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Top Five Sandmen!

This week, let us take a look at the top five comic book characters to be known as “Sandman.” Let’s begin!

5. Daniel


Daniel, son of Morpheus, takes the bottom spot on the list mainly because he hasn’t, well, DONE much.

After Morpheus died at the end of the Sandman series, Daniel has pretty much done nothing. He’s only made, what, a half dozen comic appearances in the last decade?

So the bottom spot is Daniel, but maybe he can move up in the future!

4. Garrett Sanford


This short-lived Kirby/Simon creation had a pretty cool gimmick, being the guardian of the Dream Dimension.

Sadly, though, a cool gimmick was not enough to make this book a hit. Garrett has not appeared that often in comics.

3. Wesley Dodds


Wesley was the FIRST comic book character known as Sandman, introduced way back in 1939. He has the sort of unassuming coolness which allowed him to be a popular hero decades after he was first introduced, finding a new audience in the pages of Sandman Mystery Theatre.

2. Morpheus


Morpheus was the star of Neil Gaiman’s excellent Sandman series, so as a result, he automatically gets a lot of credit. However, for the most part, Morpheus was a bit whiney for me.

That’s why the #1 pick is an upset!!

1. William Baker


Look how awesome Sandman is! He can turn his body into SAND! He was also one of the first supervillains to reform after being a supervillain for over a decade!

Also, how could a member of Silver Sable’s Wild Pack be anywhere BUT #1?

So, there’s my picks. Feel free to express agreement or disagreement!



June 26, 2006 at 3:58 pm

Time for me to be a nerd…

Daniel was Morpheus’ successor, but not his son.

He was a Sandmans and an Infinite Inc members son though.

While Daniel might physically be the offspring of Hector and Lyta, he was born in the Dreaming, and I think Morpheus considered Daniel “his.”

But yes, point duly noted, Funky!

I believe FGJ is right…

Also, I’m surprised the new Sandman in JSA (who can turn into sand) didsn’t knock out Daniel or that Kirby Sandman (who I’ve never heard of – has he done even less than Daniel, or has he just not been around for a long time?).

I think Daniel hasn’t been used much out of respect to Gaiman and his creations. The only time I remember him appearing outside the Sandman book was in that JLA 2-parter pictured above.

The JSA hero is just called Sand.

Apparently, Daniel also appeared during a fairly recent issue of JSA. Which is…scary to think about.

“Apparently, Daniel also appeared during a fairly recent issue of JSA. Which is…scary to think about.”

Tell me about it. I did not give them permission to use my likeness!

Does anybody know if the America song ‘Sandman’ has ever been referenced in a comic featuring any of these guys? It’s got some nice eerie lyrics.

“Apparently, Daniel also appeared during a fairly recent issue of JSA. Which is…scary to think about.”

A one panel semi-visable appearence during the death sequence of Dr. Fate and Fury. The latter calls out to him saying she accepts some sort of deal.

This was following a 2 part story were the Kirby Sandman (number 4) was retconned into being the dreamworld persona of JSA member Sand.


June 26, 2006 at 6:19 pm

Brian:”While Daniel might physically be the offspring of Hector and Lyta, he was born in the Dreaming, and I think Morpheus considered Daniel “his.”

But yes, point duly noted, Funky!”

Just to run it into the ground (and it’s one of the few books I reckon I can out nerd you on)he considered
Daniel ‘his’, in the sense that Cain and Abel, The Corinthian and every other part of the dreaming was ‘his’.
Daniel was special because he was a human born in the dreaming, but he was still of the dreaming…

So born of dream, but not Dream’s son.

Your #1 choice … who can be stopped by spraying water on him. “Where’s your god now, huh?! You’re nothing but sludgy sandy mud now!”

I think, perhaps, you should have split it into catergories – costume, abilities, achievements, etc.

For example, Wesley has by far the coolest costume while William has the worst.

Bah. A list of the top 5 characters known as “Sandman” that doesn’t include Sleepwalker – a.k.a. “Sandman done right?” Bah, I say, bah.

