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Top Five Worst Psylocke Costumes

Okay, I fell behind with the Top Five lists. To make up for it, I will do a bunch of them! The first?

The top five worst Psylocke costumes!!!

Poor Betsy Braddock has never had very good luck with costumes. Please note that I am not counting the one she wore that one time she was Captain Britain for a little bit (and that was uggggly).

Let’s begin! Thanks are due to Peter Luzifer and Ruth, for their incredible costume gallery over at Uncannyxmen.net.

5. This has been described, quite aptly, as the “Ninja bathing suit” costume.


And for a costume, it’s a nice bathing suit!

I love the little wrappings on her leg. I can only imagine her sitting there in the morning, putting her costume on – “Why am I doing this?”

4. That being said, the ninja bathing suit proved popular, serving as Psylocke’s costume for basically the next ten years, only changing during the time when Chris Claremont returned to the X-titles.

Here, Psylocke actually got a worse costume.


It’s probably a better outfit, but as a costume, it looks awfully silly.

It is no surprise that Psylocke has returned to the ninja bathing suit outfit.

3. When she first returned in the body of an asian woman, calling herself Lady Mandarin, Psylocke wore this poorly conceived armored outfit.


2. Astonishingly, though, that was a step UP from her PREVIOUS armored costume!

I admire the idea of saying, “She is very physically vulnerable to attacks, so she really ought to be wearing protection,” but for crying out loud, this is awful! While she is less vulnerable to attacks now, she is still vulnerable to bouts of awful fashion sense!!



This, sadly, was ALSO a step up, as her previous outfit was the following…

1. psylocke-bigcostume2.jpg

Lordy! What was Alan Davis thinking when he came up with this one?

What an ugly, non-functional, non-sensical costume. One of the ugliest costumes I have ever seen on an X-Men character (and there are some real contenders out there for that honor!).

Well, those are my picks! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


Aren’t those all of her costumes? Boy, that’s sad, when you’ve NEVER had a good costume.

That’s some hideous costumery. I thought the pink and purple armor looked pretty good when Art Adams drew it, but it looked pretty ugly in Silvestri’s hands, and since he was the guy drawing the book, that didn’t work out so well.

Am I the only one who thinks #4 is a good costume?

Hey, what about her short-lived X-Treme X-Men costume — the one seen here:


You know, the leather “ninja swimsuit” with the boots strapped to the leotard with little “X” buckles. Blech! (And it’s slightly better than usual in that pic — those X’s were typically BRIGHT RED.)

You know, I liked the ninja swimsuit at the time.

Plus, it made sense, because that’s how former female Hand proteges dressed, back in the day.

“Plus, it made sense, because that’s how former female Hand proteges dressed, back in the day.”

Psylocke’s a transexual? I missed that back when I was reading the X-Men in the late ’80s-Early 90s, but it makes a whole lot of sense. And puts her near affair with Cyclops in a new light.

Heh. “former female” = “transexual”. That’s funny.

But then, I dig #2. I must have blocked out the Silvestri rendition, because I remember it as the Davis rendering shown here. Very D&D magic user-ish.

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally post DC’s Looker?

Sleestak better not be picking on Looker …

It’s like she is playing dress up:

5. Psylocke (how I remember her)
4. Bishop
3. Stryfe
2. Scarlet Witch/Magneto
1. Shadowcat

Am I the only one who misses the pre-ninja Psylocke? I actually liked the armor-wearing version, but then again that was the Psylocke who was around when I started reading X-Men, so I guess I’ll always be attached to that version. Just like how I still picture Rogue in the green legwarmers and Storm with a mohawk…

I liked 2, too, though it looks extra-special nonfunctional when the cape is so long that it bunches up beneath her feet where it’s guaranteed to trip her.

This particular drawing of the ninja bathing suit is particularly obscene.

And 1 always has some appeal to me, if only because that’s when the character was thoroughly appealing (as in the Sabretooth issue) not thoroughly annoying (as she’s been constantly since going through the Seige Perilous).

