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Test Your Comic Book Knowledge! – 10/11

Here’s a 20-question comic book trivia quiz. Try and see how many you know!

First Suicide Attempts

The following are comics that featured the first appearances of characters who would later go on to become members of the Suicide Squad (just Ostrander’s Squad). Name the future member who made his or her first appearance in the listed issue.

1. Detective Comics #359
2. Justice League of America #12
3. More Fun Comics #73
4. Mister Miracle #6
5. Batman #181
6. Batman #59
7. Fury of Firestorm #28
8. Action Comics #521
9. Flash #117
10. Doom Patrol Vol. 2 #4
11. Strange Adventrues #187
12. Showcase #8
13. Green Lantern Vol. 2 #173
14. Fury of Firestorm #29
15. Brave & Bold #166
16. Doom Patrol Vol. 1 #98
17. My mistake, just take a point for it! :)
18. Batman & Outsiders Annual #1
19. World’s Finest #251
20. Justice League of America #233

Good luck, and have fun!


Off the top of my head… Not many.

1. Barbara Gordon
5. Poison Ivy

And… Gee, I’m thinking the Mister Miracle one has to be Lashina, right?

6. Deadshot? (I seem to recall that his first appearance was actually in the golden age)
12. Mirror Master?
13. Javelin?
7 or 14. Plastique?
17. Manhunter Mark Shaw, I’m thinking, only I had thought his first appearance was in a First Issue Special

1. Oracle/Barbara Gordon
2. Dr. Light
3. Got me. That issue introduced Aquaman and Green Arrow, and also had Dr. Fate and Spectre, but I can’t think of a character in it that was in the Squad.
4. Duchess/Lashina
5. Poison Ivy
6. Deadshot? Only Batman villain from that era I can think of on the Squad.
7. Slipknot
8. Vixen
9. Captain Boomerbutt, er, Boomerang
10. Shrapnal?
11. Enchantress
12. Captain Cold
13. Javelin
14. Slipknot (well, I know one of 7 or 14 is him. Can’t recall another Firestorm foe that debuted around then)
15. Got me?
16. Mr. 103/Mr. 104
17. Manhunter/Mark Shaw (actually, his first appearance was in First Issue Special #5)
18. Major Victory
19. Count Vertigo? (I think GA and/or BC had a strip in WF at that point)
20. No idea.

1. Detective Comics #359 — Oracle/Barbara Gordon
2. Justice League of America #12 — Dr. Light
3. More Fun Comics #73 — Speedy
4. Mister Miracle #6 — Lashina/Duchess
5. Batman #181 — Poison Ivy
6. Batman #59 — Deadshot
7. Fury of Firestorm #28 — Slipknot
8. Action Comics #521 — Black Orchid?
9. Flash #117 — Captain Boomerang
10. Doom Patrol Vol. 2 #4 — Karma?
11. Strange Adventrues #187 — Enchantress
12. Showcase #8 — Captain Cold
13. Green Lantern Vol. 2 #173 — Javelin
14. Fury of Firestorm #29 — Mindboggler
15. Brave & Bold #66 — Rick Flag, Jr.?
16. Doom Patrol Vol. 1 #98 — Mr. 104
17. Justice League of America #140 — Manhunter/Privateer/Mark Shaw
18. Batman & Outsiders Annual #1 — Major Victory
19. World’s Finest #251 — Count Vertigo
20. Justice League of America #233 — Shrike

I thought this was going to be about characters who tried suicide. There’s been a few, right?

The only character who’s committed suicide that I can think of off-hand is Adrian Chase (Vigilante…2?). Is there anyone else?


I’m deliberately discounting “hero throws himself on the bomb” sorts of stuff, on the grounds that most people don’t label that as suicide so much as they call it heroic sacrifice. I’m stiking to characters wo acted to deliberately kill themselves for no reason other than perceiving death as the preferable option.

Prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths, the JSA villain Per Degaton did the same thing as an aged man about to go back to prison in America vs. the JSA #4.

Jake Fury, the original Scorpio, shot himself in Defenders v.1 #50 in despair at the failure of his own plans. And android with his mental patterns turned up later, but accounts have varied as to whether it’s Jake himself or just a copy created by his Zodiac Key. (Steve Engelhart left room for both interpretations in his West Coast Avengers stories.)

Two Spider-Man villains, Kraven the Hunter and the original Mysterio, shot themselves in the head.

Daredevil’s 1980s girlfriend, Heather Glenn, killed herself during Denny O’Neil’s run on the title. Her father, Maxwell Glenn, had done likewise after months of being unwittingly mind-controlled into criminal activity by the Purple Man.

The Grim Reaper’s first death in the Vision and the Scarlet Witch series may or may not have been suicide; it was left deliberately vague.

And though it doesn’t quite count for some, the semi-paralyzed Joker infamously committed suicide in The Dark Knight Returns #3 so that the aging Batman would be blamed for his murder.

