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11/28 – If Only…

Captain America kept up with the commie smashing.



Apparently he was a little too good at it

Can you really be too good at Commie smashing?

If you’re so good that there are no more commies left to smash, then you’re out of a job.

He couldn’t have been that good at it. According to the cover, he only went after one Soviet.

Hey, look! It’s a young Nomad!

Well aren’t Tony Stark and Reed Richards (dirty) Commies now?

Are the octopusses communists, too? Because that would be cool.

“Camptain America: Octopus Smasher” would work after all the commies have been successfully smashed.

I only realized yesterday that this was a John Romita cover.

Tony Stark and Reed Richards commies? Heck, Captain America’s the commie!

Stephane Savoie

April 2, 2008 at 6:18 am

Hey, doesn’t Cap care about, y’know, the poor?
Sounds pretty Communist to me!

My kingdom for Essential Golden Age Captain America!

If only we could all smash commies and octopusses like Captain America …

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