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365 Reasons to Love Comics #22

Supporting Characters Week, Day Two: Secrets of the Ooze.

A question for those of you that click in from the front page to read this… do you like being kept in suspense until you click “Read More,” or would you rather know what the day’s entry will be about straight off? Just wondering. The current “ploy” is to get you interested enough to click on through and read the column. I thought perhaps some people are unaffected by that, however, and scroll on by. I leave it to you, readers!

Anyway, today’s column is about one of my favorite sidekicks to ever appear in comics. And he’s only been in three issues. Who is it? I have two words for you.


22. Chubby da Choona

Those two words?


You said it, Chubs.

Seaguy was a 3-issue Vertigo mini-series brought to you by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart back in 2004. It was one of the best comics of the last ten years. It didn’t sell, though, so no promises for a sequel (Morrison had planned two more 96-page acts).

Chubby da Choona was Seaguy’s best friend. He’s basically a flying fish that hates water, has a seven second memory, and can swim in air. And talk. If Seaguy became a movie, Chubby would be played by Ernest Borgnine.

Also, Chubby had a catchphrase. It was:


And it was awesome.

Chubby is representative of a child’s imaginary friend, or perhaps the living subconscious of Seaguy. He’s always there for his buddy. He’s the sensational character find of 2004.


(There’s so many good panels to scan, but I’m trying to limit it. It’s hard, though. So much goodness.)

So, in the series, Seaguy and Chubby uncover a vast and horrific conspiracy which leads to frightening and terrible consequences. I don’t want to spoil it for those that haven’t read it, but let’s say that Seaguy is one of the most heartbreaking, bittersweet comics you will ever read.


I can’t help but love the little guy, and I hope some of you will understand why. For those that don’t, head on over to Amazon and buy yourself some Seaguy. It’s one of those love it or hate it kinda books, but it’s like reading a fugue dream. It all makes a kind of sense that doesn’t. One day in this column, we’ll discuss the series in more detail. Today, however, is Chubby da Choona’s day.


“Just you and me,
like two waves on the sea,
like two cups of tea,
we’re happy to be this way…
Just me and you,
like a sock with a shoe,
it’s so much better with two…”

This one’s for you, Chubby. “Da fug!”
seaguy and chubby.jpg

I’ll drink to that.


I vote for suspense!

Keep us guessing, man.

After reading Sea Guy and beholding the gratuitous love affair with the reader that is Chubby da Choona, I thought, Holy Smokes! This Morrison guy is someone to watch out for! Alas, Sea Guy seemed to be his mangum opus for all Morrison’s other works paled by the comparison; they seemed to be scattered, lesser morsels – the best thoughts and ideas having been saved and spent on this well-deserving choona.

Sea Guy was (thanks to the fish), almost as funny as Screw-On Head – and so, maybe in the same league as Groo the Wanderer.

Come back to us, Grant Morrison! Come back to Chubby!


The only thing I could think of adding is — if you are continuing with this theme week format — a sub-title, for example, “Supporting Characters Week”.

Anyway: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

Thank you for posting this great second banana!
Chubby was one of the more interesting characters created by Morrison in the past few years.
My only regret was that we didn’t get to see the other 6 issues Grant had planned for Seaguy. When I talked with him last year at WWLA, he told me about it…sounded wonderful.
God Speed Chubby…may you play chess and ride in gondolas forever!

Chubby sounds great but sadly my only meaningful input is a vote for suspense.

I also vote for suspense, Bill. It seems the masses (of 3 or 4) have spoken. As for Seaguy, I thought I heard that Seaguy 2 was supposed to come out sometime this year. Is that true, or did I dream it?

I have a good suggestion for supporting characters week (well, it’s actually kind of obvious, but so is Jughead!), but I don’t want to say, since then you might not choose it!

As for Seaguy, I thought I heard that Seaguy 2 was supposed to come out sometime this year. Is that true, or did I dream it?

Rumor is that he only signed onto 52 if they’d let him continue Seaguy, but I haven’t heard anything behind that. If there *is* going to be another one, Cam Stewart ain’t talking.

It’s one of those love it or hate it kinda books

Well, I didn’t love it…

i vote for suspense with a possible tease of who/what/where/wtfever the days love interest is.

I loved Sea Guy.
Possibly some of the most enjoyable Morrison ever.
It made you think, but not too much.
It was fast paced, but not rushed.
It was funny, but not at the expense of story.
And dammit, it was beautiful.

And yet not many seem to like it, and all anyone wants to talk about is We3.


January 23, 2007 at 5:42 am

That was me posting above.

My ego demands that you all know it.

I have no preference for suspense, but please tell me Java’s going to be on here…I’m just reading ‘Showcase Presents Metamorpho’ for the first time, and Java is absolutely brilliant!

Alas, Sea Guy seemed to be his mangum opus for all Morrison’s other works paled by the comparison;

Aah – you had me going. For a second there I thought you were serious!

Honestly, other than coming in to answer the posed question, “365 Reasons to Love Comics” just gets scrolled past every day – CSBG doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to actually finding anything enjoyable about comics, and a vague hint as to what is in each post isn’t enough to warrant reading it…

I vote for suspense. Along with a clever intro. Because, dang it, I want to know that you’re WORKING to catch my interest.

Also, I didn’t love SEAGUY. The first issue was fun, but it seemed to just go completely off the rails after that.

But then, while I like some of Morrison’s stuff, I can;t really say that I’m a big fan.

The Kirbydotter

March 10, 2007 at 9:53 am

Never read Seaguy.
But I am now very tempted to hunt this down.

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