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X-Men Comic Book Urban Legends

* Marvel changed the names of X-Force, Deadpool and Cable to avoid paying Rob Liefeld royalties.

* Destiny and Mystique were intended to be Nightcrawler’s parents.

* When Len Wein created the “All New, All Different” X-Men, he created Thunderbird with the intention of killing him off two issues later, which is what he did.

* A character once escaped from X-Men custody in 1977 and did not have the plot resolved into another comic book…thirteen years later!!

* Dazzler’s life was saved by Marc Silvestri.

* Kurt Busiek came up with the idea for Jean Grey’s return.

* The woman who was the titular basis for Kitty Pryde has since changed her name due to unwanted comic book fan attention.

* Apocalypse was originally going to be the Owl.

* Wolverine was initially intended to be a genetically mutated wolverine.

* Wolverine’s costume was patterned in part on the uniforms of the Michigan Wolverines football team.

* Almost all the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club were based on famous actors, both visually and titularly

* Dazzler was created as a cross-promotion between Marvel and Casablanca Records.

* Colossus was originally intended to be Ferro Lad’s brother.

* The Scarlet Witch accidentally appeared in an issue of X-Men in place of Storm when John Byrne was drawing both books.

* Right before becoming an X-Men, Nightcrawler was going to be a member of the Legion of Superheroes.

* Igor Kordey once drew an issue of New X-Men in a week.

* Grant Morrison took an old French character out of the public domain and made him an X-Men character.

* Ed Brubaker came up with the idea behind there being a secret team of X-Men before the All-New, All-Different Team.

* Scott Lobdell didn’t want Storm to be a killer, so he brought Marrow back to life.

* Wolverine originally was going to kill Sabretooth – 25 years ago!

* Scott Lobdell became the writer of Uncanny X-Men by happening to be walking in the right place at the right time.

* Storm was the result of combining two characters, one of whom could transform into a cat!

* Mr. Sinister was originally envisioned as the product of the mutant mind of a child.

* Gambit was originally intended to be a villain.

* Chris Claremont intended to return Colossus from the dead, but was halted by editorial.

* The idea for Magneto ripping Wolverine’s adamantium out of his body came from a joke suggestion made by Peter David at a X-Writers conference.

* Marvel re-wrote the ending of the X-Cutioner’s Song because they decided not to reveal Cable’s origin at the end of it as the originally planned.

* One of the members of Youngblood was originally announced as a cast member of the New Mutants.

* Marvel had Dave Cockrum redraw the X-Men in an X-Men guest appearance in a John Byrne-drawn issue of Iron Fist.

* Marvel got rid of the X-Ternals because of threats of litigation by the Highlander folks.

* Scott Lobdell introduced Onslaught without knowing who or what Onslaught was.

* Larry Hama’s origin for M and Penance was not what Scott Lobdell originally intended for the characters.

* James Cameron got the idea for The Terminator from “Days of Future Past.”



I could have sworn there was a Urban Legends collum about Gambit originally being intended to be a bad guy.

Can’t seem to find it anywhere on the site?

Am I remebering things that haven’t happened yet again?


No, but I’ll add it now. :)

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