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This Artist Is Good – Bret Taylor

I thought it worthwhile to show off the nice work of an artist I know, Bret Taylor.

Here’s a neat little description of Bret:

Bret lives and drinks in the beautiful city of Vancouver, where he also pays the rent with freelance graphic design work. He’s been drawing and painting his whole life, and hopes to someday get rich at it.

And he’s not interested in doing portraits of babies.

With that being said, let’s look at some cool artwork!

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them!

Probably Bret’s biggest strength as an artist is his work with automobiles and motorcycles…check this stuff out…




Impressive, huh?

Here’s a superhero piece by Bret…notice how he actually gets the archery RIGHT!


Here are some more science-fiction inspired pieces from Bret…



And finally, here are a number of pieces where I think he does a wonderful job capturing the mood of his theme…





I especially like the lizard and the lady with the gun. So infused with character!

Here is a thread of his artwork, and here is his Flickr.



I love Howy’s work. There are some cool pieces here. Thanks for sharing them, Brian.

Anyone ever see that episode of My Name is Earl with the trial artist?

She wasn’t interested in doing portraits of babies either.

Now, I like that art, but objectively, is it any good? Oh, wait a minute, wrong post …

The proportion of Green Arrow’s waist to his shoulders is distracting. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m more concerned with “proper anatomy” than “proper archery.”

I keep coming back to that little bio paragraph. Does it seem pretentious to refer to myself in the third person? I’m gonna need a more in-depth bio when I finally get a website up, and I don’t want it to put people off.

As for the Green Arrow comments, I was aiming for the sort of physique that Simon Bisley gave Batman in Judgement on Gotham.

i am outstanded by the quolity of this work if there are any outher sites with his work would u let me know

Oh man these are great.

Roquefort Raider

April 30, 2008 at 10:43 am

Bret isn’t only a great artist, he’s also a pretty cool teacher. His ongoing thread on the Artist and Writer Showcase forum is a real inspiration to lots of people.

I’m pretty happy to have a picture signed Taylor adorning my living room!

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