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Top Five D.C. Comics Logos

This week’s category was suggested by Sabrinaset at the Top Five Recommendation Thread!

The following are my choices for the all-time top five best D.C. Comic logos from ongoing series!


First off, dealing with such a broad topic, there are a lot of great ones that didn’t make the cut. Here are a few of them…



I think this one has a nice edge to it, and it’s very decorative, but I suppose you could easily argue that it is a bit TOO much.


“Too much” is definitely the argument with this one.

Still, I am very fond of it. Anyone know who designed it?


A nice logo, and I love the chesspiece.


This was EASILY the toughest call. I love this logo, the way that it maintains the integrity of the character without going overboard. At the end of the day, though, it just isn’t all THAT dynamic.

5. allstarlogo.gif

This one beats out Swamp Thing, mainly because of context. When this logo first came out in the 40s, NO book had such an outlandish logo.

It’s very impressive, I think.

It is SUCH a good logo that they re-used the logo when the book picked back up in 1976!!

Talk about lasting power!

4. suplogo.gif

This one was tough, because it’s basically just a fairly normal logo, except that whatever special type of chaos magic went into this logo, it CLICKED.

It is now such a powerful, dynamic image that it SCREAMS “Superman” and it is ingrained in our minds.

A great brand.

3. I definitely wanted ONE of these on the list, but I wasn’t sure which was cooler. You folks can help me decide! Which Batman logo is the cooler one?

The Golden Age one…


or the later one…batlogo.gif

2. questionlogo.gif

I’m usually not a fan of extremely stylized logos, but I think this Question logo from the Denny O’Neill 80s series is so strong that it is worth its place here at #2.

And it also really fit the style of the series, too!

1. suicidelogo.gif

Just a perfect logo.

Well, that’s my list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know (and with so many choices, I bet there will be plenty of disagreement)!

Thanks to Mike’s Amazing World of DC Comics for the logos!


Wow, I really like that Question logo! I’d aim for the Golden Age Batman logo, if I had to choose between the two.

I do like the Question and Suicide Squad ones–I enjoyed those books.
The original AMazing SPider-Man will always stick with me as well, and the PEter David era Hulk.

Mr Miracle deserves mention too.

Golden Age Batman gets my vote. Great call on the Suicide Squad logo. It’s hard to think of a better one.

The classic silver age Flash logo and the James Robinson Starman have great logos too.

I probably would’ve included an Aquaman logo in there. And Swamp Thing would definitely be in my top five. There’s just so many to choose from, man!

I dunno about Batman, though. I’m not a fan of the ones that make “Batman” look like two words. The one they’re currently using on Batman is pretty good…

Oddly enough I was sorting my collection yesterday and realized that I really liked the look of the old Firestorm:The Nuclear Man logo as well as a number of the covers from both of those series (like the one where he’s being attacked by toys).

My inclination would be to go with the later Batman logo just because it’s the one I’m more immediately familiar with. Specifically from an issue that had The Monarch of Menace on the cover, though I think the logo was colored red for that one.

I liked the Doom Patrol logo when Grant Morrison was writing. Action Comics’ was amazing, too, maybe around the Byrne relaunch?

Ooooh, I’d have to go with the more recent of the Batman logos, although they’re both great. I’m just more familiar with the more recent one, and I like Batman with longer ears. I do like the current one a lot as well, though.

how about the wasps top 5 costumes..


the top five sound effects..


the top five things that need a “no-prize ” written about them..

I have to agree – compared to the two “Bat Man” logos offered here, I’ll take the modern, off-center “Batman” any time. The one introduced with #400 is the one I first saw, so it has a special place in my heart, but it’s very staid (and they even managed to make it duller during the NML crossover). The cover design used before Hush was interesting (the Bruce Wayne: Murderer story and that whole era), but too square by far.

The current logo, though? The slight upward angle, coupled with the cape behind it, suggests a rising action – Batman, having just finished off a crook, has launched his grapple line and is headed back toward the rooftops for his next event of the night. When Flash’s logo took a slight lean to the right, it suggested both speed and a move toward the future; Bruce doesn’t have speed, but he does have progress – the (slow) dismantling of the paranoid loner began with Hush, the same time this logo debuted. The silhouette behind the logo is asymmetrical, which draws the eye more than a mirror-image bat symbol would; but then, the part of the cape that hangs below the logo is (nearly) symmetrical, giving a sense of comfort and familiarity as you move down into the “meat” of the cover. The fact that Batman is crowded over behind the “Bat” half of the logo not only suggests the division of the two logos you posted, but also speaks to DC’s editorial stance: notice you can’t see any of Bruce’s face, just the outline of the cowl. That’s the “Bruce Wayne is the mask” theme that the books had for so long…

What about the JSA logo? (see http://www.marvelfamily.com/images/logos-comics/JSA_logo.gif)

The original one that was used for the recently concluded series, not the new “hawk” style design adopted a couple of years back.

