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Snark Blocker for 11/9

Here, for your snark blocking pleasure, are the two posters made from Promethea #32, drawn by J.H. Williams III.




Don’t you feel the snark melting away?


No I don’t.

I love J H Williams’s art as a rule, but I really think those posters are awful.

moose n squirrel

November 9, 2006 at 4:44 am

The posters were pretty awesome, but far more impressive as actual posters than as jpegs on a webpage.

I think it’s a really brilliant form experimentation.

The basic idea as I originally understood it was quite bold, and maybe something will become obvious as I read it (which will happen when the Pipeline Bookclub gets that far) but on flicking through it looks like basically the comic is drawn over the top of the picture pretty much ignoring it, so what you wind up with is a comic with completely irrelevant colouring and two posters with scribblings drawn all over the top of the main pictures


So, for future reference, this doesn’t block all the snark, but it doesn’t allow toxic levels of it in either. But, you know, we have to allow for our resident Rocky and Bullwinkle enthusiast to be at least a little snarky about everything. I’m sure you factored that in as a variable. That, and on first glance, I kind of agree with the people that are in the not awesome camp. So adjust your research in to Snark Blocking materials accordingly.

I have the hardcover version of Promethea volume 5, which comes with a double-sided poster of the last issue. This reminds me I need to put it up on my wall. Man, Promethea was great.


I don’t understand how anyone could not like this. Too cool for them, maybe. At least they know their limits.

Scrolled down — thought they kinda blew.

Scrolled up — suddenly saw giant faces and thought they were kinda neat.

I need new eyes.

Good god, that’s stunning. I need to reread that trade, stat.

This is the only series where I think that Moore’s writing is outdone by the artwork. Or at least on even keel.

It’s like David Mack made love to a 1960s “Love Is…” poster and they gave birth on a Hawaiian shirt…

moose n squirrel

November 12, 2006 at 6:36 am

But, you know, we have to allow for our resident Rocky and Bullwinkle enthusiast to be at least a little snarky about everything.

I wasn’t trying to “snark” – and in general I’d say I whine and grouse here more than snark, which usually implies the involvement of some degree of sarcasm. I was responding to the first commenter, who was sniping at the images, which fail to convey the full awesomeness of the actual, full-size posters.

I haven’t seen the full size posters, but I have got the TPB which reprints the orignal pages and has a three page foldout showing the posters. I don’t think seeing it full size would change my mind.

In pure visual terms, they are for me the low point of the series

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