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Golden Age Christmas – Superman Spreads Christmas Joy Around the Globe!

Welcome to the latest edition of Golden Age Christmas, where we will feature a different Golden Age Christmas comic book story every day from now until Christmas Eve!

Today we look at a classic Superman Christmas story..

From 1944’s Action Comics #93, by Don Cameron and artists Ira Yarbrough and Stan Kaye (well, Cameron was writing most of the Actions of this era, so I presume it is him – the art is definitely Yarbrough and Kaye, though), we see Clark and Lois be distressed at the plight of young war refugees…

So Superman rigs everything together and goes off on a global expedition to both bring joy to a wartorn world while also reuniting as many children with their families as he can…

I love the Russian bit. Imagine this same comic five years later?

Anyhow, the story continues the same way except for when they find Jan Bjornsen’s son, Eric, who is hanging out with a bunch of kids who lost their families. Eric surprisingly turns down their offer to take him to see his father. But when they return, they are in for a surprise…

Pretty darn noble of that little kid, huh?

Gotta love Clark’s jealousy of Superman! :)


The glories of exposing of everyone to shiny radium is almost as odd now as the USSR bit.

Yeah, that was pretty funny. I wasn’t sure if the stuff Superman was taking was necessarily radioactive, though, so I didn’t mention it.

About 30 years earlier the Patchwork Girl of Oz celebrated the glories of radium illumination too.

Radium is over a million times more radioactive than uranium, because it has a much shorter half-life. It is this strong radiation that generates its “glow” through the phenomenon of luminescence. Workers who drew the dials on the “glow in the dark” wristwatches that were popular in the first half of the 20th century did so using radium-based luminescent paint, and many of those factory workers later developed bone cancer. I wonder whether the children who were treated to this story’s radium-decorated glowing Christmas tree had their number of future Christmas holidays reduced as a result.

cool story espicaly loved boris son not wanting to see him due to the fact he wanted the other kids to not feel upset that they could not see their fathers too plus love super man being jeleous of his own secret id.

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