As for these two Batman logos, I never liked the Bat-head overlooking the logo design. My favorite Batman logo was the one used in the late 1990s, using the same font they used in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. (see http://www.sf-fan.de/sf-film/kino/batman_5/logo_comic.jpg)

The newer Batman logo above is great – more dynamic, and more professional, than the Golden Age one.

I’d also vote for:

The “Green Lantern/Green Arrow” logo from the O’Neill/Adams era, updating the Golden Age GL logo – full of drama
Jonah Hex – sets the scene and suits the character
The original 1930s Adventure Comics logo that ran for nearly 50 years – sheer elegance
Silver Age Flash – exciting and totally appropriate

New X-Men from Morrison’s run — turn it upside down and it still reads the same. Simple, clever, brilliant.

“New X-Men from Morrison’s run — turn it upside down and it still reads the same. Simple, clever, brilliant.”

And, oddly enough, the comics themselves make more sense when read upside-down.

(I tease, but I bet hundreds of Morrison groupies just rushed off to check.)

I thought this was a DC logo contest, though. Anyway, put in one more vote for the later-era Batman logo.

Great Top Five topic!

OK, I absolutely agree with some of you. For example, both of the previous two posters are correct: New X-Men rocks. (Bet Morrison designed it, even if he didn’t execute it.) It could even be number one. Except it’s Marvel, and we’re talking DC.

The Superman is classic, absolutely. And Suicide Squad is a perfect choice. On the other hand, the Question logo is atrocious: a horrible, inelegant font to begin with, then encased by that clunky outline, and then a drop shadow? Ugggghh.

Yet here’s what I thought of, as soon as I read the header, before seeing any of the lists: A now-defunct anthology series, little remembered (if remembered at all), called Time Warp. I saw it in a drug store, in a spinny rack, when I was a kid. I was entranced. It became my first conscious realization that form (in this case, of course, the type/font) could and should support the content.

And thanks to those fine folks at GCD — may Rao and Zeus and Yahweh and all the deities bless them and their Grand Comics Database — I can show it to you now:


Wouldn’t it be great if we had credits for logos, as well as for artists and writers and colorers and letterers? It’d be great to know, for example, who designed Time Warp, or who was the avant garde stylist who came up with All-Star Comics all those decades ago.


August 9, 2006 at 8:25 am

Of the two Batman logos you show…the silver age one is crisper.

But that’s IF I haver to choose from ONLY those 2.

BUT…NONE is better than the logo for the TV show.

Check it:


I am kinda fond of the Batman logo from the Year One storyline (issues 404-407):


Y’know…with the “flying bat” shape around it?
I know it was used in Detective as well.

But the modern Detective logo is also nice (issue 818):




August 9, 2006 at 8:30 am


I just read the rest of the comments and wanted to 2nd the TIMEWARP logo as being great!

I recall that one as a kid.
It mesmerized me.

So, of course, when trying my hand at doing my own comics as a wee-lad I wanted to do a logo like that one, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to do it.

(Should have bought the comic and worked it out, I suppose, but I had little comic money and I was a Marvel kid – with the exeption of a few DC’s; Firestorm, Arion and one or two others.)

So, yes. TIME WARP was a GREAT logo!


I’m really shocked you didn’t include the Action Comics logo. That giant “A” is really dynamic, and it’s totally stood the test of time. No honorable mention of top 5 status?

I like the original NEW GODS logo quite a bit, as well as THE FOREVER PEOPLE.

Chiming in with agreement on Mister Miracle, Time Warp, and T’s nomination of Action Comics. But much love for the All-Star logo!

I’m totally with Rebis on the Question logo. The letters are oddly thin and oddly thick at parts, along with the Firestorm logo, but the Q is pretty amazing. I’d also second that the new Batman logo is much better than the old ones. Jack Cole’s interior design on Plastic Man was incredible, with amazing incorporations of Eel O’Brian’s origin sequence as well as teh Plastic Man logo, but they were interior splash pages, and DC didn’t even publish them then. Great list

I vote for neither of the Batman logos. Both are good but my favorite one is the one where the words within the Bat are scalloped, as seen here:


“New X-Men rocks. (Bet Morrison designed it, even if he didn’t execute it.)”

Probably Quitely or whoever actually “designed” it (I don’t see a difference between design and execution with a logo), but GM had the idea. The E is for Extinction TPB includes his series proposal, and he explains that the book should be changed to “New X-Men” and the logo written such that you could read it upside-down and it would still say “New X-Men.”

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