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Comics Haiku Review Revue!

I wrote this poem.
Five, seven, five syllables.
I haiku. Do you?

(So I bought comics.
I thought I would review them
in haiku. Just ’cause.)

Batman 663:
Not sure what to think.
Cool art, over-the-top prose.
Guess there’s two options:

If Bad:
Pretty art, weak prose;
Hey there, God of All Comics!
Don’t quit your day job.

If Good:
Joker’s a scary mofo.

Casanova #7:
Sex, death, mayhem, joy.
A mite convoluted, though.
Roll on volume two.

Casanova #7 backmatter:
Matt Fraction? You’re cool.
You get the writing process.
Sorry for your loss.

Godland #16:
but incomprehensible.
Still-got it for free!

Nextwave #12:
Kick! ‘splode! MOBABIES!
Nextwave is love. No. Was love.
Marry me, Warren.

Shazam! Monster Society of Evil #1:
With one magic word-
Shazam! Jeff Smith brings wonder.
Captain Marvel’s back.

Thunderbolts #111:
All-out action ish!
Turns out Jack Flag can be cool.
Oh shit! Bazooka!**

**Always use this line
to end your haikus well:
“Oh shit! Bazooka!”


I read Bill’s blog post
I enjoyed it immensly
Why thank you good sir

nice reviews, Bill Reed
but you forgot the kigo
twirling snow moustache

I should have written
My first post as a haiku
Oh shit! Bazooka!

Did you ever read the movie review haiku in Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series?

Trials Of Shazam
Sucks, but Jeff Smith’s new mini
Rocks your hairy ass

You all forgot to include seasonal references:

In freezing winter
When snow kills cherry blossoms
Jeff Smith warms the heart

Haiku _____.

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