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Helping You to Buy Good Comics for 6/17/06

Occasionally, I like to search for some auctions to point out good deals for you folks for some good comics. Let’s begin!

Today’s “Helping You to Buy Good Comics” is a themed one. It is about specifically all the great 1980s comics that you can purchase for a very reasonable price at auctions, which I will point out right now!

There is a nice chunk of Walt Simonson’s Mighty Thor run available, which can be found here, for a current bid of $10.24 (all prices include shipping to the United States).
337, 338, 340, 341, 342, 343, 344, 345, 346, 347,348-354 are included, for a total of 17 issues in all. #337 was Simonson’s first issue! The auction ends in four days.

I am a bit torn on whether Blue Devil is, in fact, a good comic, but I know it has some fans out there, so feel free to check out this auction here. It includes 1, 2, 4-12, 14-16, 19-26, 28-31, and Annual 1 of Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn’s 80s funny book.

For a current bid of $18.49, you can bid on a pretty big Iron Man run from the late 70s/early 80s (mostly 80s), which includes a lot of David Michelinie, Bob Layton and John Romita Jr.’s run. The issues are 99-105, 107-111, 113-117, 127, 135-139, 148-149, 151-152, 154-160. Here is the auction. It is ending in about four days.

Another Iron Man lot with those issues included is located here. For a current bid of $10.25, you can get every issue between #125 and #164, save #128, 144, & 150 (which is also missing from the other auction – weird, eh?). The auction is ending in five days.

For a current bid of $5.04, you can pick up most of the first Armor Wars, which wasn’t a GREAT storyline, but pretty good. It is ending in about four days. Check it out here.

Here is an auction for what I thought was a particularly nice run by Steve Englehart on West Coast Avengers, specifically, the time-travel storyline. Good stuff, I thought. Issues #16-30. The current bid is $10.98, and the bidding is closing in less than a day!

This one seller is doing a series of 20-book lots.

Here are a couple of auctions he is doing of Roger Stern’s Avengers run.

#228-247 (current bid of $14.99, ending in a day) – here.

#248-267 (current bid of $10.99, ending in a day) – here.

#268-287 (current bid of $14.99, ending in a day) – here.

While we’re at it, while it isn’t necessarily 80s, this deal seemed quite interesting, so I’m including it. This one auction is currently at $26.50, and it is for Avengers #151-200!! FIFTY comics! And some classics in there (Korvac Sage, among others). Check it out here (ending in three days).

Here‘s a nice Daredevil auction with some Miller issues. #178, 180, 185-187, 189, 191, 193, 195, & 196. Current bid is $9.99. Ending in less than a day!

For just a current bid of $12, you can pick up Daredevil #179-195 (as well as the What If..? issue Miller did featuring Daredevil and Elektra). Check it out here. Ending in three days!

This auction is ending in a week, but it is quite an interesting deal. Uncanny X-Men #144-166, then 167,168-170,172,174-176,187,199. The current bid is $19.99.

Finally, here is a run of Justice League/International/America #1-30, along with the first three annuals. It is ending today, and the current bid is $15.75.

Hope some of y’all find some use out of this!


Does anyone else think that an article that lists specific auctions for cheap comics kind of defeats the purpose? Driving a bunch of traffic their way will only drive up the price.

An article with tips on how to find good auctions and other sources of back issues would have (and still could be) a far more entertaining and useful read.

Does anyone else think that an article that lists specific auctions for cheap comics kind of defeats the purpose?


Via the dozen or so times I’ve done these things, people write to tell me of the deals they get. If there was only one link, then sure, it would be an issue. But when you got fourteen auctions to choose from, folks tend to get good deals.

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