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365 Reasons to Love Comics #11

Today we take a look at one of the most underrated people to ever work in comics.


11. Flo Steinberg

That’s right. Fabulous Flo Steinberg, First Lady of Marvel Comics.

Click the picture to make it larger, if you wish. I’m terrible with resizing these things.

Flo was Stan Lee’s secretary back in the height of the Marvel Age (the swingin’ 60’s). She was at the heart of bullpen, answering the sacks full of letters that came through the door, handling letters pages and organizing the Merry Marvel Marching Society.

Later, she’d appear as the Invisible Girl in What If? #11:

She left Marvel in 1968, but became interested in the world of underground comix. In 1975, she bridged the gap between “underground” and “independent” by publishing Big Apple Comix, a book featuring work from Wally Wood, Neal Adams, Denny O’Neil, Herb Trimpe, Archie Goodwin, Mike Ploog, Al Williamson, and some other cool peeps:

The magical internet tells me Flo returned to Marvel as a proofreader in the ’90’s, and I remember her showing up on Stan Lee’s A&E biography special back when that aired. Unfortunately, she seems to have dropped off the map. So I have to ask: whatever happened to Flo Steinberg? ’cause she’s awesome, as a key figure in the development of the fabled Marvel fan community, and the growth of the indie comics scene– and as a darn nifty person.

More on Flo at Wikipedia

And if you can hunt down Comic Book Artist #18, you’ll find a lovely tribute to the lady.


wow…she was hot too lol…that pix is showing some awesome legs !

I actually own that What If? issue, it rocks. I didn’t realize Flo Steinberg was this important though. This is where this feature starts to shine!

I’ve only ever seen the depiction of Flo from that What If issue, never in real life, and yeah, it needs to be said, she’s a cutie. I always get a kick out of listening to her speak on that MMMS record, talking to “Steyan” about “Vince Colletter.” I had no idea about her work in the undergrounds or her return to Marvel… I bet the story of her career would make for some pretty interesting reading!

Is is just me, or does that picture look a whole lot like Betty Brant?

Flo’s still a proofreader at Marvel.

The Kirbydotter

March 10, 2007 at 9:02 am

One of Twomorrow’s mag (Was it Comic Book Artist?) had an issue devoted to her with interviews and all. Wish I could remember which issue.

I used to work with Flo at Marvel, and I have to say, she’s the best. Always there with a nice word, a funny story or a reminder that it’s just comic books. While I was there, I worked right outside the proofing office for a bit, and Flo was just fantastic. She actually brought in the comic book artist mag, and it was a hoot! Her stories about being in the original bullpen were hilarious. I really wish I could remember them…

The best part is after I left, I came back to take Sue Crespi to lunch, and I ran into Flo as I was going into the building. Not only did she remember me, but she also gave me a big hug. She really is the grand-dame of Marvel, and deserves all of the love and respect anyone can get!

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