And, sorry, but Wagner and Davis’s take on Wesley Dodds puts him at number one for me – despite the coolness that is the Lee/Ditko Sandman. And the William Baker Sandman doesn’t have a lousy costume, Matt – his costume is one of the few that looks good no matter who draws it AND never looks dated or silly. Nice and simple – a classic design.

I actually found Marvel’s Sandman the most interesting durring that period where he was trying to be a good guy. Ever since Byrne/Mackie decided to return him back to his villainous roots he’s essentially been a one-note character

Still he’s got the coolest power set of Marvel’s rogues.

Wesley Dodds for me–especially because of Sandman Mystery Theatre–but also All Star Squadron and the old reprints I have.

Baker a close 2nd though–the others–I never cared for.

Hector Hall (aka Dr. Fate, son of Hawkman) became Sandman back in Infinity, Inc., after he “died” the first time. That was not something introduced in JSA.

Dodds should’ve been #1 for the visual alone, man.

Time to be a complete nerd.

I loved the Simon/Kirby Sandman as well. It was a cool concept that was never fully explored.

That particular version of the character was used by Roy Thomas in a Wonder Woman storyline where he was essentially stalking the Amazing Amazon in her dreams because he was “in love.” Nice. Thanks a lot, Roy.

He next appeared (sort of) in Infinity Inc., where the presumed dead Hector Hall revealed himself as the Sandman’s inheritor.

The Hector Hall Sandman then appeared in the Gaiman Sandman, where Morpheus revealed that Hector was merely a pawn of two protoplasmic beings. (Forgot their names. They were suppposed to be sidekicks of the Kirby Sandman.)

Finally, *whew,” Sand was manipulated by those very same protoplasmic guys to become the “new” Sandman.

Simple. Right?

I’ll have to put Wesley Dodds at #1 as well. There’s just something so effortlessly iconic about the PI-with-vintage-gas-mask look, at once displaying a kind of fragile mortality, invoking a Chandleresque ethical dimension, and lends him a vaguely inhuman air by concealing his face behind a second and distorted “face.”

On another note, barring that green-n-white Kirby costume he had for a while in the 60s and 70s, Marvel’s Sandman doesn’t really wear a costume. He just wears khakis, loafers, and a spectacularly ugly striped shirt. (In point of fact, a small but significant number of the early Marvel villains didn’t start out with costumes, at least not in the usual sense.)

Also, perhaps we should not that Jack Kirby was involved in redesigning andcostuming two of the Sandmen on the list, and created yet a third.

Brute and Glob were Hector’s sidekicks, Fortress Keeper. Where one comic book geek falters, another shall fill the breach!

Thanks Fortress Keeper (and Greg), bits of that story now make sense to me that hadn’t before, not having read Inifinity Inc.



And for me, it’s got to Morpheus. I care nothing for latter-day Gaiman-bashers. I adore that series.

There are those dim enough to be Gaiman-bashers? What is this world coming to?

Omar: Baker’s shirt is supposed to be ugly, though – it’s his prison uniform, which certainly shouldn’t look fashionable. You want your inmates wearing something that won’t allow them to blend in with a crowd, right? Well no one in their right mind would willingly wear a green shirt with horizontal black stripes…

u r an idiot. the sandman moron in spiderman is nothing compared to morpheus. sandman is a normal comic villian with the action bullshit story. morpheus is an epic, a bedtime story, a tagedy, something comparable to shakespeare

I loves me some “tagedy”

Choosing the crappy marvel Sandman over Morpheus.


The Garrett Samford one has had a lot more than a few appearances, and his legacy was felt in many books up to and including JSA. And his sidekicks were also in Morpheus Sandman

Sandman Mystery Theatre rocked!

Daniel and Morpheus I believe are technically one of the same being because of the nature of an endless which is hard to explain, but when they were having a waking for Morpheus, Daniel said they were having his waking and he wasn’t dead.

Night crawler

May 20, 2014 at 7:25 pm

I really appreciate everybody’s passionate take on this subject(and respect all opinions). NOBODY comes close to Gaiman’s literary Genious. His account of Morpheus is epic!!????

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