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Top Five Members of the Original Sinister Six

Today’s Top Five is a second one to come from Dan Larkin, via the Top Five Recommendation Thread on the Comics Should Be Good forum on CBR, and I thought it was a great idea.


5. The Vulture


Just think of the ballsiness of this guy.

He’s an old man, and he flies around in a flying suit stealing stuff.

That’s just nuts.

But you know what?

It beats the hell out of being a world famous hunter who can’t catch a damned thing worth anything.

4. Elektro


I, for one, love Elektro’s awful, awful costume.

Sadly, though, here was a character who could have done bigger things, but has basically been reduced to “guy we would never trust an actual comic plot to.”

But he’s still better than an old guy with wings and a hunter who can’t do anything right.

3. Mysterio


Mysterio has a cool power set, and I liked how they addressed the seeming stupidity of a guy deciding to become a criminal with these abilities instead of just staying in Hollywood.

Also, unlike everyone but Doc Ock, he actually had real plans to stop Spidey. He wasn’t all “run up and throw a net on him” or something, like some stupid hunter (even if the end of Mysterio’s life echoed that weird hunter).

2. Sandman


As you all know, Sandman is the Top Sandman in comics, so he better rank high on this list!

In any event, Sandman has probably the coolest powers of the people on this list, and he has the added bonus of turning good eventually (in some good Tom DeFalco issues of Marvel Two-In-One).

Also, what I like about him is that he is one of the few super-villains who you can’t pull the ol’ “Why don’t you use your powers to do ____ instead of robbing banks, you moron!” This is because he was an escaped convict. There really wasn’t anything FOR him to do other than be a bad guy!

1. Doctor Octopus


One of the most annoying things in Spider-Man comic history is the lame-ification of Doctor Octopus.

He’s now been reduced to such a pathetic figure that even when writers try to shock us by making him super evil, it just doesn’t register, because he basically became Stilt Man during the late 80s to early 00s, and that’s just not something you can recover from.

However, for about twenty years, he was Spider-Man’s top villain, and that’s even counting the dude who killed Spider-Man’s freakin’ girlfriend!!!

Octopus used to be a FORCE.

And, like most cool comic characters of the past, we all just looked past the silly parts of him (like the fact that he was a short pudgy guy) and just loved him for the cool character that he was.

Well, that’s my list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


I loved Doc Ock, because I was a BIG fan of the Erik Larsen Sinister Six stuff. He played Ock totally cool. No going into a coma when he sees Spidey, no spandex, no laughable-ness. Just badass, master planner, wearing a suit, getting his adamantium arms, Doc Ock.

Oh, that being said, there have been some great comics about the others as well. I am a big fan of Kraven’s Last hunt, which I guess does not sway you, but also, the Dematties reworking of Kraven’s 1st appearance in an annual one time was pretty sweet as well (even if I was pretty unimpressed by that “Soul of the Hunter” story he did).

Also, there was once an excellent Electro story where Electro realizes that wearing a suit and calling himself Electro is a stupid idea. It attracts super-heroes, because everyone knows hes a super villain. If he wears normal clothes and hides his powers, he’s more likely to succeed. I can’t remember when or where that was, though… I THINK it was the same one where they reveal that Spider-Man sticks to walls through static electricity (one of the stupider ideas I’ve seen in a Spidey comic).

And of course, Sandman is terrific, even if he has lost a lot through people just deciding that his character development should be ignored.

The hunter who can’t catch anything and the old guy with wings were featured in two of my favorite J.M. DeMatteis Spider-Man stories (that would be Kraven’s Last Hunt, and the the three part tale in Spectacular where Vulture learns that the wings have given him cancer and he tries to make amends for his past). So I can’t hate either character (though it’s my understanding that, predictably, the cancer has been retconned out of Vulture’s body by editors – miracle cure!).

I sure as hell can’t disagree with choices 1 and 2, though. There was a great three issue story in Spectacular in the early 90’s, where Doc Ock was made a major threat to Spidey again, and Otto was even able to deduce through observation that Peter Parker was Spider-Man (like Vulture’s cancer, this was retconned later, I believe). Sal Buscema pencilled the story, but I can’t remember who the writer was (this was before DeMatteis, so it might have been Gerry Conway or Kurt Busiek).

