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A Brief Question for Anyone Who’s Ever Heard ANYTHING About Norse Mythology


Why should ANYONE be surprised by Thor killing a Giant?

If he had a business card, it’d be the second thing on it, right after ‘making it rain’.


Well, Marvel’s Thor isn’t so much like the Norse Thor that the heroes who know him would be unsurprised at his deciding to kill a giant rather than just have some fun smacking him around a bit.

‘Cause… ’cause this is Stan and Jack’s Thor, man. Meh, I don’t really care about ‘Civil War’ anyway, and it’s not the real Thor, and you’ve got a good point there as far as the mythology goes.

I think there’s been more outrage over the whole ‘cloning a God’ thing, which kind of bothers me too, but honestly? It’s comics, and Marvel superhero comics at that. Cloning a God should be a fairly standard thing to do.

It just struck me as funny.
“Oh my God! Thor killed a GIANT!”
How… unlike him.


It IS pretty funny.
Actually, after all the talk about the unmasking, I almost regretted not getting into ‘Civil War’, but yeah, what I’ve heard about this issue doesn’t sound like it’d appeal to me at all.
I bet this Thor clone is still cooler than the guy in that ‘Return of the Incredible Hulk’ movie, though.

Good catch, ought to get you a no-prize.
(Except the guy wasn’t a giant. Super-tall, but not a giant in the crucial Norse mythology sense. It’s the technicality on which Pym survived all these years.)


September 21, 2006 at 7:25 am

Thor’s business card should read:

* Have Hammer – Will Travel *
Smiting a specialty!

– Rain
– Time Travel
– Hair Care Products



Shouldn’t that be Hath Hammer – Shalt Travel?

I wonder just how long Tony will maintain control of his little science experiment? Heh heh.

Yeah, but anybody who read that far into Norse mythology also realized that Thor is supposed to be red-haired with a big, bushy beard. Personality-wise, an accurate Thor would probably be closer to Marvel’s Hercules than the noble blond guy we get.

As a child, seeking out and reading the Ingri and Edgar D’Aulaire Norse Myths book because of the Thor cartoon led to many, many puzzlements.

Thor comics arent supposed to be accurate Norse mythology, so why do you care? No presentation in comics form where a god becomes a superhero is going to be even remotely accurate. you are dumb if you expect it to be

I could buy them cloning Thor – heck, I think it’s been done before, there was some character called Nobilis or Nobilus or something like that.

What I’m really curious about is how Reed and Tony managed to duplicate the hammer and its powers. Is that supposed to be the hammer that fell to Earth in Straczynski’s Fantastic Four? If so, how would this psycho version of Thor be considered worthy to wield it? If it’s a technological version instead, how is it so powerful?

And did Reed program all of Clor (Clone Thor)’s personality, or is this taking off of Dr. Warren’s cloning technology that somehow includes memories up to the time the cell sample was taken? In that case, I suppose this version of Thor wouldn’t remember Captain America at all, coming from a hair sample Tony snagged during the very first Avengers meetings.

Anyway, I keep thinking that the real American way would be for one of Cap’s heroes to surrender themselves but refuse to register, then beat the Act in court. Of course, this would be a more viable option if there were any lawyers in the MU besides She-Hulk and Daredevil, She-Hulk wasn’t willing to sell out her clients because she personally believes in the Act, or Murdock wasn’t in and out of jail or really Iron Fist…

The hammer is a fake.

It is basically just an energy gun shaped as a hammer.

Actually, it occurred to me that the Thorclone would have no powers at all–we’ve seen time and time again that Thor’s powers are a divine gift, which can be granted to others (Beta Ray Bill) and removed from him (more comics than you can count.) A clone of Thor would be an ordinary human being.

And I don’t think that the Thor we see in CW #4 is the Thor who lifted the hammer–they specifically wondered if maybe the reason he was so unstable was that he wasn’t bonded to a human host, and the Thor we saw lifting the hammer was human at the time. Not to mention, did Thorclone seem particularly “worthy” to you?

Which is one of the few things still piquing my interest–the real Thor is still out there. And he’s going to be a leetle unhappy with Tony…

Which is another mark against Reed and Tony – they don’t even know that Thor is dead for sure!

I would assume that Reed would have some form of dimensional scanner which would register the fact that Asgard got destroyed and the Asgardians were slaughtered down to a man. Again (Gee, how many times did Asgard get destroyed/defeated/conquered in the Thor comics? Sometimes it seemed like a sneaky bunch of boy scouts could do it).

IF you could build a psuedo Mjolnir (sp?) why clone a Thor? Why not just have Iron Man weild it? The Iron man/Reed/ Hank Pym team has all the tech on their side. They could capture just about anyone they wanted to.

Whatever happened to the idea that Hank could shrink others down to size with “Pym Particles”? He could shrink all the rogues down to 2 inches and the fight is pretty much over.


September 23, 2006 at 9:35 am

I’m pretty sure the whole point to cloning Thor would be to “have (a) God on our side”.

It’s psychological warfare.

“Gulp! Thor’s on THEIR side? We’re screwed!”

Oh…and “Hast / Shalt”… good one!



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