be a copy or two floating around out there.

Another question: John Buscema did an entire issue (layouts only?) for one day.

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