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Top Five Thanksgiving Comic Books

Sorry for the delay, folks! Today’s Top Five is the Top Five Comic Books about Thanksgiving!


5. Batman: The Long Halloween #2


Fairly routine issue – but it has Solomon Grundy AND Thanksgiving!

4. JSA #54


Another fairly routine issue, but pleasant enough.

3. Uncanny X-Men #308


Scott Lobdell’s best moments were when he could just write slice of life issues.

This was one of them.

A very strong issue (with good John Romita, Jr. artwork).

It also features a wedding proposal!!

2. Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius: Happy Franksgiving!


This just recently came out – see here why it was so awesome.

1. Power Pack #19


If you recall the original run of Power Pack at all, you will remember that the book never sold as well as it should have been selling, for the level of quality it had. Therefore, Louise Simonson often had guest-stars in the book. What helped is that two of Marvel’s biggest writers at the time, Chris Claremont and Walt Simonson, were big fans of the book as well, so they gladly lent their characters to Simonson to use (and they even worked her characters into THEIR comic, as well).

The pinnacle of this was this issue of Power Pack, where Wolverine, Kitty Pryde and Beta Ray Bill (among others) show up for Thanksgiving dinner with the Powers!

A classic.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


Who knew Kitty Pryde had such a dynamic logo?

Does Wolverine only have 2 claws on one his left hand on that cover?

The Kitty Pryde logo is from the “Kitty Pryde and Wolverine” miniseries that came out a few years previous–Kitty got kidnapped and brainwashed into being an evil ninja (something to do with her dad owing money to an evil ninja clarn, or something) and Wolverine had to rescue her. I recall it only vaguely, since I haven’t read it since I was a kid, but I remember it being very cool.

By checking the comics our esteemed blogmaster got me for my birthday, I can confirm that logo was used in Kitty’s Marvel Team-Up appearance as well.

Y’know, a Kitty book in the vein of Spider-Man loves Mary Jane would be pretty cool.

Does anyone here think Kitty would have been a better character if she were created 20 years later and been part of the Runaways cast?

I’d just like to point out that while I added an accidental “r” to “clan”, and while “rn” looks suspiciously similar to “m” in this font, I did not intend, despite appearances, to suggest that Kitty Pryde was abducted and brainwashed by evil ninja clams.

But it’d be cool if she was.

I find it interesting that it was only because Walt Simonson was a fan of Power Pack that he let Louise Simonson use the characters he was writing. And not because, you know, he would have had to sleep on the couch if he didn’t…

I did not know this list existed prior to my Google search.

I did not know about Uncanny X-Men 308. Glad Power Pack 19 made the list, I would have added X-Treme X-Men 19 to the list.

No synopsises? :( sheesh…wats tha point of posting them, than? :D

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