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DC/Marvel Comic Book Urban Legends

* Swamp Thing is a rip-off of Man-Thing/Man-Thing is a rip-off of Swamp Thing.

* Marvel and DC own the trademark of the word “Super Hero.”

* The first Marvel/DC crossover was The Wizard of Oz.

* The original ending of Marvel vs. DC involved the two companies swapping two characters, but this ending was changed due to external pressure.

* John Byrne got the idea for Darkseid vs. Galactus from a fan.

* The first appearances of the Squadron Supreme in the Avengers were “crossovers” with the Justice League of America.

* Neal Adams redrew a significant portion of Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man.

* Freedom Fighters and The Invaders had an unofficial crossover.

* DC once asked Marvel Comics for a page of Jack Kirby’s New Gods artwork when they needed a copy for reference work.

* Marvel and DC taking turns making crossover comics resulted in George Perez missing out on X-Men/Teen Titans

* The sequel to Batman: The Cult became a Punisher mini-series.

* Marvel and DC only trademarked “superhero” because Mego trademarked it first.

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