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Avast! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Aye, me maties, 19 September be your day to talk in the manner of th’ great pirates o’ years past!  If ye can talk like a pirate, ye could …

Sail high above th’ streets of Manhattan Island with Cap’n Fear as he fights Cap’n Hemlocke! 

 09-18-2006 09;09;54PM.JPG

Cruise th’ Spanish Main in 1687 with th’ delectable Lady Sin and her fine ship El Cazador! 

 09-18-2006 09;15;53PM.JPG

 Skewer Portuguese lepers with th’ rest o’ the gang of Scurvy Dogs! 

 09-18-2006 09;19;27PM.JPG

Or rise to th’ top o’ th’ corporate world! 

 09-19-2005 10;38;11AM.JPG

So many options, me hearties!  So tip some grog, ye bilge rats, and chime in with your favorite comics-related pirate doings!¹

¹And really, if you haven’t bought Scurvy Dogs by now, for shame.  We may have to check you for a sense of humor and a soul.  Go buy it now!


“I quit.”- The Pittsburgh Pirates

“Sail high above th’ streets of Manhattan Island with Cap’n Fear as he fights Cap’n Hemlocke! ”

Holy Shit, what IS that? It’s a pirate comic I’ve never seen!

Also: Talk like a pirate day is the most wonderful day of the year. It’s so much better than Christmas that Santa is switching to “YO HO HO.”

Can I talk like one of the pirates from East Coast Rising?

Mark – That’s The Spectre #41, by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake. Jim Corrigan gets caught up in a modern pirate tale with, naturally, a centuries-old curse involved. It’s during the whole long storyline that gave us Patriot at the end, the American Icon thingy. Nice substory in the main one.

Avast! Ferget ye not the crew in My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer! ‘Tis a fine treasurechest of a funnybook. Arrr!

Polly and the Pirates from Oni Press!
You’re missing out on that one

I keep forgetting to look for the trade of Polly and the Pirates. I know I should, because of the love it got on the Internets. And I know I’m missing a lot – that’s why I asked for suggestions!

Someone told me it was Talk Like a Pirate Day. I informed him that unfortunately, that fell right during my celebration of Don’t Give a Rat’s Arse Month, so it was a bad time for me.

I’m probably way too grumpy for my own good. :)

Talk Like a Pirate Day is awesome. Those that think it means “Dress Like a Pirate Day,” however, need to be hit in the head with things.

Neat. I’ll track the Spectre story down post-haste.

IS Polly and the Pirates out in trade? I was buying the inidviudal issues because, Hey! Pirates! But then my comic stores stopped ordering them or sold out immediately. And if I don’t read all the comics with pirates in them I will die.

Mark – The Spectre is a two-part story, beginning in issue #40. Just so you know. And the Polly and the Pirates book is either out in trade or it’s been solicited. I remember seeing it somewhere, but now I can’t remember if it was in Previews or actually on the shelf. I’ll have to see this weekend at the olde comic shoppe. Unless someone else knows!

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