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365 Reasons to Love Comics #49

Our Black History Month star of today’s entry don’t need no education, no thought control. She’s got enough bricks as it is, man. She is maybe the badassest person in the DC Universe.


49. Amanda Waller

Waller vs Batman.jpg

I’m talkin’ about The Wall. You do not @#$%& with Amanda “The Wall” Waller.

Amanda Waller isn’t one of your typical comic book women; she’s no anorexia victim in a belly shirty making bedroom eyes at every barrel-chested he-man that goes by. No, she’s one bad mama, built like a tank and unafraid to stand up to anybody. She’s got toe-to-toe with Batman. Hell, she’s faced down half the population of Apokalips. I bet she could take I-Ching. Hell, I bet she could take down Chuck Norris *and* his Karate Kommandos.

Waller 3.jpg

Amanda Waller is/was in charge of Task Force X, a.k.a. the Suicide Squad. She was dealing with bad guys and super-villains on a daily basis. She’s got a doctorate in whup-ass (and political science). Nowadays, she’s the White Queen of Checkmate. Take that, Emma Frost.

Waller 2.jpg

The Wall can sometimes go off the deep end. She’s got some complex morals. She occasionally needs other people to act as a conscience for her. But hey, when you’re this embroiled in a black ops government assassin agency, you might end up the same way, too. You still would not be as tough as The Wall, though.

Apparently, she’s got a lot of kids. I wonder what it’d be like to have Amanda Waller as a mom. I think I’d be scared all the time. Lord knows those chores would get done!

Waller 4.jpg

On the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, The Wall was voiced to perfection by CCH Pounder, of The Shield fame. I wasn’t a big fan of the show, but I loved the portrayal of Amanda Waller, every bit as domineering and threatening as ever. Even Batman was a bit nervous around her, though he’d try not to show it. Of course, he also probably had a thing for her, and stalked her while she showered. If you click the link, you’ll find a hilariously creepy animated .gif file. It’s a little on the huge side (almost 1 MB), which is why I didn’t embed it in the post, but it’s awesome, trust me.

So that’s Amanda Waller for you. She’s the toughest lady in the DCU, and 100% woman. Watch out or she’ll kick your ass.

If you’d like to see more of Amanda Waller and want to rescue her titles from cancellation, buy Checkmate and the upcoming Suicide Squad mini. If you don’t, she will end you.


Amanda Waller is one of the greatest characters in the DCU. I particularly like how often she was played against Maxwell Lord at the height of the JLI era- they were polar opposites as leaders and it gave a very real dynamic to both titles.

One of my favorite Wall moments was when Harvey Bullock asked her, “How’s it hanging?”

She was a big part of the reason I stuck with Suicide Squad. I loved that series. OStrander & Yale did great stuff.

White Queen of Checkmate? Amanda Waller is the Queen of the DC Universe as far as I’m concerned.

Suicide Squad was so good. I can’t wait for the mini.

Good call – great character!

Who do we have to blackmail to get trades of Ostrander’s Suicide Squad?

I can’t agree more than with what everyone else has posted!

• The Wall, a great character!

• The 80’s Suicide Squad (despite so-so pencils, IMO) an incredible series!

• and yes, WE WANT A SUICIDE SQUAD TPB Collection!!!!!!!

I think youre a big old dush

I tried but just didn’t like Suicide Squad. Actually I’ve rarely liked anything by John Ostrander.

I still think Amanda Waller’s great though!

The Kirbydotter

March 10, 2007 at 2:34 pm

SUICIDE SQUAD was the best thing John Ostrander has ever written. Love that series.
Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Bronze Tiger (another great black character in this excellent series), Shade the Changing Man, Lashina (of the Female Furies) and scores of obscure characters and villains… Ostrander was so great at exploring the different villain mentalities and psyche.

And most of all, there was Amanda Waller.
Rick Flagg was supposed to be the leader-hero of this series but he was quickly overshadowed by Amanda Waller.
I agree, one of the stronguest personality (black or not) ever created at DC.

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