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Golden Age Christmas – Captain Marvel Fights a Plot Against Christmas!

Welcome to the latest edition of Golden Age Christmas, where we will feature a different Golden Age Christmas comic book story every day from now until Christmas Eve!

Today we look at a 1945 Captain Marvel Adventures story about Captain Marvel fighting a plot against Christmas!

I dunno who wrote this story, but the art was likely by Pete Costanza.

The story is another pretty straightforward Scrooge-type story.

A bad guy named Groucho Smith won’t let his brother Jolly give away toys for kids. Not only that, but Groucho doesn’t even seem to care that his brother almost dies during their argument…

So Captain Marvel pulls a “Ghost of Christmas Present” on him…

And eventually it pays off…

This plot was EXTREMELY straightforward. Too straightforward, I think, really. Nice art, though!


So do you think those were the Smith brothers nicknames or did their parents really name them Happy, Jolly & GOUGE?

Also nice that he puts all the blame on the orphans not having toys because Gouge won’t donate any. Gee, did Billy Batson buy a toy to give to the orphans?

nice how it only took shazam to be just the ghost of xmas present to get that version of scrooge to relent and even go out and give the orphans a nice holiday meal too showing captain marvel did manage to make gouge have the spirit of christmas

It’s an odd choice for Billy to be saying “I know how orphans must feel all alone on Christmas” considering he was himself a homeless orphan who slept in a subway station — I mean, it’s not something he’d have to suppose or guess at, is it? Why the script wouldn’t say something like “As an orphan myself, I know just how those kids feel all alone on Christmas” is baffling.

Richard, I took it meaning exactly that.
I agree Brian, this is a rather simple plotline. Usually these things work like the Batman story you did earlier, where there’s some bad guy getting in the way of reforming.

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