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Top Five Non-Thor Mjolnir Wielders

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This week’s top five consists of the top five coolest examples of someone else other than Thor wielding Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, which, as we all know, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of… Thor.” So, let us see who out there is “worthy”….


5. Wonder Woman



Wonder Woman wielding Thor’s hammer SHOULD have been a really cool moment. Sadly, though, in the midst of Marvel vs. D.C., it was just almost an afterthought.

Luckily, though, it was still a lot cooler than most OTHER people who could wield Thor’s hammer (like Dargo Ktor – the future Thor).

And to be fair, it is kind of neat to see Wonder Woman determine that she wanted to beat Storm one on one (kind of dumb, since she lost, but kind of neat as well!).

4. Superman


Now SUPERMAN using Thor’s hammer was a lot cooler because, while he only wielded it for a short time, George Perez was drawing it, and Kurt Busiek wrote a really cool scene for it (Thor’s hammer AND Cap’s shield?!? Oh baby!).

Still, since he only wielded it for, like, a minute, it didn’t count as much as the other folks ahead.

Read on to the next page for the top three!

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What about the 5 worse to hold the hammer?

You missed Storm!

In concept Superman would be a good pick, but that AWFUL Busiek dialogue really kills it for me. I really can’t be the only one that thinks the dialogue in that panel is just godawful, can I? Totally reminded me why I could never get into his Avengers.

I dunno — I will confess I am reading it out of context, only just recently having come to comics, but I find the Wonder Woman panel more compelling than the Superman one. True, the Wonder Woman panel has a bit much “exposition disguised as dialogue” (this seems to be a common flaw in comics, let alone other narrative fiction), but the Superman panel has a bit too much of “Harry-Met-Sallyesque” orgasmic subtext to it for my liking…

Just my opinion.

I enjoyed Defalco’s run on Thor with Eric Masterson as “Thor’s Buddy” and later, as “Thor’s substitute”. It was pretty clear that Defalco was trying to get Thor back to the Kirby version without just retconning away all of the stuff that had happened in the interim. I usually hate that kind of “back-to-the-past” revisions on a character, but the Thor stuff was different enough that it worked okay (not great, admittedly, but Defalco was not the worst person to ever write Thor).

It worked much better than his utterly terrible run on Fantastic Four – where he seemed to be trying to redo all of John Byrne’s plots, only different! Of course, he wasn’t the worst person to ever write Fantastic Four either, but he comes a lot closer than his Thor run did.

I rather self-servedly suggest it’s really, really cool when robots pick up Thor’s hammer.

DeFalco was resonsible for Alicia Masters turning out to be a Skrull since Secret Wars, yes? I really disliked that plot twist, enough that I stopped reading the book. Walt Simonson’s run on the book, right before his, was genius, though, especially the Reed-vs-Doom-through-the-Time-Travel-Agency story from #350 through #354.

Wait, this was a Thor entry… sorry!

(I was just kidding about Storm, by the way. If I remember correctly, Loki gives her a fake Mjolnir, or something like that. This was in the Asgardian Wars storyline, with a cool homage to Thor’s first cover -Storm in his place – for the cover of Uncanny X-Men Annual #9).

Christopher Priest got it into Deadpool’s hands during his run. I think he had a winged helmet, too. Absolutely the weirdest, coolest thing I’ve seen.

I believe that was a fake Mjolnir, though.

Aw, and I was hoping for Old Rick Jones from Captain Marvel #27-30….

See, it’s killing me, because I don’t know if Eric Masterson or Beta Ray Bill should be #1. I’m surely the biggest Thorophile here, and Eric’s one of my favorite Marvel characters ever, but hey, Bill has a horse’s skull for a face!!!

But yeah, DeFalco and Frenz’s Thor run does not get the amount of respect it should. Yes, they were following Simonson, but they did a damn good job and evoked a modern Lee/Kirby feel… sure, some of the dialogue is just terrible, but that’s okay. They’re fun comics.

And Dargo Ktor *is* cool, darn it.

When Captain America grabbed the hammer, Thor was being held by a bunch of lackeys of Seth, The Serpent God of Death, and being blasted with some really powerful ray buy Grog, the God Crusher. So Cap figured he’d better get Thor his damn hammer.

I’d go for Bill for #1, but only because Thor-Frog was actually Thor and not a different character.

And yeah, much as I liked JLA/Avengers, that dialogue up there is awful. We do get a great bit later as thickie Superman tries to pick the hammer up again but can’t, and Thor explains that it was just a “loan”.

