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Cool Point Scavenger Hunt for 11/16

Here’s yet another chance for you folks to earn some cool points!!


By the by, if you look at the standings, Zack has caught up with Omar for the overall cool point lead, with JR right behind them!

A whopping three cool points to anyone who can find a connection between “Young Hawk” which ran as a back-up in Dell’s Lone Ranger for years and Turok, Son of Stone. The storylines are just too darned similar, and they both were from Dell.

Two cool points to anyone who can find me a cover blurb promoting a comic creator (like “Kirby Is Here!” from New Gods #1 or this issue of Nick Fury promoting John Severin) EARLIER than July, 1946.

One cool point to the first person to tell me of a superhero who had a kid before Aquaman.

One cool point to the first person to tell me what Brett Breeding is up to nowadays.

One cool point to the first person who can tell me when Wonder Woman’s plane went from being controlled by mental radio and became voice controlled.

One cool point to the first person who can tell me where Green Lantern’s space pet Itty came from.

One cool point to the first person who can tell me how Diana Prince became a Lt..

Thanks to Scott and Morts (and whoever gave me the Aquaman question, I honestly forgot who) for their suggestions!


For the record, I really want an answer to the ones I asked. They’re really bugging me!

Brett Breeding is doing comissions:

Itty came from The Vivarium (an artificial world in the Atria system).

Also, Turok and Young Hawk were both Indians – Turok was a Kiowa (possibly Kiowa-Apache) and Young Hawk was a Mandan Indian.

Detective Comics #18, from 1938, featuring Fu Manchu, mentions Fu creator and writer Sax Rohmer on the cover.

To clarify: Rohmer may or may not count as a “comics creator,” but since the cover seems to give him plotting credit and he apparently scripted the strips reproduced within.

Oh, and there’s another connection between Turok and Young Hawk: Young Hawk was drawn by probable Turok co-creator Rex Maxon.

Fawcett’s Mr. Scarlett had his son, Pinky, as his sidekick. Of course, he had his kid before becoming a superhero, so that might not be what you’re after.

*shakes fist* I’ll catch up yet!!

Wonder Woman took the name and identity of Diana Prince from the actual Diana Prince who was WW’s exact double. I had assumed the rank came with it unless I’m misremembering or you’re asking how the first Diana Prince became Lt.

Pinky was Mr. Scarlet’s adopted son, so I guess it depends on whether or not Brian was expecting a biological child…still even an adopted son was unique in the 40s!

That works for the Golden age, I guess (I forgot that story!) but what about the utterly terrible Silvcer Age retcon version?

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