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365 Reasons to Love Comics #21

The people have spoken, and it looks like another theme week is upon us.

As faithful CSBG reader Ian Astheimer put it, “Supporting characters need support!” And I agree. Are you ready for Supporting Characters Week? (Or maybe fortnight, if I keep coming up with ideas). Day One commences… now!


21. Forsythe Pendleton “Jughead” Jones III


As far as second bananas go, Jughead takes the cake. Literally. He loves cake. Well, he loves all food, really.

But he’s always got Archie’s back, and that’s what counts.

Jughead’s not a fan of the ladies, however. Wikipedia tells me this is because he never got over his first love, but I think we all know that he’s more into dudes. Archie Comics would never make that official, of course, but we readers know better, eh? Okay, maybe not. Big Ethel would be crushed.


He’s lazy, he’s hungry, and he wears a crown. Jughead is the king of cool. He could probably leap further over a shark than Fonzie.

He’s easily my favorite cast member of the Archie universe. But only Betty comes close, I guess.


Jughead’s also been featured in an exorbitant amount of spin-offs. There was Jughead’s Diner, Jughead as Captain Hero (it lasted longer than Archie as Pureheart the Powerful), Jughead as a deadbeat dad (okay, okay, it’s his kid sister), a comic featuring Jughead’s dog, Hot Dog, and even Jughead’s Time Police:

jughead time police.jpg

I’d like to hear the story behind that one. (And there are more spinoffs where that came from, but the covers aren’t as cool).

I’ve only given you a taste of Jughead brilliance. If you want to know more, just mosey on over to Jughead’s Wikipedia entry. It is surprisingly in-depth.

Anyway, Jughead is a terrific character, and very worthy of showin g up on a list of Best Supporting Characters. Without Jughead, the Archie Universe just wouldn’t be as fun as it is.

So go out and buy yourself a a Jughead Double Digest!


I love Jughead.

But does someone who’s carried so many titles on his own *really* count as a mere supporting character?


January 21, 2007 at 7:22 pm


Because if the sales on all those titles is good enough, he’s “supporting” the creative team, publishers & their families.

yuk yuk yuk



January 21, 2007 at 7:23 pm

…ARE good enough.

Me am speak goodly English.



But does someone who’s carried so many titles on his own *really* count as a mere supporting character?

He’ll always be #2 when compared to Archie.


Dude. Arthur.


I love reading Jughead comics.
Great stoner comics…food to look at while you’re munching out on a Snickers reading about Jughead eating food!
Seriously, he’s just the epitome of cool.

Do I get cool points for having Captain Hero #1-4 in near mint condition?

Jughead’s Time Police was about him and Archie’s hot future descendent traveling through time using a button on his hat and correcting anomolies in the timestream. Kind of like Doctor Who, I guess, with Jughead as the companion.

I disagree with the idea that Jughead is gay. He’s never shown interest in males, either. Originally, his ‘woman-hating’ seems to have come from the likes of the Little Rascals. more important, it was a perfect counterpoint to the ever-hungry for romance aspect of the other males.
Since the 80’s, they’ve actually had him with girlfriends, and he’s really scaled back his anti-woman ways. He likes them, but in his own way, and doesn’t see the need to drool over them. While he may not be trying to kiss them constantly, like Archie, he does know how to have fun with girls and enjoys their company.

Jughead is definitely a reason comics are cool. He is also a great example of how time can have an effect on how characters are presented. While Archie’s ways are virtually unchanged, Jughead has broadened quite a bit.

Do I get cool points for having Captain Hero #1-4 in near mint condition?

I suppose that’s up to Cronin, but I think you should.

Kind of like Doctor Who, I guess, with Jughead as the companion.

I must purchase this series.

I disagree with the idea that Jughead is gay.

Yeah, I was just being facetious, mostly.

Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch that I’ve never been able to see why Archie comics are so iconic in the USA. Then again, there are lots of other American icons that do have an audience over here, but I’ve never met anyone who likes Archie comics.

Archie and the whole gang have always been mind-numbingly boring to me and the house style of the comics that makes virtually all the artists seem interchangeable doesn’t help either. it seems too formulaic.

S’funny, Betty and Jughead were always my favourites as well.

To J: I think it was the inherent goofiness and wholesomeness-so-wholesome-its-almost-disturbing quality of ARCHIE which leads to its appeal. Plus the well-balanced Pantheon of generic characters. It’s so pedestrian it becomes bizarre. Or at least that’s what I thought when I was 10, haven’t really been keeping up with it since then.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed Archie comics at face value and not because I thought they were paradoxically bizarre though pedestrian. One of the highlights of getting my hair cut was getting to read the Archies that my barber always stocked (he would also juggle for us kids).

Probably because I was a dumb kid who took everything at face value.

I love Archie comics! I think that Jughead is the best character. My main favorite characters are Archie, Jughead, and Dilton. Anyway, Archie comics are really fun to read, especially the Jughead ones. :) Read Archie comics! They’re the best comics in the whole entire world!

The Kirbydotter

March 10, 2007 at 9:51 am

My favorite Archie character.
My favorite Beatnik.
My favorite hamburger-fiend (yup. i like him even more than Wimpy in Popeye).
But is he really a supporting character?
He is certainly one of the top 5 main character of the Archie Comics stable.

greeting earth lings i will so take over the world with my love for food (hint hint cloudy with a chance of meat balls is coming unbrelllis

i love jughead he loves food as i

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