What? No Deadpool? Shame on you.

Deadpool never had Mjolnir!

He only had a fake.

He at least deserves an honorable mention, though. And a picture.

How about Top 5 People to *fail* to lift the hammer? Someone who tried but couldn’t budge it.

Can’t disagree with the order, though a cool moment with Wonder Woman and Mjolnir DID occur in issue #4 of Marvel/DC, when Diana casually tosses the hammer to Thor.

The look on Thor’s face, a stunned silence that expresses the thought, “that REALLY shouldn’t have happened,” is priceless.

Is Wonder Woman the only woman to lift Mjolnir?

Oh, I wish I were a Non-Thor Mjolnir Wielder
That is what I’d truly like to be
Cause if I were a Non-Thor Mjolnir Wielder
Stunning Sif would be in love with me.


I’d forgotten all about Beta Ray Bill. Yeah he desreves 1st–I originally was going with Cap– i remember that issue with Thor when he was “The Captain”
But Beta Ray Bill was better–and with very cool art by Walt Simonson.

Oh, I wish I were a Non-Thor Mjolnir Wielder
That is what I’d truly like to be
Cause if I were a Non-Thor Mjolnir Wielder
Stunning Sif would be in love with me.

Well done!!


August 21, 2006 at 1:21 am

Thunder Strike ruled!

Single Dad as superhero – that’s a great concept.

The proper name for Bill’s hammer is STORMBREAKER. A minor error, most likely a typo on your part.

I actually earned a NO-PRIZE in Thor 408 for trivia concerning who had and hadn’t lifted Thor’s hammer.

In Thor 400, there was a full page spread showing everyone who had lifted Mjolnir. In the 404 letters page some readers took the editors to task for forgetting certain people. In 408, my letter was printed explaining why the other people didn’t warrent mention.

I can’t remember the details now, but it was certainly a cool moment for me as a child. I think it was my only printed letter in any comic book.


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yeah lily..

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Oh, I wish I were a Non-Thor Mjolnir Wielder
That is what I’d truly like to be
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Has stormed ever held Thor’s hammer?

I believe it was a replica, not the actual hammer.

Superman should be number 1.
But eric masterson numer 3??? LOL


April 1, 2009 at 2:10 am

“I believe it was a replica, not the actual hammer.”

It was – Loki forged it for her himself.

“The proper name for Bill’s hammer is STORMBREAKER. A minor error, most likely a typo on your part.”

Indeed. It’s not an uncommon mistake, though, since Stormbringer is the name of Elric of Melniboné, so it probably sounds like a name people know they’ve heard before.

To bring things around full circle, though, the new hammer that Storm wields in the aforementioned X-Men/New Mutants Asgardian storyline was explicitly named Stormbringer in the What If…? issue based on the premise:



April 1, 2009 at 2:11 am

Gah, that should say “Stormbringer is the name of Elric of Melniboné’s sword”. Accursed lack of edit button! ~shakes fist~

hey what about frog thor that one is te coolest

You forgot Rogue from xmen!!!!!!!!!!!!

what about when hulk picked it up? does that count?

I think I am torn between Superman and Captain America being the #1 non-Thor Mjolnir wielder. The image of Superman holding Mjolnir and Cap’s shield on the cover is just amazing and pulse-pounding. On the other hand, I was stoked when The Captain (Captain America) saw Thor being piled upon and overrun and without giving it much thought, grabbed Mjolnir and tossed it to Thor. Thor used it to dispatch the Hyrdra swarm, and then realized later that meant that Cap had hefted Mjolnir. That was a very strong statement about Cap and probably one of my favorite comic book issues.

As silly as the writing in the DC vs. Marvel series was, I did like that Wonder Woman picked up the hammer in the midst of a monologue about what a subjective standard “worthiness” is. I love Diana, but sometimes the ol’ wisdom of Athena runs away with her.

All of them sucked except for beta ray bill. And superman and wonder woman were the suckiest

Only Thor should be able to pickup his hammer

If Thor’s hammer is floating in space, can anyone pick it up?

They can’t pick it up, per se, but they can grab hold of it, yes.

