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Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #14!

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This is the fourteenth in a series of examinations of comic book urban legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous thirteen.

Let’s begin!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Destiny and Mystique were intended to be Nightcrawler’s parents.

STATUS: Essentially True

Hisham Zubi wanted me to address this, so here it is!

In X-Men Unlimited #4, in 1994, it was revealed that Nightcrawler’s mother was the former member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Mystique.

However, this was not always supposed to be the case. Mystique WAS supposed to be one of his parents, but NOT his mother.

Here is John Byrne, on the issue:

As originally created, Kurt was the son of gypsies who worked for a circus in Germany. That’s it. That’s all.

Then Chris decided Kurt’s mother was Destiny — and his father was Mystique. That also went the way of ALL FLASH.

Now? Who the **** knows?

So yes, apparently, at ONE point in time, Mystique was supposed to be Nightcrawler’s FATHER!

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To add more to the Hulk Hogan/Marvel story.

When Hogan started using Hulk Hogan in the 80’s they didn’t notice for the early 80’s anyhow. Once he and the WWF started to steamroll and became huge , Marvel stepped in. Of course Vince McMahon ( WWF owner ) did himself no favors in promos proclaiming ” He’s the Immortal HULK HOGAN ! ” or ” He’s the Incredible Hulk Hogan ” lol.

When Hogan went to WCW they too were forced to pay Marvel. So to get by that Eric Bischoff ( WCW VP ) would try and not use the word Hulk as much . Then in 1996 the NWO happened and for 2 to 3 years WCW simply called him ” Hollywood Hogan ” . The move freshened up Hogan’s career and saved them from paying some.

In funny news Hogan now has some overseas company saying they own the trademark to the name Hogan. But I doubt he’ll win since Terry Bolloa ( Hulk Hogan ) has used his name for 2 decades.

To add….sorry Brian didn’t notice the more detail you went into in that article…

Hogan left the WWF in 1980 and went to the AWA and came back to the WWF in 1983. I think it was Vince Jr which really pissed Marvel off when he’d call him ” The Incrtedible Hulk Hogan ” lol.

I find the whole Hogan thing funny. I do believe Hogan had to pay for using the name as you said. And that by doing ” Hollywood Hogan ” him and Eric Bischoff were trying to make a run around doing that.

As a young child on vacation and buying an Archie’s comic … and then getting a religious message … royally sucked.

When I was growing up in the south during the 70’s, those religious Archie comics were always on the racks in grocery stores. I remember going on vacation to Florida at one point in the early 80’s and seeing them in some gift shop as well. I can recall reading them in the store and just being floored even then at how bad the were.

The religious Archie comics were the worst! I remember one story had Archie receving a white sports car as a gift. Because Archie percieved it as being a gift from God, he felt it should only be driven on Sundays in order to praise God. Even at ten years of age I remember being offended by idea of God caring how often someone drives a stupid white sports car. Thank God Archie went back to his secular ways.

no more stupid dogs please!

greets from steve

I was at a Raleigh, NC comic signing at Capitol Comics in 1994 when Claremont was touring to promote his Star Trek graphic novel Debt of Honor. One of the comments he made was that Destiny and Mystique were intended to be Nightcrawler’s parents, but for editorial reasons, that concept was not allowed to be published. I’ve been telling that story for years, and I’m finally glad to see it backed up with a secondary source.

I’ll have to disagree about the Al Hartley Archies. I enjoyed them quite a lot when I read them…of course, I’m a Christian and that does make a difference. But I thought the sugar-coated Gospel stuff was fun, and they got me interested in Archie after too long a time, an interest which I continue today. They weren’t the same as the regular Archie books, but they weren’t intended to be. I thought Al did a pretty good job.

I own a couple of those Christian Archie comics. I bought them in a Christian book store, so I knew what to expect. Al Hartley also wrote and illustrated a book to teach manners to teenagers, from a Christian perspective. My dad used to read from it nightly to me and my then stepsister. The drawings looked like they were straight out of Archie comics. And while I enjoyed the issues I have I agree that God would not care how often Archie drove his car, even if God directly gifted it to him. In fact, I think God would be offended.

I love the story in one of the Spire Archies about Ethel, how she is so frustrated with herself but finds peace and purpose.

I wish they would have stuck with destiny and mystique being nightcrawlers parents. that’s a really cool idea. I am a big fan of mystique being nightcrawlers father, would have been very interesting, but I guess its just a little too ‘edgy’

Unless it was contradicted by Claremont himself, in his own comics during his initial run, I don’t consider it canon. Ergo, Nightcrawler’s lame hacky fanfic origin, Sinister’s lame hacky fanfic origin, etc etc, aren’t canon. I go by the much cooler ideas Claremont was going with.

But of course my Marvel Universe ends at X-Men #3. YMMV.

Just to add a footnote on Hogan’s dealings with Marvel, he was surely taking the mick when he did this

@Brian: When and where was that comment by Byrne made? Was it before or after the interview conducted by Tue Sørensen and Ulrik Kristiansen for Seriejournalen.dk in 1995, where Scott Lobdell disclosed it?

Claremont himself admits in Comics Focus #1 that he planned to start Kurt’s origin in Uncanny X-Men #204 in 1986 but that he abandoned the story he had planned.

Once again he announced in Amazing Heroes #134, in 1988 in an interview for the launch of the title Excalibur, “One of the storylines we will seriously try to play with is Nightcrawler’s origin… why Nightcrawler and Mystique look alike.” However, this storyline never happened in the pages of Excalibur either.

Then in Marvel Age Preview #1 announced that a 64-page Excalibur hardcover graphic novel would ship in December 1990 that would deal with “the mysterious connection between Nightcrawler and Mystique.”

Evidence from Uncanny X-Men Annual #4, #142 and even #170 (despite it’s subtle clues of an *intimate* relationship between Raven and Irene) suggest something slightly different to the idea of Mystique being Kurt’s biological parent. So at which point had Claremont made the decision Byrne and Lobdell publicly reveal above? Was it around the time of Uncanny X-Men #204, or later when he began proposing storylines for it during his run on Excalibur?

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