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Snark Blocker for 11/21 – Updated With New Images!

Here, for your snark blocking pleasure, are a bunch of diptych and triptych covers!!


First off, one of the first examples of this phenomenon…George Perez’ covers for the crossover between Teen Titans and Outsiders.


When the new members of the Justice League of America were introduced (the JLDetroit years), each of the four new additions got their own spotlight covers, in a quadtych covers by Chuck Patton…


Rodolfo Damaggio did a nice job with this triptych for a crossover between Green Lantern, Green Arrow and the Flash.


Commenter Jeff R. recommended this triptych from when Captain Atom/Suicide Squad/Detective all sort of had a crossover together…


Alex Ross did a diptych for JSA – note how lighter the one half is – weird.


Commenter Punch recommended this triptych for the Invisibles by Sean Phillips…


Here’s Jim Lee’s popular quadtych for X-Men #1….


Reader Zero recommended this Wonder Man quadtych…


He also recommended this Keith Giffen triptych from Giffen’s classic Legion of Superheroes run…


Chris Sprouse had a nice quintych early in the Legionnaires series…


Here’s a diptych John Byrne did during Secret Wars II (as recommended by commenter Bryan), when Spider-Man was going back and forth between costumes…


Travis Charest provided this nice cover for Outsiders #1 Alpha and Omega (by the by, what an awful concept – almost as bad as Team Titans #1).


Commenter Craig recommended I use this Young All-Stars/Infinity, Inc. diptych…


Michael Kaluta provided this nice triptych for the last three issues of this volume of Aquaman.


Commenter RJackson recommended I use this triptych from the 1988 Detective Comics, Green Arrow and The Question Annuals…


Commenter david recommended I use this Alan Davis triptych from a fight between Iron Man, Thor and Captain America…


Commenter DanCJ recommended I use this Kid Eternity triptych…


Here are two HUGE cover images, courtesy of Valiant’s Unity crossover!

I guess they’re octotychs! :)

First, a big image by Frank Miller…


And here, one by Walt Simonson!


Greg mentioned Alex Ross’ Starman covers, so viola!!


Greg also mentioned his Earth X covers, so here they are!!


Here’s Universe X…


Commenter Douglas recommended the last ten issues of Cerebus. I had to go pretty small to fit them all, I hope it doesn’t look TOO weird.


Commenter Andrew-TLA recommended this ninetych of the DC crossover Millennium Giants. Look at the variety of titles involved!! Crazy!!


My pal Gilda recommended I add this clever quadtych by Mike Wieringo, so, well, here it is!


Pretty cool, huh?

Feel the snark wash away!!


That’s not a pair of diptyches for the JLA Detroit intro; it’s a 2×2 quadriptych.

And speaking of quadriptyches, I’m surprised not to see the one for the Spectre/Suicide Squad/Captain Atom/Detective Comics crossovers around the middle of Millenium…

Well, I’ll be darned! You’re right! Thanks, Jeff!

That Aquaman triptych is pretty damn nifty!

Alex Ross seems to enjoy these things. There’s the one for Earth X (and, I imagine, the subsequent series, but I didn’t get those) and the one for Starman, when Jack was off in space. And wouldn’t that be the previous volume of Aquaman? This current one is in the 40s. The volume that finished with the Kaluta covers was the Peter David one originally.

I was just saying “this volume” as an indicator. I see how it read totally different from my intent, though.

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition from the 80s works as well, as you can line them up end to end to end and it shows the characters running together, and Mr Fantastic is stretched out through all the covers. I think. He’s at least stretching until John Byrne stopped doing the covers part way through when he jumped to DC. But I can remember spending time in my youth lining the covers up.

Byrne also did a diptych with the issues of Web of and Amazing Spider-Man when the Beyonder turned a building to solid gold.

Boy, Gypsy’s first costume sucked.

Both Earth X and Universe X are like this. Earth X in a big Square and Universe X in a vertically oriented rectangle.

And that Justice League one IS a quad, look at the rock.

Wonder Man 22- 25 formed a quadtych

It looks like Aquaman #75 looks best in the middle!

Also, while those Outsiders covers are bland, they do line up regardless of which one is first, so it’s got that going for it.

Finally, there was a pair of annuals, Infinity Inc. and New Titans, or Young All-Stars and Infinity Inc., I think, that formed a diptych. Can’t remember the numbers.

Legion of Super-Heroes (v.4) 15, 16, and 17 form a triptych

And that Justice League one IS a quad, look at the rock.

Right, hence

Well, I’ll be darned! You’re right! Thanks, Jeff!


I think that there were three DC annuals by Denny O’Neil and Dennys Cowan that made one too – Detective, Green Arrow and the Question.

Really REALLY good Snark Blocker this week Brian. Very enjoyable stuff. Take a bow.

