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Name That Iron Man Artist II Answers Up Tomorrow!

It’s your last chance to make your guesses for the Name That Iron Man Artist II! The answers will go up tomorro at Snark Free Waters. What follows are the links to panels by Iron Man artists from the end of David Michelinie and Bob Layton’s first run (#159) until the end of John Byrne’s run (about #279). Here is a link to the artists from the first game – none of those artists appear among the fifteen artists in the new game. Read on to see the links to each panel!

Day One!

Day Two!

Day Three!

Day Four!

Day Five!

Day Six!

Day Seven!

Day Eight!

Day Nine!

Day Ten!

Day Eleven!

Day Twelve!

Day Thirteen!

Day Fourteen!

Final Day!

Let’s see some more guesses before I reveal the answers tomorrow! Make your guesses without looking at other people’s answers, but if someone’s already answered the same as you, it’s fine to duplicate prior answers, just don’t use their guesses for your own!

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