Riyed Hasan Shawon

October 12, 2013 at 3:31 am

Only Superman,yes SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL can hold the thor hammer…..not cap. Not ww,not hulk….or others by the own physical musle power…
hulk can’t as we see in avengers movie…..so any physical stronger one can’t lift that..
But Superman,yea in the jla/avengers he lifted that in one hand….he hold it another time,when the thor was fighting with man of steel..thor hit the hammer on superman, but became surprised to see superman holding that….! And thor was speaking “how superman had done that ? The strongest of 9 world can not be beated !”…..then superman told that to make that 11 & holding the hammer on one hand,another one punch a full force fist to face of thunder god..and thor was flying……….(if don’t believe that search on google writing superman vs thor images; then you will find that image….)

(written by -Riyed Hasan Shawon , a superhero specialist ; join him on facebook or in twitter)

Riyed Hasan Shawon

October 12, 2013 at 3:43 am

Man of steel has beaten Thunder god in one on one in the super power beat down episode 7….check that….

(suggested by Riyed Hasan Shawon ; a meritious boy & superhero specialist who loves to see superhero shows,movies & compose music)

Riyed Hasan Shawon

October 12, 2013 at 3:52 am

Here is a question for all …! Would Magneto able to lift hammer of thor on air by his power?? Answer me?

Have any idea !! Reply me on facebook or by email….

(asked by Riyed Hasan Shawon ; a superhero specialist, talented researcher & music composer)

What about Conan? Didn’t he pick it up once?

Personally, I can’t stand the sight of Superman holding Mjolnir.
Pure sacrilege.

You left off Miguel O’ Hara/Spider-Man 2099. He lifted the hammer in 2099 Manifest Destiny.

What about Red Norvell? Loki manipulated him into putting on THor’s gloves so that he could lift Mjolnar and gain Thor’s powers.

“…an episode of the OC.” Thanks for that!

The OC reference made me realize that I wrote this top five list SEVEN years ago. Wow.

I keep seeing references online to a random paramedic (not Jake Olson) picking up the hammer after Thor was injured in an Avengers battle, and simply putting it on the stretcher, but I’ve never actually found the story. Does anyone know which it was?

Loved the look of Diana with Mjolnir, even if she did get utterly jobbed.

I hated it when Superman got his hands on Thor’s Hammer in JLA vs Avengers.

I’d give an honorable mention to Donal in 1602. Even though he was technically a Donald Blake analogue and thus not exactly a “non-Thor” wielder, the internal conflicts caused by his being a devout Christian (indeed, a Knight Templar) made him a significantly different character.

You forgot Cap’s daughter with Rogue in the issue of What If… What If the Secret War Never Ended.

Yeah, Brian–you forgot to cram 12 people into your Top Five list!

Love the idea of Diana with Mjolnir. It’ s unfortunate that particular Marvel/DC series was a popularity contest with fans voting for who would win the various confrontations. As Dave Robinson notes, Diana (and numerous other DC characters) were totally jobbed. Wolverine beats Lobo? And off-panel? Really?

I have two questions regarding this.

1) Does Superman really count? I recall after Supe wielded the hammer for that finishing blow, he was then no longer able to wield it. If memory serves me right of that story, Thor said it was for he only allowed Superman to use it for that moment, and thus that Superman wasn’t really worthy to wield it on his own.

2) Captain America wielded it. Does that mean he can again? Has he ever done so beyond the instance you listed? I think it’s a rather neat idea to actually let Cap use the hammer for a bit.


May 11, 2014 at 7:48 pm

Actually, yes Cap wielded it (and not just picked it up, but used it) at least one other time in the Fear Itself comic arc. It is one of my favourite scenes in the series!

I wonder if Peter Parker would be worthy?

Storm did lift Mjolnir to destroyed the one that Loki made what does tell you? she worthy

For Cap there was also a moment in Fear Itself when Cap wielded Mjolnir against Sin which held plenty of good action that way, too.

“Does Superman really count? I recall after Supe wielded the hammer for that finishing blow, he was then no longer able to wield it. If memory serves me right of that story, Thor said it was for he only allowed Superman to use it for that moment, and thus that Superman wasn’t really worthy to wield it on his own.”

Busiek’s explanation (said by Thor at the end of the comic) was that the hammer could be wielded by worthy people *during emergencies*. This can certainly apply to Captain America’s example, but not necessarily to the others (and especially not to Bill, who was *fighting* Thor at the time), so I never bought that explanation completely.

there should be ‘vision’.

You know who else in the Marvel universe should have been found worthy enough to wield Thor’s hammer, but never got the opportunity?

Rom Spaceknight.

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