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Watching the River Flow for WizardWorld Philly

What’s the matter with me,
I don’t have much to say,
Daylight sneakin’ through the window
And I’m still in this all-night cafe.
Walkin’ to and fro beneath the moon
Out to where the trucks are rollin’ slow,
To sit down on this bank of sand
And watch the river flow.

This is for all the various rambling thoughts that I have about WizardWorld Philly that I do not think deserve their own full entry to discuss. Enjoy!

  • Ummm…how the heck can new coloring (from the Absolute Sandman) be THIS much better?

What did they color the original issue with – chicken soup?

  • Can you seriously believe that DC was planning to kill off Dick Grayson?

I mean, HUH?!? Just…HUH?!!? Dick Grayson? Really? WHY would you kill Dick Grayson?

I mean, sure, his book has been pretty bad for awhile, but that’s no reason to kill off a perfectly good character. Heck, beyond perfectly good characters, he was a GREAT character.

I wonder how they were going to do it…

  • According to Tom Brevoort, a married Spider-Man is operating at 40% compared to a single Spider-Man.



This makes me wonder to myself, do editors and writers come up with this stuff AFTER they’ve already written the story, to justify the story? Or do they believe it before hand?

  • Speaking of the marriage, apparently Quesada found his story you could tell with a married Spider-Man that you couldn’t with a single Spider-Man – a storyline about the two separating for some reason.
  • Who’s the dude in the photo with the stars on his cape?
  • Man, All Star Superman rules.
  • I wish Phil Hester was drawing Morrison’s Batman.

Yes, you’ve read this far just to be treated to an inside joke. I apologize.

  • John Henry Irons lost a hand at one point?
  • I don’t get it…why is Jim Starlin writing a NEW Captain Comet? What was wrong with the OLD Captain Comet?
  • So wait…IS Ronin a member of the Avengers, or what?
  • Not for nothing, but if you’re GONNA follow up a series that is specifically called ENDsong, at least go away from the “song” motif!
  • Joe Quesada mentioned, for the “worst idea he ever greenlit,” that there were two projects by the same creator that he approved early in his tenure. He declined to name the projects and the creator, but that doesn’t mean WE can’t figure it out. Tell me your guesses, detective monkeys! Fly, detective monkeys, fly!


All-Star Superman IS awesome

Robin looks kinda twisted on the cover.

Wasn’t Erik Larsen still doing stuff for Marvel when Joe took over as EIC? Maybe it’s Defenders and that Fantastic Four mini, unless I have my time table off. He did use those series as his examples of why “retro doesn’t work” for a while.

Or maybe it’s the stuff Jemas wrote, that would be funny.

It’s really just the paper quality on the sandman, it doesn’t look nearly as bad in the trade.

However the brighter colours are rice (azn for nice!).

Annoyed Grunt

June 4, 2006 at 7:21 am

I hope Quesada’s talking about Spider-man/Black Cat and Daredevil: Target.

Probably two Chuck Austen projects–that War Machine series and the absolutely unreadable “The Eternal.”

Regarding Captain Comet, the article at the Pulse about the new series made it sound like it was the same character, just with a somewhat updated look and the “Captain” dropped from his name.

And you know, between that JSA cover and the JLA #1 preview I saw the other day, I now understand why all super-heroes and -heroines are so good-looking. It’s because every time somebody decides who gets to be on a team, they break out the 8×10 glossies. It’s like they’re casting for a modelling shoot.

I dunno. I always thought Dick Grayson was lame. I still can’t believe he’s carried his own book this far…

Spider-Man is the same whether he’s married or not, so just leave it alone, you dumbasses, and work on writing good stories for once instead of coming up with half-assed events.

I figured Joey Q meant Get Kraven and that other one. Whatever Zimmerman did.

The high point of WizardWorld Philly for me was buying 80 or so comics. Mmm. Joy on paper.

The Eyeball Kid

June 4, 2006 at 10:23 am

JSA Cover: No clue on the guy with the starry trim. I see a Danny Blaine Starman, a Jesse Quick, and a Damage in a funky mask in addition to the usual suspects.

Word on the street (or at least the boards) is that the guy with the stars on his cape is a Mr. America?

And Jesse Quick (if that is her) seems to be in a Liberty Belle costume. If so…y’know, I’m all for respecting the past and all, but that’s a really horrid name.

moose n squirrel

June 4, 2006 at 10:38 am

I dunno. I always thought Dick Grayson was lame.

I always thought Robin was lame (as I spent half a thread moaning and groaning about last week), but clearly enough people disagree with me to keep buying his book. Similarly, there’s a ton of Dick Grayson fans out there – enough to keep buying even through the dreck that his book’s turned into over the last year or so – and his comic was pretty entertaining under Chuck Dixon, so it’s clearly possible to do something good with the character that’ll also make money. So why would you kill the character off unless you were motivated by an almost Quesadalike fixation?

