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I’m not sure if it qualifies as an urban legend, but I vaguely remember Spider-Man being one of the bosses (I think level five) in an old 8-bit Nintendo game. I’m pretty sure the game was Shinobi, but it might have been Ninja Gaiden or something else. I remember the red and blue costume (no web lines) and him jumping around and shooting nets, possibly climbing the walls, but that might be a decade plus worth of memory elaborating on it. It would be cool to see a video game-themed CBULR if you can find enough of them. Thanks for a good read each week!


Go Spidey go. Kick venom’s a**


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I’m not sure if this is the correct place to submit a topic or not, but here goes….what’s the story on Art Adams & Ann Nocenti’s plans for Longshot after the original mini-series in the mid 80’s? I distinctly remember reading in Marvel Age about a graphic novel that was completed (?) but as far as I know was never published. This may have been after he was already a member of the X-men. I also distinctly remember there being a solicitiaion / preview for a ongoing Longshot series in a Marvel Age preview and also reading an article about the series in Comics Scene magazine in the late 80’s or early 90’s. If I remember correctly, it was an interview with Ann Nocenti and she talked about the antagonist of the book being Mephisto (sp?) and that Art Adams was doing the pencils. As far as I know this was never published either. I once tried to go back and find these references, but they were long gone.

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