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365 Reasons to Love Comics #38

I may as well quit this column now. Because this one spotlights the greatest comic book ever made. So why bother continuing? It can’t get better than this. Can it?

I could be speaking jibba jabba, but it’s up to you to decide, gentle viewer. Black History Month continues!


38. Mr. T and the T-Force

Mr T 1.jpg

Man, you gotta love NOW Comics.

I, for one, take pity upon the poor, foolish soul who does not own at least one issue of this glorious periodical. I’ve got the first one. It’s been a long time since I perused it, but I do remember the plot involved Mr. T cleaning up the streets, and finding a baby in a dumpster.

What’s that, Mr. T?

Mr T and the crack baby.jpg


Here is an audio file of Mr. T discussing what was to appear in the T-Force series. “Topical issues,” he says. Damn straight! Topical issues like… magical space dinosaurs from another dimension!

Mr T 2.jpg

I must not have paid much attention back in 1993, because I don’t remember that big a dinosaur problem (though I loved the show “Dinosaurs.” And the Super Mario Bros. movie. Hmm…) Maybe they just disappeared real fast ’cause Mr. T was on the case! Our pal Chris Sims gifts us with further space dino “pwnage.”

That wasn’t all, though. Mr. T was kind to old ladies and children. For instance:

Mr T 5.jpg

(He’s got to have the strongest back in the world to lift all those gold chains.)

Click on the above cover for some preview pages, thanks to Mile High Comics. It will blow your mind with its coolness. Man, I wish I had Mr. T as my landlord.

The series underwent multiple creative team changes, but the creators were spectacular! Neal Adams, Mike Baron, Norm Breyfogle, Tony DeZuniga, Chuck Dixon, and more. That’s a helluva line-up of talent.

Hey, did I mention the ninjas? No?

Mr T 7.jpg


Anyway, that about sums up the series. Mr. T was hittin’ the streets, taking up social causes, and dealing with the topics of the times, like crack babies, dinosaurs, and ninjas. They’ve done another Mr. T comic series recently, but it’s nothing compared to the T-Force one.

Wait. Hold on a second. What the hell was the T-Force? It sounds like some kind of Planeteers for Mr. T, but I honestly don’t know if it even came up in the course of the series. Anyone care to explain?

I won’t rest until I have every issue of this series. Luckily, I can bide my time by watching fantastic Mr. T footage on YouTube. There’s Mr. T on fashion, Mr. T motivationally rapping about yo’ mama, and the greatest opening to any cartoon ever with the Mr. T animated series (Jack Kirby did design work for it. Seriously. He did.)

May the T-Force be with you. Foo’.

Chris Sims talks about the T-Force
Seanbaby mercilessly destroys the T-Force
Jake Bell discusses the book on this very site!


You can never have enough magical space dinosaurs from another dimension in a comic book, I say!

I am happy to own an issue of this fine periodical; pity me not.

I forget which issue number I have, but it appears to have been the second part of a two-parter, in which Mr. T clears his name of a crime he did not commit.

In The New Mutants #7, the team fought a guy named Axe who was exactly like Mr. T except he was evil and fought with, you guessed it, an axe. That’s as close as I know of Mr. T ever taking on a mainstream Marvel character.

That gold foil trading card has got to be worth a mint these days.

I would buy the Mr. T cartoon if it ever came out on DVD. And I’m not ashamed to admit it…

I THINK chris said the T-force was this super… energy… thing.

Too… cool… Must… read…

The Mr. T clip where he is motivationally rapping about yo mama is from his motivational video for kids called “Be Somebody, or Be Somebody’s Fool!” and it is the most awesome thing ever. If you must own the T Force comics, then you also must own “Be Somebody, or Be Somebody’s Fool.” It includes some sweet scenes of Mr. T breakdancing, an explanation of why he wears the chains and his old busted up boots, and such amazing exclamations as “Absoludicrous!” and “1 out of 1 Dr. T’s recommend it!”. Seriously. Go to Ebay now.

The movie came out at the same time as the vinyl LP which went along with it “Mr. T’s Commandments”…..AND THE SONGS WERE CO-WRITTEN BY ICE-T ON BOTH THE VIDEO AND THE RECORD.

Wait a second, I’ll repeat that. ICE-T FREAKING CO-WROTE THESE SONGS WITH MR. T. O.G., indeed.

I second your nomination for ‘best comic ever’. Move aside Alan Moore, cos it’s a crack baby…FOOL!


According to Chris Sims, the T-Force is:

“The T-Force isn’t an organization. No, it’s apparently some kind of mystical energy field that gives Mr. T superpowersv. Superpowers that help him to battle the real problems faced by today’s kids.

Namely, Drug Dealing Incan Robots With Guns For Arms.”

Dang. Screwed up my HTML tags… Well, here’s a link to the original:


Yeah, I couldn’t tell if Chris was being facetious there or not. I think some of the issues did ask readers to “join the T-Force,” after all…

The Kirbydotter

March 10, 2007 at 1:06 pm

Your top 3 worst choice of entry in this column so far:
3. Mr. T and the T Force (even by Neal Adams!)
2. Chuck Norris (even by Ditko!)
1. NFL SUPERPRO (not even a legendary creator to make it worth a comment!)

Dude, those are three of my favorite columns so far. Enlighten your mindset. Enjoy the bizarre and the weird and the silly. Good, fun silliness like this should be rewarded.

How much is that first copy of Mr. T , T Force worth?

I keep a mental list of things I’m gonna ask famous people if I ever get to meet them. Now I know what to ask Neal Adams.

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