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10/27 – YouTube Can Be Good

Another week, another two neat comic-related YouTube videos.

First, here’s a fun little video blog from the recent 24/7 launch party at Rocketship, in Brooklyn.

This next one is pretty stupid, but I found it funny, dammit!

“Take On Me”…with Spider-Man!

Although, for crying out loud, you couldn’t spring for the three bucks to have the guy be reading an actual Spider-Man comic in the beginning?!?


Exactly what is in that DVD that gets that guy so excited? I agree – they should have gotten a comic. Of course, what kind of Spider-Man doesn’t have gloves and strolls around in sneakers?????

Shouldn’t those college students be, I don’t know, studying or banging co-eds? Oh, who am I kidding? If we had had YouTube fifteen years ago, we’d have been making videos like this and posting them on the Internet in between games of hearts (I played a lot of hearts in college).

…still taking suggestions for Youtube vids that might be, er, interesting to watch? Have you ever covered the “real life” superhero guys?


In particular, Squeegee Man is comedy gold. His Myspace (warning, horrendous music will autoplay):


…and his Youtube page:


There’s a whole pile of these guys out there. My two particular fave Squeegee Man vids are the one where he’s “flying” – lol – and the one where he’s giving a “super interview” only to have some random woman walk past and insult him, which he tries to counter in a superhero fashion.

he fails.

I had a volunteer gig in college where basically the other volunteers would mainly keep coming back because we were all addicted to playing Hearts and Rummy 500! :)


October 28, 2006 at 1:28 am

I didn’t like the spiderman one.
I watched it for two minutes, but that was more out of my sick love for A-Ha than anything else.

At least one minute of that Spiderman one consisted of them just pretending to run down a dorm hallway.

My favorite part though was when he gave his jacket to Spiderman (a good thing to have in doors) someone is trying to leave their dorm room behind them, but comes out, sees Spiderman and jumps back in. Seeing that caused me to fall on the floor with laughter.

“At least one minute of that Spiderman one consisted of them just pretending to run down a dorm hallway.”

seemed like pretty much the entire middle section to me, and that was while skipping whole chunks. The opening was good though.

Wait, they still make Spider-Man comics?

That Spiderman/A-Ha crossover was awful.

Very poorly lit, pointless reuse of shots, jump cuts, stupid hamming it up by those guys. I mean, I wasn’t expecting Lawernece of Arabia, but come on. Final Cut Pro and a Mac can do much better work than that. Hell, iMovie can do better work than that.

If they wanted to do an homage to the A-Ha video, just with Spiderman, than the evil wrench guy should have been in the comic world, not the real world. Other than that, the camera couldn’t follow the action, pointless trucks and dollys.

Regardless, good find Mr. Cronin.

My score: F+

Brian, we expect better. These were both awful.

I’m inclined to agree with del gorky on this one

Post some Spider-Man on the Electric Company vids!

I found a couple:

http://youtube.com/watch?v=RUqXA6xropE (Narrated by MORGAN FREEMAN!!!)

http://youtube.com/watch?v=RmET27saIJA (The BLOWHARD!!!)

http://youtube.com/watch?v=61unttD3oEE (THE WALL!!!)

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