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Top Five “Large Head” Covers

The latest top five is about those classic covers featuring a character having an enlarged head (usually to signify increased brain capacity).


Thanks to The Krypton Companion, for some nice cover suggestions!

5. This Flash cover might not be the best, but I am just impressed to see a 1990s comic continue the “giant head” tradition!


So I may have given it a little extra credit!

4. This Flash cover, on the other hand, makes it for its excellent use of the Flash’s big head for humorous purposes (the other covers mostly play the enlarged heads straight).


3. I like how bold this Action Comics cover is.


The Ultra Superman doesn’t mince words, does he?

2. I enjoy the way this Challengers of the Unknown cover manages to use the enlarged brain to nice dramatic effect.


1. Finally, you can’t really much beat the sight of Lois Lane with an enlarged head bemoaning the fact that Bizarro thinks she’s hot!


Very cool!

Okay, that’s my top five! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


The Flash cover should’ve been #1. That was the first one that popped into my head when I read the category.

Flash was the mos spectacular, but honestly, nothing beats out the superman cover for the rudest thing ever stuck on some dudes head, ever. I mean….LOOK at it.

ye gods.

Gorilla Warfare was a great storyline. And by “great storyline” I mean it had Hector Hammond, Gorilla Grodd, *and* Rex the Wonder Dog in it.

Were all MODOK covers automatically disqualified? Cameron Stewart’s MODOK Avengers cover should totally be on the list otherwise.

Yeah, MODOKs don’t count! My affection for that cover is well known. :)

MODOK has to be eliminated. He surpassed “large” head and went right on into “grande.” When your arms stick out your ears, you’re in a different category.

Would the same restriction apply to The Leader? I’d give an honorable mention to the one where his face appears in a mushroom cloud…

Yeah, Leader and Hector Hammond, too!

Now if you found a neat cover where someone else had their head enlarged to look like the Leader, THAT would be cool!

“-sob- The evolution ray that made me super-intelligent has turned me into a FREAK!”

I’m pretty sure that cover should be in the “365 Reasons to Love Comics” section.

Bizzaro was clearly calling her ugly in his backwards speak. he also hates her

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