I at least got a laugh out of the stretch where Doc Ock was scared catatonic of Spider-Man, which was probably a fair response after repeated beatings through the years. The first Doc Ock story I remember reading as new was Peter Parker #75, where Spidey rips his metal arms off. More fun than it sounds, really.

Kraven, for all his faults, at least provided the inspiration for one of the most memorable lines of the old Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon. (In fact, it’s the only line I remember from that show.)

Firestar is smitten with the hunter, and the following exchange takes place:

Firestar: He exudes macho.
Iceman: That’s not all he exudes. He smells like a zoo.

Oh, snap.

How many different versions of the Sinister Six have there been?

I always liked the Sinister Six as I always believed Spider-Man had the best rogues gallery of villains in comics. Everyone likes to make fun of Electro’s costume, but one really has to wonder how Spider-man can dodge lightning but still gets punched by Daredevil or Elektra. The Vulture’s stock has fallen over the years, including a stint in DAREDEVIL as a grave robber, but having read AMAZING SPIDERMAN 240 and 241 with a really good origin story and fantastic JR jr art, he has been a favorite of mine.

How many different versions of the Sinister Six have there been?

Three or four, I think. Plus the Insidious Six on the cartoon.

And yeah, man. I agree that Kraven doesn’t make the list, but how can Vulture not be #1??? …..Well, I like him. We need more geriatric bad guys.

Geriatric Spidey villains – I like the Black Fox. Not much of a criminal, but an interesting character. I really liked Amazing Spider-Man 350 – an atypically low-key “milestone” issue featuring the Fox, a more subdued than usual(!) Dr. Doom, and a cameo from Uncle Ben (well, sorta). Good Erik Larsen art, too. Given how crossover crazy the Spider books were getting at that point (and the clone story was just around the corner, gah), it was nice to read an issue that ended in zero without bombast, or a crossover, and with a thoughtful story.

Well.. picking the top 5 out of 6 doesn’t sound like much. I’m sure the SInister Six has had a few roster changes over the years so c’mon! Post the list of guys these 5 beat out to be the top five!

Where the hell is Scorpion?

Well.. picking the top 5 out of 6 doesn’t sound like much. I’m sure the SInister Six has had a few roster changes over the years so c’mon!

But that’s the gag, R.Nav! Picking the top five out of six.

By the by, in an unrelated note, good call re: Skeets in 52!

Where the hell is Scorpion?

He wasn’t an original member of the Sinister Six.

Can we hope for a list of the top 3 of the Frightful Four? :)

Sandman should totally have beat out Doc Ock. In that he’s the only one on the list to ever actually BEAT Doc Ock. Otto turned the guy into glass, shattered him, and he STILL came back for the win. I loves me some Sandman!

also likes Electro’s costume, no matter what anyone says

Just my ist of the original six-
6-Mysterio–lame–a lazy writer character–you didn’t have to work with him, just do whatever–never got into the character
5-Kraven–kind of annoying, but the Kraven’s lat Hunt story is a classic and one of the all time best SPidey stories.
4-Electro–I like the guy, but his costume was a bit out there–even in the 60’s
3-Vulture–I like this character–especially when they got inside him, and devloped him. He was more than a geriatric villain.
2-Doc Ock–I liked him more as I aged–and he was a great pick for Spidey’s 2nd movie.
1-Sandman–great villain–hard to catch, but not a cop out like Mysterio–he was a s interesting as a good guy as he was a bad guy–maybe more so.

Regarding your comments on Doc Ock, I agree he is one of Spidey’s top villains, but I do not agree that he has been lamified as you put it.

If anything, since the 90’s he has become deadlier than ever. Recent exploits that come to mind include:

-The Ock/Fusion arc, where Ock beating the living hell out of Fusion after duping him into believing Ock was afraid of him.

-Trying to force Spider-Man to unmask himself in Times Square in front of everyone.

-The Ock/Carlyle arc. Where some corporate mogul tried to steal Ock’s tentacle technology.

No, if any Spidey villain has been lamified it’s Venom and Green Goblin. Some of the stories Marvel have come up with for those two in recent years is just god awful. Heck the Scorpion is running around as Venom right now.

Nuff said.

In my opinion not only is SanMan the best villain, BUT he did also turn a good guy which shows depth to the character which other ones just dont have

hey whoever dissagrees with this ass is good because these comic books back then were amazing !
u cant judge them . !

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