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Watching the River Flow for Baltimore Retailer Conference

What’s the matter with me,
I don’t have much to say,
Daylight sneakin’ through the window
And I’m still in this all-night cafe.
Walkin’ to and fro beneath the moon
Out to where the trucks are rollin’ slow,
To sit down on this bank of sand
And watch the river flow.

This is for all the various rambling thoughts that I have about Marvel’s announcements last night from the Baltimore Retailer Conference that I do not think deserve their own full entry to discuss. There will undoubtably be some spoilers ahead, so beware! Otherwise, enjoy!

*I think Spidey is wearing the black costume because Pa Kent dies during Civil War, so Spider-Man decided to wear the black costume for mourning.

Very cool Ron Garney cover, by the way!


ALWAYS bet on black (see, I can play, too!).

* I see Marvel is adapting novels into graphic novels. That’s a really good idea. What novel would you most like to see adapted into a graphic novel?

* Also, I see that Roy Thomas is adapting Last of the Mohicans.


FINALLY we can fit it into Marvel continuity! I was waiting so long! And we will learn how Clint Barton got his name!

* This Dabel Brothers thing. Never have I heard more about a news story without me knowing why I was supposed to be interested in it. That’s not meant to be a shot at the Dabel Brothers. I just am not familiar with their products, and yet I’ve been hearing rumors about them for over a month now – it’s like hearing, “Ethan Rolen is rumored to be drawing a new comic for DC Comics” or “Candice Whiley is deciding between Marvel and DC for her next project.” And then hearing that discussed for a month.

* Also, for this Anita Blake cover, from the Dabel Brothers deal? That is one scary cover.


Although I do not know if it scary the way it’s meant to be scary.

* This cover freaked people out when it was posted on All The Rage.


I knew it couldn’t be anything, because Marvel would never have such a lame cover be the centerpiece for anything.

I usually love Kaare Andrews, but damn, that is not very nice looking artwork there.

* World War Hulk sounds interesting. I wonder if there will be a sketch variant involved? Oh, who am I kidding, of COURSE there will be!

* More Clandestine! Marvel sure didn’t get a lot out of Alan Davis’ last exclusive, did they? And the new one involves letting him try Clandestine again? Seems odd.

* I love this line from C.B. Cebulski about Karl Moline, artist of the upcoming Losers mini-series (via this article).

“When CrossGen imploded, I was still working at Marvel in talent management and got to know a lot of the guys and helped get them adjusted at Marvel,” Cebulski said. “Guys like McNiven, Jimmy Cheung, Brandon Peterson and all those guys. I got to know Karl at that point. I’ve always been a fan of his art. He’s been doing stuff at Marvel, he did ‘Rogue’ pretty regularly, but then he kind of dropped out of site. When ‘Loners’ got up and rolling, he was one of the first guys I went to. He was happy to come on board and I love everything he’s doing so far.

You probably don’t want to hear the dude in charge of “talent management” say things like “he kind of dropped out of sight” about you.

* I do love that Joss Whedon still likes Karl Moline. I liked Moline on Route 666 and Fray.

* Also, Whedon on Runaways? Brilliant move. Love it. And finally, Michael Ryan can draw a book more suited his style. Dude hasn’t had a book suited to his style…well, ever.

* JMS on Thor? Well…less brilliant move. The funny thing is, though, that I really have absolutely ZERO idea on what kind of Thor book JMS would write. So I guess that’ll be interesting. Coipel is great, though, so it will LOOK good, at least!

* I have nothing to say about the Guiding Light crossover insert. Except that I fear I may become nostalgic for “Fast Lane.” Which is scary.


What’s wrong with the Spidey picture?

Isn’t “Guidling Light” House’s, from “House,” favorite TV show?

I enjoy the Spidey picture too. i think it is a powerful picture. Killing off MJ might be one of the dumbest stunts ever pulled (stunt because you KNOW it won’t last these days), but the picture is good.

Along with that, I can’t express how exciting the idea of Joss Whedon writing Runaways is.

That Spider-man picture is NOT by Kaare Andrews. It is a fan piece.

And its problem is the amateurish coloring and lazy composition.

That Spider-man picture is NOT by Kaare Andrews. It is a fan piece.

That’s a good way of looking at it!

And its problem is the amateurish coloring and lazy composition.

Agreed. The whole thing looks amateurish.

No, Scott, you’re thinking of “General Hospital.” (And if THAT were the soap crossing over into the Marvel Universe, I’d actually be kind of interested.)

Dabel Brothers is big news partially because of the way they made a name for themselves. Apparently no one had ever thought to actually ASK big time authors if they wanted their books adapted to comics. The answer was yes. And judging by the constant sell-outs of the books, people want to read it.

The fact that they got absorbed by Marvel is… well, I’d say it’s like ToyBiz getting absorbed by Hasbro, but I think I’m the only one toy-nerdy enough to understand that. Hmm.

Okay, got it! You know when some loser in a Judas Priest coverband was picked to be the frontman for the real Judas Priest? It’s like that. Or Vince Papale getting picked for the Eagles. DB was a small, fan-run company that got called up to the big leagues. That’s impressive…

Mark Wahlberg’s publicist paid for this post

Also, Whedon on Runaways? Brilliant move.
Apart from the whole bimonthly/qurterly thing, which was only partly Cassaday’s fault on Astonishing.

I have nothing to say about the Guiding Light crossover insert.
Marvel officially don’t know what to do with the Avengers anymore. “Let’s launch a second title for the fans who don’t like the writer of the main book, written by the guy who no one likes on the first title, then have it cross over with a soap opera!”


I see Marvel is adapting novels into graphic novels. That’s a really good idea.
Didn’t they do that years ago? And didn’t they try it again just recently, with some Poe stuff? Looks like some lovely Steve Yeowell art on that Last of the Mohicans thingie though. Another good 2000ad artist lost then. Sigh.

Jefferson Steelflex

May 21, 2007 at 5:14 pm


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