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YouTube Can Be Good – 10/20

Another week, another pair of comic-themed YouTube videos!


First, enjoy the goofiness of the 1987 Marvel Comics float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

It has to be seen to be believed!

Neat, huh?

Next, we have a three-part Chris Ware interview. Very interesting stuff. The very beginning of the video is in French, so just skip forward a little bit to get to the Ware interview. Listening to Chris Ware talk about comics is pretty darn awesome.

Each one is about eight minutes long, so be forewarned!

That’s it for this week!

Feel free to suggest some YouTube videos you’d like to see next week!


I think the Back to the future theme made that Captain America fight 100 times more cooler than it has a right to be.


October 20, 2006 at 6:39 am

If you liked the 1987 Thansgiving Day parade Marvel float, then you’ll love the 1989 one.

(Link at end of this comment)

Including the announcer-lady’s gaffe about WonderWoman being a Marvel super-hero, Metropolis being the city they live in and Doctor Strange having an EXPLOSIVE UNDERGROUND LAB.

Melba Moore “sings” some lame song too.

Enjoy the cheeserrific wonderment.


You know,

Marvel made some bold choices in the characters for their 1987 parade. I mean, who would have thought that Luke Cage and Enchantress would be good choices to make some average kid home from school that day say “Radical! I need to start reading comics in between playing Duck Hunt and and skateboarding!”

Also, who knew Dr. Doom and a deceased Green Goblin could support the weight of the Hulk?

All and all, nice find!

Was that ROBOCOP coming out of the dungeon door as Captain America release Luke Cage?

wtf was robocop doing there.
you would think that licenced properties would not be the thing the company would what to promote.

then again, you would think that no one in their right mind would think a very iffy production on a float would make people interested in super heros.

And is it just me, or did it take a while to register what exactly Emma Frost was spraying and where it was coming from?

I think perhaps “RoboCop” was supposed to be Ultron. The roster has (not surprisingly as it would’ve been Marvel’s most recent big multi-character “licensing” property) a very “Secret Wars” vibe to it. Enchantress was fairly prominent in Secret Wars, so that’d explain her presence. Emma Frost is actually the oddity to me, apart from being a pretty easy costume to make and one to hold the attention of Dad on the parade route….


October 20, 2006 at 12:54 pm

It WAS Robo-Cop.

Marvel HAD a ROBO-COP series out at the time.

This was probably an easy way to promote it and cheap too, since I’m sure Paramount (or whomever onws the rights to Robo-Cop) made the suit.


If you liked the 1987 Thansgiving Day parade Marvel float, then you’ll love the 1989 one.

I was actually going to go with the 1989 one first, because the 1987 one has been played a lot, I think.

But the YouTube bit for 1989 seemed a bit poorer in video quality, so I decided against it.

I like the way Cap casually tossed Magneto aside with ease. And all the X-Men needed to do, in all of those years, was make one phone call to the Avengers Mansion…

You know what’s great about that 1989 clip? It’s the same float, with the same collapsing tower. And the most of the characters and costumes, as far as I can tell. Which leads to the logical question… was there a 1988 float?

I feel bad for the Chris Ware interview. There’s no way it can get any love when compared to the sheer awesomness that is Cap chasing Enchantress around like a Benny Hill sketch.

What’s great about the 1989 parade is Dr. Doom getting down and all willy-nilly to that “Hero” song. Oh, the irony of that is just delicious. (Side note: Is it bad that I prefer the Chipmunks version of that song?)

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