There was also a big honking nine-tych for the Millennium Giants storyline that, as snarkless as possible, ran through the Superman titles and wrapped up the electric/Red-Blue storyline.

there was a great series of covers that was ironman/ CA and thor (i think)..
here is a link…



Sean Phillips also did a Tryptych for the Invisibles

There was a triptych for the Brothers in Arms storyline in Lucifer – http://www.mikecarey.net/?page_id=12

The last 3 X-Factor covers by Ryan Sook also form a tryptych.

(Tryp being conveniently relevant to the plot!)

Wow, I own all three parts of that Shellhead/Thor/Avengers crossover and I never noticed that it was a tryptych before. Cool!

(Also a pretty cool story to boot!)

The Walking Dead trade paperbacks (the first 3 at least) have the zombies in the foreground forming a tryptych. Though the images above them don’t so maybe its a 1.5tych?

The new Authority covers by Gene Ha also fit together. They had them in a giant banner at SDCC this summer.

Losers 16 through 19 by Jock is a quadra..quadi..there’s four of them and they make one big picture. Purty.

What about Kingdom Come? It’s not as dynamic as some of these others, but it is one continuous (and impressive IMO) painting of the participants.

Need a few more added to the list…

The New Teen Titans v2 #37 and Infinity Inc 45

New Titans 94,95, & 96

Green Lantern 57 and New Titans #116

The Titans # 23,24, & 25

It is a pity that comics.org appears to have lost Ostrander’s Spectre run’s covers’ that Milleneum one really does look better with all four parts in it…

There’s another one in Cerebus, with the first four or five or so covers in ‘Melmoth’. (Same kind of ‘varying light levels’ business going on there, though.)

Jeff R. said:
“It is a pity that comics.org appears to have lost Ostrander’s Spectre run’s covers’ that Milleneum one really does look better with all four parts in it…”

It does look better, but that wasn’t from Ostrander’s Spectre run, was it? That was from the previous Spectre series. Wasn’t that written by Doug Moench? I know there was some Mignola art in the series…

Also, Starman had another triptych sequence during the Demon Poster issues. I think it was 24-26.


Right, that probably was the Moench run now that I think of it; Ostrander’s was post-Suicide Squad since a couple supporting characters migrated to it. And it looks like the vast majority of comics.org is down right now…

Let’s see…Zot! #19 and #20 (Getting to 99) is one.

Boy, Gypsy’s first costume sucked.

You better take that back! Them’s fightin’ words!!

First off, one of the first examples of this phenomenon…George Perez’ covers for the crossover between Teen Titans and Outsiders.

It should be noted that while the layout on the diptych is by Perez, the finishes on the Outsiders cover are by Jim Aparo.

The covers of John Byrne’s Superman and Batman: Generations III #1-12 form a single giant image.


November 22, 2006 at 5:07 pm

There’s also, of course, all four issues of the Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways miniseries. Probably the most recent example.

There is aldo another quadtych by John Byrne on the covers of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe – Book of Dead and Disabled (the last issues of the run).

Don’t know if it’s the first or the deluxe edition.

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

You know what’s funny about that Detroit Justice League quadrich? Individually the covers make sense, but put together they don’t! Why are vibe and gang members on top of that huge chunk of rock Steel is about to toss? And why would Steel toss it with Vibe on top? And what is the tree attached to in the Vixen cover? Why do Vixen and Vibe above the rock seem to be in a forest, but the people under the rock seem to be in a city? And why are the people on top of the hunk of rock twice the size of the people under it? Pretty funny stuff.

Still a cool cover though. Is that Rick Buckler?

I’m pretty sure the JLA Detroit covers were pencilled by Chuck Patton, who was the JLA’s artist at the time. Possibly inked by Romeo Tanghal? Patton had a clean line reminiscent of George Perez at the time, but he didn’t have Perez’ sense of detail or design. He was still a pretty good second-tier artist, though, and might have gone on to greater things had he not been part of the JLA Detroit debacle. Instead, he seems to have disappeared from the industry.

Also, while those Outsiders covers are bland, they do line up regardless of which one is first, so it’s got that going for it.

Not only that, but they also line up vertically, as well – again, no matter which one you put first. Does that make them an infinitych?

Brian, how about reversing the order of the two and putting them right under the others, as an example?

PS: one of the Cerebus covers is in that lineup twice

cripes, I wish I could edit so I didn’t just have post after post, but another quadtych can be found on a Dark Horse Star Wars book called “Vader’s Quest” – the assembled image also has a fairly nice mirrored structure…

last one, I swear. For now.

Colossus 2000

April 3, 2007 at 7:14 pm

The Essential version of the Marvel Handbook has a few pages that show all of the covers lined up… pretty cool…

What about the 2099 crossover that Ron Lim did the covers for…?

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