1. ‘Tec’ #359—?(Can’t think of a thing)
2. JLA #12—Dr. Light
3. More Fun #73—Speedy (Green Arrow’s kid)
4. Mr. Miracle #6—?(Don’t know Kirby’s Fourth World stuff)
5. Batman #181—Deadshot?(I thought his late 40s first app. was in an old “Tec” rather than an old Batman, though)
6. Batman #59—The Penguin
7. Fury of Firestorm #28—?(Knew there were several Firestorm villains used here, as there were complaints that John O. apparently liked to kill them off, but I don’t know one from another)
8. Action #521—? (Blanking again)
9. Flash #117—Captain Cold
10. Doom Patrol V.2, #4—? (I had these, but never liked and therefore don’t remember the characters created there)
11. Strange Adventures #187—The Enchantress
12. Showcase #8—Mirror Master
13. Green Lantern V2, #173—?(This one really throws me, since I followed this series closely, but, again, no idea)
14. F. of Firestorm #29—?(Like I said on #7…)
15. Brave & Bold #66—?(Hmmm…early in this title’s team–up run, before Bats dominated; can’t remember one that fits this)
16. Doom Patrol V.1, #98—Mr. 103 or 104 (same guy, he just updated his name to keep pace with scientific advances)
17. JLA #140—?(If you’re thinking the Manhunter version that John O. used in his SS and Steve Englehart called The Privateer here, think again; he debuted as a Kirby one–shot in First Issue Special, under the Manhunter name, but I don’t know of anything closer)
18. Batman & Outsiders Annual #1—?(Never followed this series, and don’t remember which SSer(s?) came from it, but I do remember at least one did)
19. World’s Finest #251—?(No idea at all)
20. JLA #233—?(This would, I think, be during the abysmal Vibe/Gypsy era, but can’t think of a character original to it who turned up in SS)

One of those early Silver Age Flash villains probably should be Captain Boomerang but I wouldn’t have thought of him—shame on me!—if I hadn’t gotten a glimpse of his name while scrolling between the list and the submission field, despite my best efforts to see nothing of earlier postings. Apologies for BOTH my failures. Therefore, to be fair I leave CC and MM in place.

19. World’s Finest #251—#250 was a special combining all the features it carried in its run in the “Dollar Comics” format except Ditko’s Creeper, so, yes, it WAS at this time that Ollie and Dinah had their feature there in which Count Vertigo bowed. Again, my bad for forgetting that format, which, other than its stupid and limiting name which sealed its doom from the outset, I liked.

16. Brave & Bold #66—The only guess anyone has ventured for this is Rick Flag, but the Showcase–type format was replaced with team–ups as of #50 (like I referred to without giving specific numbers), and that Suicide Squad try–out run, which is where I’ve been led to believe he first appeared, was much earlier than #66. I hope you haven’t screwed up this one like you seemed to have done with Privateer/Manhunter, Brian.

And I guess Batman #181 DID come out much later than I was thinking. Didn’t do too well on this one at all, did I?

The thing that bollixes people up on the Batman numbering is that they forget thecomic started out as a quarterly in 1940 and stayed that way for a couple of years before gradually becoming a monthly; as a result, the monthly Detective Comics ran WAY ahead of it in the numbering. And then there’s stuff like Action Comics numbering being wacky because it was weekly for a while in the 80s….

1. Detective Comics #359 – Oracle
2. Justice League of America #12 – Dr. Light
3. More Fun Comics #73 – Speedy
4. Mister Miracle #6 – Duchess
5. Batman #181 – Poison Ivy
6. Batman #59 – Deadshot
7. Fury of Firestorm #28 – Slipknot
8. Action Comics #521 – Vixen
9. Flash #117 – Captain Boomerang
10. Doom Patrol Vol. 2 #4 – Karma
11. Strange Adventrues #187 – Enchantress
12. Showcase #8 – Captain Cold
13. Green Lantern Vol. 2 #173 – Javelin
14. Fury of Firestorm #29 – Mindboggler
15. Brave & Bold #166 – Nemesis
16. Doom Patrol Vol. 1 #98 – Mr. 104
18. Batman & Outsiders Annual #1 – Major Victory
19. World’s Finest #251 – Count Vertigo
20. Justice League of America #233 – Shrike

“Brave & Bold #66 — Nemesis”

That oughta be #166, Brian. YOUR issue came out more than a decade earlier. Didn’t the sole guess being Rick Flag and my statement that #66 was fairly early in the team–up run set off warning flags, or were you not checking these comments at all? The fact that you posted “66” in both the original question and in the answers works against it being a simple typo.

And now my own mea culpa: Thanks for the attempt on the Batman numbering, Omar Karindu, but I knew that title didn’t start off monthly, and even if it had it would have taken ten years—i.e., 1950—to get to 120 (let alone 181), still too late for Deadshot’s debut. (By the way, Brian, nice move—it seems that EVERYONE was looking for him in there, but of course that was not mandatory).

WHOOPS! I see that Deadshot WAS in there, that Bats #59 was not Penguin, after all! I still think I heard that Lawton’s (almost unrecognizable) Golden Age debut was said to have been in Detective, but the GCD agrees with you, so somebody else screwed up (me, my source, maybe even GCD). (That’s also where I got B&B #166 as the specific first app. for Nemesis, by the way).


What do you think you’re accomplishing by not acknowledging the Nemesis screw–up? You did so concerning Manhunter/Privateer/Mark Shaw, where you were pure D wrong, but here, having thought further about it since my posting of Oct. 18, I DO suspect a semi–typo: When initially and manually (as opposed to some form of “cut–and–paste,” i.e., you were typing or even writing–by–hand yourself) gathering data for this quiz, you inadvertently left off the “1” from “166” and didn’t know enough off the top of your head about the B&B series to subsequently realize that #66 was way too low to be the debut issue for Nemesis. This simply does not reflect nearly as badly on you as the flatly factually incorrect Manhunter entry, so why not own up? Is it because nobody categorically nailed it BEFORE you further committed yourself with the posting of your answers? Not a good enough reason in MY book.

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