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365 Reasons to Love Comics #57

With three days remaining in Black History Month, we shine the spotlight on an excellent artist who you probably didn’t even know was black. I didn’t.


57. Brian Stelfreeze

Stelfreeze 1.jpg

(click to magnify, along with a few others in this post)

Brian Stelfreeze is an amazing artist. He’s mostly done cover work, though he does have several interior credits to his name. You’ve seen his work on the covers of Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Doc Savage, Fallen Angel, Firestorm, and others, and in the pages of Domino, the Matador, and more.

He can do gorgeous paintings, art that looks like stained glass, or the best animation cels you’ve ever seen. Let the pictures speak for themselves:

Stelfreeze 2.jpg

Stelfreeze 3.jpg

Stelfreeze 4.jpg

Stelfreeze 5.jpg

To see more of his art, check out the Gaijin Studios website. And for something cool and humorous, check out Paul Jenkins’ latest Flogging a Dead Horse column over at Newsarama to see Brian stop by and contribute to a blisteringly insane song you can then listen to.

I think The ‘Freeze is fantastic. How about you?


He made Domino interesting. I think that speaks volumes.

He is one of those artists who has a style all is own that is just so vibrant and wonderful. We need to see even more out of him.

Stelfreeze is such a great artist with a really wide range. Like Ian said, I just hope we get to see more of his work, as everything I’ve seen thus far has been incredible.

you’re right… i did not know he was Black.

i knew he was amazingly awesome, though.

You need to do one on Darryl Banks

Gaijin Studios has always been synonymous with quality, and, with Stelfreeze and Hamner as the group’s backbone, it’s easy to see why. Both of those cats are top notch, and each should be doing more work.

Never heard of him or saw his work before just now, but those are purty covers. Has he done any actual sequential work?

Hmmm…. there are some artists who seem to paint at every opportunity, but (in my opinion) do much better work when they use pencil and ink. Brian Stelfreeze is definitely one of those.

Stelfreeze is a genius. I also love Hamner and most of the rest at Gaijin.

I met him (and Cully Hamner) at the last Heroes Con, and they are great guys. Someone gave Brian a GI Joe figure who looked exactly like him (bald head and all). Of course, he refuses to draw Firestorm unless he’s paid to, but considering how many Firestorm covers he had to draw, I don’t hold it against him.

The Kirbydotter

March 10, 2007 at 3:58 pm

I didn’t know he was black either.
I always thought his Gaijin buddy Cully Hamner was black, but I have no idea why… Is he?

Back to Steelfreeze, he is a very good artist. I prefer his all too rares interiors to his covers. How come we don’t see more of him? Or any of the Gaijin studio bunch of guys for that matter?

I always liked Brian’s art; especially his Batman. He tends to make Batman’s costume with a lot of black (I never did like the blue and gray). Then I actually got to meet him about 8 years ago at a convention and I was like, “He’s a brotha!” That earned extra props. The other members of Gaijin were there too (Adam Hughes, Cully Hamner, and Georges Jeanty) and they were all real cool. They’re based here in Atlanta.

I commented to Brian about his Batman and he was like “Oh definitely… I try to make his costume as black as possible!”

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