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This Fan Is Good – Carol A. Strickland

The internet has always amazed me as being this astonishingly awesome reservior of ideas. And for an information junkie such as myself, it is practically TOO much coolness.

I have been known, on occasion, to spend more than a hour perusing, like, Omega Men indexes, or some other such nonsense – just because it is THERE.

All that info and knowledge…and it’s available to me – for FREE!

Tooo awesome.

In any event, one of the things you find when you do enough internet browsing is that there are some fans out there who just put a lot more work into their efforts than others, and I think here is as good a place as any to draw attention to them. The fans who do such great work being resources of information and knowledge for the rest of us comic aficionados out there.

The first fan I want to recognize is Carol A. Strickland.

Her website can be found here.

Carol is just about the foremost Wonder Woman expert that I have ever seen (I swear, it seems that EVERY time I am looking up something about Wonder Woman, there is an article by Carol about it! EVERY time! Whatever the topic is, she has written on it!), but even if someone else knows more than her, they certainly have not expressed that knowledge in the same straightforward, down-to-earth, FUN manner that Carol does.

She was also one of the big Interlac Legion fans, as well, which is cool. According to her, she even got written into one of the comics (which was typical for the members of the Legion Interlac fanzine) as Field Marshal Lorca.

She was also one of the first folks to really rip into Marvel for the ridiculousness that was Avengers #200 (“Yay! This guy admits that he essentially brainwashed and raped Ms. Marvel, then impregnated her! Let’s all wish them good luck together!”).

But basically, above all, she just seems to me to embody all the best aspects of fandom.

She likes to be helpful to others (including creators).

She has her particular likes and dislikes (no Byrne fan is she), but she does not just churn out diatribes against those creators.

Basically, she just works really hard to be a positive force with comics, and it is greatly appreciated.

So there, Carol A. Strickland – this fan is good.


Not to knock Carol’s status as uber LOC writer over the decades, but I hope you’ll provide a posthumous tribute to the king of them all, T.M. Maple, for your next column.

Strick was a good friend of mine for many years — hey, I was written into a Legion comic thanks to Interlac as well; that kind of thing creates an unbreakable bond — so I am unforgiveably biased in calling her one of the all-around nicest and most generous people I ever knew in fandom.

I think this may be a more up-to-date link to her website. But I regret that she never put any of her own art online, because in addition to everything else her comics and comics-inspired art was spectacularly good.

RAB – which issue were you written into? Did you get a character, a planet, or a sound-effect?

Tom and Mary Bierbaum declared me a “known subversive” — I believe it was in the second issue of their “five years later” story with Giffen.

(And BTW Michael, I put a link to your blog in one of my posts just a couple of days ago…small world!)

Hey, thanks for this. And thanks to Richard Bensam for alerting me to it, even though we BOTH missed Interlac’s thirtieth anniversary this month. Uh oh! (Happy birthday, Interlac!) I just wish I had a new computer and some more time to enlarge (and correct) my website. I mean, the world NEEDS my Super-Hip index!

These days comics seem a dreary, steroidy violence zone (with a few welcome exceptions), and I just want to remind people that now and then the medium produced some terrific fantasy material that entertained, excited, and yes, even inspired readers. I am convinced that comics can still do that. We don’t have to be mired in darkness forever.

Guess that means I’ll keep running my mouth on the DC MBs. And enlarging my site just as soon as money for that new computer arrives in my bank account. (Fairy godmother, where are you?) Until then, just google or dogpile and you’ll find lots of other websites out there from other devoted comics fans with an astounding amount of info to peruse.

Many thanks to Carol for inspiring me to check out lots more comic sites (and even add my own worthless comments in some places here..) from a very nice reply I received last week after I sent an e-mail saying how good I thought her site was.

She really is such a nice person and amazingly knowledgable about comics too.

Another super DC and Marvel comics fan is Paul Gambaccini (wasn’t a character in “Flash” named “Paul Gambo” (or similar) in his honor?)

Paul Gambi, actually. And his brother, Peter.

Paul was also music director of my college radio station about a decade before I was.

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