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Golden Age Christmas – Santa’s New Suits!

Welcome to the latest edition of Golden Age Christmas, where we will feature a different Golden Age Christmas comic book story every day from now until Christmas Eve!

Today we look at an amusing tale of Santa Claus trying out new suits from Dell’s 1948’s Santa Claus Funnies #5…

Writer/artist Frank Jupo sets up the story with Santa Claus asking his tailor to make him a new suit that he can wear on Christmas this year. The tailor, though, surprises ol’ Saint Nick…

I wonder if Santa is on some sort of medication? First a violent outburst and then suddenly he’s asleep. Weird!!

The problem is that people don’t recognize him as Santa Claus!

Ultimately, Santa decides he needs to go back to the old suit, but ol’ Nimble Needle doesn’t have the time to make him a suit! What will happen?!?

Cute stuff, although Needle sometimes seems like he is an abusive relationship with Santa (“I can tell by his eyes that he wasn’t REALLY going to hit me”).

Great art by Jupo, someone I am pretty unfamiliar with.


love how santa was willing to let needles try his idea even after turning around and threating to make him deer feed if he said another thing. and also how santa found a use for needles out fits after all proof that some things like santa suit should not be messed with

I just love that art – what else did Jupo do?

He was mostly a children’s book artist. He didn’t do that much comic book work.

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