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Golden Age Christmas – Mickey, Goofy and Dumbo Rescue One of Santa’s Reindeer

Welcome to the latest edition of Golden Age Christmas, where we will feature a different Golden Age Christmas comic book story every day from now until Christmas Eve!

Today we look at a 1947 Christmas story featuring an intriguing mixture of Disney characters.

Drawn by Don Gunn, I don’t know who wrote this story. It opens with the concept that Mickey and Goofy are both working as helpers for Santa, as well as other Disney characters such as the Seven Dwarfs.

Naturally, Goofy being himself, he is terrible at being a helper, getting fired from all of his previous duties…

So Goofy is in charge of the reindeer. Naturally, something goes wrong…

Interesting to see them go with Dunder back then.

Willie the Giant stole the reindeer, so Mickey and Goofy decide to rescue Prancer…

Then, randomly, Dumbo shows up to help…

I love the randomness of Dumbo showing up to help.

Willie captures them, as well, but Mickey has a plan…

Remember when, like, EVERY home had ash trays like that? My father smoked when I was a kid (he quit when I was 13. His method of quitting was…interesting to say the least) and he had one of those ash trays that belonged to his father before him.

Luckily, Willie’s mom (who is surprisingly “normal-sized”) makes him free Prancer and the rest. So they succeed in their mission!

Goofy, though, being so insecure himself, tries to tear Dumbo down, as well, to make himself feel better. Luckily, Santa has other ideas…

Very cute ending to a well-drawn story! The writing was a TAD too simplistic (when you’re used to Carl Barks, other writers have a hard time measuring up, ya know?), but still not a bad tale.

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Is it geeky of me to think Timothy the mouse is on Dumbo’s personage, throwing his voice to make it seem the tiny elephant is talking? Or maybe the writer didn’t want readers to think Dumbo was that “special,” given all the other elephant in his movies talked. All the bitchy, bitchy, bitch bitch bitch elephants. Bitches deserved a little more than snout-propelled peanuts to the face.

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