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Exiles #83 Numbers Game!

In Exiles #83, writer Tony Bedard has the group return the bodies of the former members of the Exiles who passed away on their mission. Each alternate Earth they return the members to is numbered, and each number presumably has some meaning. So, dear reader, how about you guess what the meaning is behind each number!!

#27 – Magnus

#653 – Mesmero

#172 – Wolverine

#1287 – Maverick

#181 – Daredevil

#3031 – Kane

#2020 – Iron Man

#714 – Angel

#23895 – Storm

#10101 – Vision

#1917 – Colossus

#4210 – Magik

#873 – Hulk

#15 – Spider (Peter Parker)

#4732 – Ms. Marvel

#371 – Gambit

#2189 – Namora

#12 – Mimic

Let’s see some guesses!


Spiderman PeterParker was Spiderman since he was fifteen?
Also Amazing Fantasy 15.

1917 for the October Revolution?

1917 has to be for the revolution. 15 has to be for Amazing Fantasy #15. The Vision thing is binary code. Is #181 Frank Miller’s first Daredevil? Or is it when Elektra dies? Something to do with Miller.

2020 – Iron Man of the year 2020 (Arno Stark), was a popular character back in the 80’s.

714 – Is the Telephone Area Code for part of Southern California, where Angel was once based.

181- Daredevil #181 is indeed the Death of Elektra.

#172 – Wolverine– Hulk #172 is the first full issue featuring Wolverine (after a brief cameo in 171)

#12 – Mimic– First appearance in X-Men #12?

#10101 – Vision = Binary computer language

Angel – 714

714 is the area code Anaheim, CA; home of the “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”

Other than that, I got nothing to add

Wolverine first appeared in Hulk #181, so the 172 isn’t about that. Uncanny X-Men #172 is the first part of his wedding to Mariko, which Mastermind puts the kibosh on. Maybe that’s it.

Wild guess, but the city of Claremont, VA has a zip code of 23899. So, pure coincidence, or a writer mixed up a digit on Storm’s world?

Is it established that each number means something? Magik and 4210 is really stumping me.

Mimic first appeared in X-Men #19, so that’s also not it. I was thinking with the Hulk of the debute of his television series, but it’s not August, 1973. Dammit, so far for me being clever.

Wild guess, but the city of Claremont, VA has a zip code of 23899. So, pure coincidence, or a writer mixed up a digit on Storm’s world?

That’s way too clever to not be it! It must be a typo in the comic.

As for whether we KNOW the numbers mean anything…well, no, we don’t. But sure seems to be that way, no?

10101 is 21 in binary. Anything significant relating Vision that number?

Nah, I think the 10101 was the joke by itself. That Vision’s world is a binary world.

Mimics number could be progressive. 2 is a double of 1, etc. Then why not go 1248? Ummm…Der…I don’t know. I stink.

I was thinking Gambit’s had something to do with cards, naturally, but adding up the values of all the cards in a deck only gets you to 364. So close.

23895: is it perhaps the number Storm was branded with in the Genosha crossover (X-Tinction Agenda)? A wild guess, off the top of my head…

Maverick’s looks oddly like “188t” speak for something, but I don’t speak it enough to know what.

This is a stretch, but if you take Magik’s 4210, add the “4” and the “2” and then move that new “6” inbetween the “1” and the “0”, you get 160, as in Uncanny X-men 160, which is Magik’s origin story.

Could some of these be longitude and latitude?

#4732 – Ms. Marvel

The number of times her ID has changed?


June 29, 2006 at 9:48 am

This is a weird idea for Gambit, but 371 is the country code for calling Latvia a country with legalized gambling and several cosinos.

Thunder Phoenix

June 29, 2006 at 11:05 am

I figured Iron Man’s was “2020” as a joke on “20/20 ” vision, since he DID have an eye taken out…


Bedard just said that not all the numbers have meaning!

Oh well. We can still continue on the ones that DO have significance! :)

Interesting things:

According to Wikipedia Earth 1287 (the one mentioned for Maverick) is the same world as Strikeforce Morituri.

That’s fascinating.

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