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Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #18!

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This is the eighteenth in a series of examinations of comic book urban legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous seventeen.Let’s begin!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: The recent Norman Osborn/Gwen Stacy relationship in Amazing Spider-Man was never intended to occur!


In the recent “Sins Past” storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #509-514 (the title is currently on #525), writer J. Michael Straczynski surprised many readers (and I am sure disturbed many as well) when he revealed that the two adult stalkers of Peter Parker (and Spider-Man, separately) were children of Gwen Stacy that she had before she was killed.

In the storyline, the children, who were thought to be Peter’s, were revealed to actually be the offspring of Gwen and Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin!

As you could imagine, this storyline was controversial to say the least. Some readers did not like the idea of Gwen getting together with Norman Osborn, and I presume a decent amount of readers just did not like seeing Norman Osborn’s “O” face in a comic book…hehe.

In any event, at a recent Q&A at this year’s Toronto Comic Con, Straczynski revealed that the controversial decision was NOT his original plan for “Sins Past!”

As relayed here, Straczynski wanted Peter Parker to be the father of Gwen’s kids but editorial nixed the idea.

Apparently, editiorial felt that Peter Parker would seem too old if he had two adult kids running around. So Straczynski and the creative and editorial teams all huddled together and came up with the new, alternate story.

I wonder if the other way would have really had any better of a reaction?

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Thanks for the info on the Gwen Stacy/Norman Osborn development. I was livid at J. Michael Straczynski for what seemed like a cheap ploy that tarnished the memory of a beloved character for no more reason than shock value.

Although, the main story line with the two adult kids attacking their father reminded me too much of Kurt B. Astro City story where the “Jack-in-the-box” character met and faught his future kids.

I apologize for all the hateful things I said about J. Michael Stracynski and will now place that venom on the appropriate parties.

J. Michael Straczynski still decided that he needed to ruin the memory of Gwen Stacy, so I still think he’s one of the worst things to happen to Spidey and the main reason I don’t buy Spidey book anymore.

No one turns it on like Norman Osborn. I so wanted him to look up from that comic and do the ” BBBBOOOYYYAHHHH!! ” thing. Then I was pissed now I see it as grand comedy.

I wonder how they can explain Gaberial looking like Peter though ?

All JMS ever does is change the Spider-man over the past two years. I stopped reading Spider-man for good after that terrible Unmasking. It wasn’t even about Spider-man and apparently everyone from J Jonah Jameson to Betty Brant aren’t good enough characters for him to put in and explore what they think. They’re not even in Amazing and Flash is a bufoon in FNSM. THey’ve just bashed Spidey into a nobody character. They won’t even explore story telling with him in it anymore.

Oh yeah, Sins Past. for someone who complains about aging the character, Quesada sure lets a lot of dumb things happen to Spidey.

I find it interesting that ESM got an original idea from Jeph Loeb, since anyone who’s seen “Heroes” on NBC should recognize that nearly every plot point is cribbed from a previously published comic book.

In my opinion,the”Sins Past”storyline is a nail in every Gwen Stacy fan’s heart.I mean is not only a blasfimy for the character but it’s impossible as well.I mean Gwen has met Osborn only once or twice.SHAME ON JMS.

I have always wondered why they made Norman the father of Gwen’s children when the better choice would been the Jackal, Miles Warren. It would have explained his obsession with Gwen and would have made for better stories down the road, but no. Everything bad in Spidey’s life must come from the Green Goblin.

Better yet, Tim – why not have the Jackal go after Norman?

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