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Superman Comic Book Urban Legends

*DC had a Superman storyline set during the Holocaust that did not mention the word “Jew” or “Jewish.”

*Superman once got into trouble for spilling American nuclear secrets.

* Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, the Daily Planet and Kryptonite all appeared on the Superman radio show before they ever appeared in the comic book.

* Superman’s secret identity was made up by combining the first names of two popular pulp heroes.

* Orson Welles once teamed up with Superman.

* In the comic books, Superman was declared 4-F because he accidentally read the eye chart in another room with his X-Ray vision.

* The Super-books were not going to marry Clark and Lois until the TV show got involved.

* Doomsday made his first appearance during the end of the “Panic in the Sky” storyline.

* Nazi Germany once took it upon itself to rebut a Superman comic story.

* Batman and Superman began to team-up because of inflation

* Jerry Siegel had Superman reveal his secret identity to Lois Lane in 1940!

* The Superman radio show first came up with the idea behind kryptonite.

* DC got the idea behind Brainiac from a “make your own computer” kit.

* Lex Luthor went bald due to an artist’s mistake.

* Joe Kelly did not originally intend for his Zod to be Russian.

* The Superman story in Action Comics #1 was made up of a cut up comic strip.

* DC produced in-continuity Superman comics specifically for Germany.

* Superman battled the real life Ku Klux Klan on his radio show.

* Marv Wolfman used a rejected Lex Luthor revamp on Vandal Savage, instead.

* Smallville was established in a Superboy comic as being located on the East Coast.

* A man wanted DC’s permission to get plastic surgery to look like Superboy

* DC gave Superman new powers to aid them in a legal struggle.

* DC had no idea that the Death of Superman would be such a big deal.

* DC pushed back Superman’s return once they saw the big deal his death caused.

* Batman and Superman appeared on Sesame Street.

* The dentist of the Superman movie’s producer’s wife auditioned for the role of Superman.

* There was purple Kryptonite.

* Jack Kirby was okay with DC redrawing his Superman faces.

* DC redrew Superman’s face on a comic drawn by the same person who designed Superman on the popular Super Friends TV series.

* A doppleganger of Superman created in a special Superman comic was originally intended to be the way for Superman to return from the dead after his death against Doomsday.

* Marv Wolfman got his job working on the Superman animated series not because of his comic work, but because of his Garbage Pail Kids work.

* The Superman radio show had a drastically different origin for Superman

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