Am I the only one who thinks #4 is a good costume?

No, I’m with you. Bad stories, good costume. I also liked the #2 armor, as well.

I think the #3 armor is actually what she wore OVER the bathing suit. So those are almost one costume. Her Captain Britain one (which she actually took off a dead man, didn’t she?) takes the cake for absolute ugliest.

Her House of M costume was okay. The AoA one wasn’t much better than the bathing suit…

Puts some feathers and a mask on number 2 and you have transvestite Dr. Doom!

Ms. Marvel’s current costume looks almost exactly like the ninja bathing suit of #5, except with hooker boots and extended gloves instead of those silly band things. Unsurprisingly, the costume is no better when it’s on Ms. Marvel than it is on Psylocke. (Speaking of rotten costumes, I think Ms. Marvel would be another one who’s never had a good one, except maybe when she was Binary.)

That being said, I thought the X-Treme X-Men “garter belt” version of Psylocke’s costume made a bad costume even worse. It’s like someone won a bet to see if they could pander a bit more to the horny adolescent teenage boy fantasy.

I’m quite fond of costume #5. It’s like the Punisher’s skull insignia and Batman’s bat insignia. Most opponent’s are male and will be rendered nearly useless by gazing upon it. Plus it looks quite comfortable depending on the weather and if it should be damaged should be relatively simple and inexpensive to replace.

“Her Captain Britain one (which she actually took off a dead man, didn’t she?)”

If I remember right, she took it off a dead alternate reality version of her brother, who had just tried to rape her.

Someone please tell me I’m wrong.

You’re not wrong, Dan. Davis tried to make it sound symbolic, but it was still creepy.

Was it actually her brother, or just a guy who had her brother’s job?

And Edward, you make it sound like the current Ms. Marvel costume is a new look for her…

I have always liked number 1 and 2. 1 seems so feminine.

I have always liked number 1 and 2. 1 seems so feminine.

That’s not feminine, it’s super-kawa-i! ^.^

The Ms. Marvel/Warbird costume came first. Jim Rhee ripped it off when designing the new Psylocke costume in the Uncanny 260-ishes. He actually drew an issue featuring Ms. Marvel (an infected version?) and Rogue battling it out, before singlehandedly cursing the title title when Claremont quit.

You know, I noticed that there is one Psylocke costume that did not make the list. As a costume designer, I find it ironic that her truely ugliest costume, being the Captian Britian costume she wore in her intro comic,was the only costume the writer actually found worthy not to mention.

As for the others, I actually like them. I see all of her costumes as an example of how the fashion and events in history are reflected in our culture. Just looking at them, I can see the decade that each one came from.

Costumes #2 and #4 were actually the best ones she wore, in MHO. Notice the author never explicitly stated WHY he hated #4, just that he did. What is people’s problem with that costume?

I don’t mind the armor (#2). I think the big problem with that was the color scheme. Otherwise, it was a fairly functional, cool-looking battle suit. Maybe that design with the color scheme of the Lady Mandarin armor (the one that looks like she raided Stryfe’s wardrobe) would be more appealing.

I share the hate for the ninja bathing suit, though. It’s long past its prime.

Wasn’t the ninja bathing suit a purple version of what Elektra wore?

the male psionic hand assasins wore even less than psylocke or electra. they have straps on their arms and legs but otherwise its just a thong (speedo/whatever), not a women’s one-piece.

i love costume number three, but man those first two are awful!

I just had to comment on this randomly spotted post. I think that this was, conceptually, a bit pessimistic. I don’t think that Psylocke’s costumes have been overtly ‘bad’ enough that they be exhibited in such a ‘freak show’ manner. Within the context of the marvel universe, I’d say that her most popular, official costume is very suiting. In this universe, practicality AND spirit must be considered and I think that the essence of Psylocke has been at least efficiently maintained.

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