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* Mark Gruenwald’s ashes were mixed in with the printing of a comic book.

* Al Milgrom was fired by Marvel after sneaking an insult to Bob Harras into a comic book.

* Mark Bagley got his start by winning the original Marvel Try-Out Contest.

* DG Chichester left Daredevil with #332.

* DC dictated the format of Marvel comics for more than a decade.

* Thunderstrike was outselling Thor and Avengers combined when it was cancelled.

* Marvel killed off a Thunderbolts character because of a rights problem.

* Roger Stern left Avengers over Captain Marvel’s leadership of the team.

* Marvel HAS to publish a Captain Marvel comic book.

* In 1975, Marvel came up with four new titles in one lunch.

* Speedball was invented for the New Universe.

* Marvel UK turned Killraven into “Apeslayer.”

* Hank Pym appeared in comics BEFORE the Fantastic Four!

* Spider-Woman was created by Marvel to secure a trademark.

* Akira Yoshida is a pseudonym.

* Spider-Woman ended up getting Wolverine’s original origin.

* Frank Brunner and Steve Englehart faked a fan letter to themselves.

* Triathlon was gay.

* The GI Joe series was partially based on a previous Marvel pitch Larry Hama made to Marvel.

* The famous “Silent Issue” of GI Joe was originally meant to have dialogue in it, but it was left out due to some sort of error.

*Stan Lee created the Black Marvel

* Jimmy Carter’s diplomatic policies led to the Contest of Champions.

* Jack Kirby sued Marvel Comics.

* Marvel changed the name of the Black Panther because of the political group by the same name.

* Dr. Strange has a daughter named Sofia.

* Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe was held back for five years because of Justice League of America vs. The Avengers.

* Steve Ditko once had a story censored for using the devil in a comic.

* Dave Cockrum’s resignation letter from Marvel was placed into an issue of Iron Man as a prank.

* Marty Pasko wrote a short prose story for Marvel Comics under the name “Kyle Christopher.”

* John Romita broke into comics pretending to ink for a penciller, while the penciller was actually inking Romita’s pencils!

* John Byrne had a much longer storyline in store for Scarlet Witch before being taken off Avengers West Coast.

* Terror, Inc. was a continuation of a previous comic from another line of comics.

* Paul Simon named some of the rhymes in “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” after the old Marvel bullpen.

* Jim Shooter and Dave Cockrum once shared an apartment.

* The second volume of Ghost Rider never had an ending.

* Alias was originally going to star Jessica Drew, but writer Brian Michael Bendis had to change Jessica Drew to Jessica Jones.

* Yellowjacket II was originally going to be a member of the Thunderbolts.

* J.M. DeMatteis had to toss out a plot involving Dr. Strange’s father due to the title’s imminent cancellation.

* Neal Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys used to be an editor for Marvel Comics.

* Kurt Busiek was going to call Carol Danvers Nemesis during his Avengers run, but the X-Men office would not let him.

* Scott Lobdell was fired from Alpha Flight over controversy regarding Northstar “coming out.”

* In the 1970s, Marvel had a designated “first page” letterer.

* Grant Morrison and Mark Millar had a pitch for a revamp of Marvel’s 2099 line of comics.

* Due to Don Perlin, a profanity accidentally snuck into an issue of Defenders.

* Namor and the Human Torch had the first team-up in comic history!

* Marvel has never intended to publish the final chapter to “The Last Galactus Story” serial that ran in Epic Illustrated magazine.

* Marvel published a game tie-in years after the company that made the game was defunct.

* Grant Morrison and Mark Millar pitched an “evil Professor X attacks superheroes” story a year before Onslaught!

* Marvel had another cross-promotion superhero/singer in the 90s.

* Kurt Busiek adapted his idea for Marvels II into Astro City: The Dark Age, years after the fact.

* Geraldo Rivera made an appearance in an issue of Count Duckula.

* Ghost Rider was originally intended to have no ties to the supernatural.

* Jim Starlin once had Pip the Troll drink a particularly offensive drink.

* The Hopi tribe tried to force Marvel to pull an issue of SuperPro from the stands.

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* The original Secret Wars had only two sentences of dialogue end in a period.

* Namor the Sub Mariner was created as a movie tie-in.

* The last issue of Marvel Comics’ Star Wars sold so poorly that it was not even released on newsstands.

* Marvel’s president once canceled a movie tie-in comic mid-series once he realized what the movie was about.

* John Jakes wrote comics for Marvel.

* Daimon Hellstrom was a riff on Damien from The Omen.

* Scorpion was originally going to be the child of Viper and Silver Samurai

* The clone of the Guardian was originally going to be a member of the New Warriors.

* Jesus Christ was a supporting character in Ghost Rider.

* The second volume of Ghost Rider was not supposed to be an ongoing series./a>

* Howard Mackie took an issue to trash anything that had happened in Ghost Rider since he left the book.

* Steve Englehart’s Silver Surfer book was designed as the Surfer exploring outer space.

* Marvel had an agreement with Frank Miller that they would not bring Elektra back unless Miller wanted to do so

* Marvel Comics once had a line of female superhero comic books.

* Thor appeared in a Marvel Comic BEFORE the Silver Age!

* Marvel published a toy tie-in comic book without an actually toy to tie-into!

* Al Milgrom was blacklisted from Marvel Comics after he snuck an insult of Bob Harras into a comic book.

* Marvel had a line of female heroine comic books in the 1970s.

* Kitty Pryde was in the original treatment for Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars, but was removed before the comic was released.

* Marvel took a British comic book character and basically just put her into Alpha Flight wholesale.

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