I thought the most interesting thing to come from Didio was the admission that, to the extent that the DCU’s tone was supposed to change with Infinite Crisis, it was actually supposed to get darker:

“Asked by a female fan why there aren’t more light-hearted titles in the DCU such as Impulse or Young Justice, in a broad reply, Didio said that they’ve found that people respond better to angst… Didio later added that he doesn’t want to sacrifice characters for a joke, and prefers it when humor comes from within a character, rather than applied on them from outside.”

Of course we don’t want to sacrifice characters for a joke. We need to sacrifice them for a crossover. Now the fatwa against the JLE characters makes perfect sense: it’s not a grudge against Keith Giffen, it’s a cold-blooded purge of light-hearted characters. Once they kill off Booster, though, who’s going to be left? At that point you’re just down to Detective Chimp and Plastic Man – and I think Eel O’Brien better start watching his back.

Killing Dick Grayson would have been a really stupid move. Over the last several years and despite a really badly written comic, the character has managed to become for better of worse, the conscious of the DC universe. And losing him would have been a major mistake.

Also I have to admit that the All-Star Superman is really growing on me too. I really hated the first issue, but since then the sucker’s been gold.

Virtually every reference I’ve seen to what’s wrong with Nightwing, or killing off Dick Grayson as a good or bad thing, or how much a segment of fans liked him in Teen Titans, has been based on hardcore fandom reference points and continuity debates…and totally missing a larger aspect in the real world outside of comics.

I’ve never read an issue of any Nightwing solo comic; I read maybe the first six or seven issues of the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans and none since then. I don’t know a damn thing about the character or his development over the years. But I do know that an astonishingly large percentage of the world’s population knows who Batman and Robin are, and that a considerable subgroup of same knows that they’re Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. If you said to these people “Robin grew up to work on his own, apart from Batman, and now calls himself Nightwing” that premise is totally accessible and immediately understandable. A comic publisher that wanted to hook an audience — instead of servicing the continuity-based minutiae known only to an ever-diminishing of insiders — would be complete and utter fools to throw away something with that level of audience recognition.

If there were a Nightwing movie or television show, all the reviews and listings would have to say is “the adventures of Batman’s former partner Robin, now grown up and on his own,” and boom! — everyone would be on the same page. Do comics fans really not see how valuable that is? To say “Oh, but the character is broken, we have no way to tell a good story about him anymore” is completely missing how the act of writing fiction works.

Oh yeah, also, the reason the coloring is so crappy on the early Sandman books is mostly becasue DC was still using those damm Mondo printing presses with the cheap plastic plates on them back then and almost all comicbooks had color that was that bad.

It’s one of the main reasons that all the companies jumped so hard onto the glossy paper in the early 90’s

Moose und Sqvirrel: At that point you’re just down to Detective Chimp and Plastic Man – and I think Eel O’Brien better start watching his back.

Nah, they’re not killing off Plastic Man. According to the new Wizard, they’re revamping him into a grim and gritty mob-related character. Clearly that’s more “kewl” and “badass.” I bet Woozy Winks is a hitman, now.

moose n squirrel

June 4, 2006 at 3:06 pm

“they’re revamping him into a grim and gritty mob-related character.”

Good christ, I thought you were joking ’till I clicked on that link. Who exactly is the market for this revamp? Readers who want Plastic Man expect the sight-gag-laden comic character that’s shown up in just about every Plastic Man appearance; readers who want grim ‘n’ gritty street-level vigilantism can get it from Batman, Daredevil, Punisher, or a dozen other books where that concept actually fits the character. Who’s looking for a dark and serious book about a guy who turns his hands into giant cartoon mallets?

Lord no…it’s like this post is a vendetta against my favorite comic characters – Nightwing, Plastic Man…I’m just waiting for someone to say that Deadpool loses his sense of humor now.

And on the separation. JMS did that story 5 years ago. Quesada is showing how little he knows about the Marvel Universe and how unoriginal he is on top of it.

Personally, I think they might as well kill Dick Grayson. New Teen Titans made him into a character who’s only impressive trait is a very, very good conscience and some nice acrobatics. I know I repeat this over and over, but first and foremost people read superhero comics to see a good guy kicking a tough bad guy’s ass. Nightwing hasn’t won a fight against a respectable villain since Wolfman got his hands on him. Can anyone here name a respectable hand-to-hand combatant Grayson’s beaten in the past few decades? All this ridiculous talk about hot to make the character better? Just have him stop pitying himself and have him kick ass! It’s that easy.

You got me on that one Cronin, Kubert really did mess that cover up! It’s not Hester-bad, but its close!

Speaking to Jim Starlin at WW Philly, the reason there’s a “new” Captain Comet is because he thinks the original is one of the stupidest characters ever created- you see, originally Mystery in Space was supposed to star Adam Strange, but AS is apparently appearing in 52, so that would violate the rule of not showing any of the characters in 52 in other books until it’s over. Captain Comet was switched in, along with Starlin giving him a makeover.

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