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365 Reasons to Love Comics #5

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for.


5. Grant Morrison

Oh, c’mon. Look at that face. You can’t hate that. Aww.

(Consider yourselves lucky. I almost posted the infamous underwear picks. But this is almost mostly a family sort of blog.)

Grant Morrison, or the God of All Comics, as our own Greg Burgas affectionately calls him, is considered by some to be a brilliant comics writer, and by others to be a nonsensical loon. And some think he’s both.

I won’t lie. He’s my favorite comics writer. I “discovered” him with New X-Men and have been one of his Whorrisons since. We’re thinking about going door-to-door to preach the good word. (I jest. [We’ll probably do mass mailings first.])

Chaos magician, alien abductee, Scot: Grant Morrison is many things. He’s also got a huge CV of lovely, lovely comics, including JLA, New X-Men, Doom Patrol, Animal Man, Flex Mentallo (the best comic ever made), Seaguy, We3, All Star Superman, Batman, Kill Your Boyfriend, St. Swithin’s Day, Vimanarama!, New Adventures of Hitler, Zenith, the Invisibles, I could go on for about a day. Almost all of them are great. Some are just okay. Even the Great Bald-Headed One has his off days.

Grant (or George, as some Barbelithians call him [don’t ask]) loves comics more than anyone in the world, I bet. It shows in his work. That’s a good enough reason to list him here.

Here’s an image I cribbed off of Kevin Church‘s site, I think. If I didn’t, he got a free link out of it and someone got ripped off:

And here’s the Simpsons watching G-Mozz and Mark Millar fight:

Tomorrow: Something different. Because everyone’s asked so nicely.


And here I thought Galactus was the one I was waiting for…

Sexiest Man in Comics!

Aside from the hotness that is Grant, he is probably the best writer in comics. Not only doing daring and mind expanding concepts, he just makes the medium that much more fun.

Where do I sign up to be one of Morrison’s Whorrisons? I definitely want in!

I’ve even got a recording of a speech he gave at a DisInfocon, which you can find on Google Video here. Fascinating stuff.


January 5, 2007 at 8:14 pm

‘sfunny… he doesn’t LOOK like Steve Ditko.


And how would you know…?

Sign me right the hell up for Morrison’s Whorrisons!

Seriously, there should be official membership cards and t-shirts and everything.


January 6, 2007 at 10:05 am

Jack Fear (# 5)…
Y’know, there ARE some pix of Ditko floating around.

I personally have 2 or 3 on file (the internet is good).

My comment, although being SARCASTIC, was that I hope Sturdy Steve isn’t dropped down TOO far on the list.
He WAS quite instrumental for building the comic book industry (hands in a great many awesome characters), and still IS a viable and powerful creator to this day.

AND, as a bonus, he’s a bit crazy too.
(Not really. Just adamant about his beliefs. Which, whether you agree with them or not, is a testament to the man.)
SO if “teh crazy” can give guys like Stan Lee & Morrison & Moore an edge, Ditko should be right up there.


Adam Jones is right…I too was waiting for Galactus…and Skrulls…and talking gorillas. Those are three things that make reading comics great for me.

Although, P-Tor, it’s not a top down list, so Ditko could be 365th and it wouldn’t really matter.

My comment, although being SARCASTIC, was that I hope Sturdy Steve isn’t dropped down TOO far on the list.

It’s not ranked. The numbering is for fun. If you think I sat down and came up with a list of 365 awesome things about comics from best to worst, well, I certainly didn’t.

Ditko will show up eventually, but I want to spice things up for a bit. It’s not all people, it’s not all characters, etc. It’s whatever’s awesome about comics.

“Grant loves comics more than anyone in the world, I bet.”

Having seem him speak on the subject of comics, I can attest to this. He wants so badly for comics to be the best they can be, and he has (perhaps too much) faith in us as a community to make that happen.

Just curious, did ya ever read Morrison’s “Steed and Mrs. Peel?” I wondering if it’s worth tracking down?

Steed and Mrs Peel is fun, but nothing groundbreaking. Great art from Ian Gibson though. Mind you I’m not a whorrison. His work runs a bit hot and cold for me.

The Kirbydotter

March 9, 2007 at 12:22 pm

Yup, You took a wrong turn here buddy!
Like most of the posters, after reading ”It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for”, I was waiting for Steve Ditko.

I could have named so many people before Grant Morrison.
Julius Schwartz.
Carmine Infantino.
Gardner Fox.
John Broome.
Joe Kubert.
Alex Toth.
Gil Kane.
John Romita Sr.
John Byrne.
Neal Adams.
James Robinson.
And so many other.

I liked Grant,s Doom Patrol and AnimalMan. But I have yet to read something else that really made the artform better since then.

Kirbydotter, Gardner Fox sucked, OK? He harkens back to an era when the Justice League was just a bunch of cardboard cutouts. Still more interesting than the supposedly “human” Marvel characters, but pretty damn boring. The Silver Age was bad.

And John Byrne is an ass. He’s an ass as a public persona, and he’s an ass the way he treats comic book characters.

As awesome as a lot of the rest of those names are, I have to say that Morrison tops most of them.

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