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365 Reasons to Love Comics #63

Reiterating the rules: This here column’s a daily, yearlong look at what makes comics great. Some reasons are obvious, some are totally obscure; all of them, however, are why I love comics, and hopefully why you too love comics, or will come to live them. A nice, archive-y list can be found here.

It’s Mike Week here at Comics Should Be Good! Or at this column, anyway. You’ll see what I mean in a minute, as we take a look at one of Declarative Rabbit’s favorites.


63. Michael Golden

Golden 4.jpg

As Declarative Rabbit stated himself, “The only golden rule is that Michael Golden rules.” And how, my fine lepus-y friend!

Michael Golden is an exceptional artist who I’m sure we all wish was doing more work in the industry. He’s drawn a ton of covers and a few runs of interiors, but I wish he’d do more. I remember his great work in The ‘Nam most of all, but he’s also drawn everything from Batman to the Micronauts to Bucky O’Hare! At the moment, he’s doing covers for Heroes for Hire and Marvel Adventures: Iron Man. Let’s hope he gets the chance to draw some more interiors. They’re gorgeous.

He’s got the expressive line of an expert cartoonist, and he produces dynamism like no other. But, you know, I’m a terrible art critic, so let’s just look and see for ourselves, eh?

Golden 3.jpg

Golden 2.jpg

Golden 1.jpg

Golden 6.jpg

Golden 5.jpg

Michael Golden doesn’t have a very large internet presence, but there is some great stuff out there. Check out his Comic Art Community gallery as well as this terrific Retrospective and the Gallery that comes along with it, courtesy of Photon Torpedoes. There’s a lot to love at these links, and what they say and show is better than what you’ll find in this measly column!

I tip my hat to Michael Golden! The man’s a brilliant artist.


He drew the Annual in which Rogue was introduced, too. Cool stuff.

Andrew Collins

March 4, 2007 at 10:49 pm

For some reason, I always lump Michael Golden in with all of the other great “Mikes” who came out of the 70’s comics scene, like Mike Zeck, Mike Ploog, Mike Kaluta, and Mike Grell…any of them deserve a profile on the list because they’re all great…

I think you missed the Best Michael Golden Cover of All.

Wow that’s a hideous cover!

I have to admit I’m not that familiar with Michael Golden being more of a DC man (especially of old) but that Nightwing picture is excellent.

He did some pretty covers for Detectice Comics as well, here’s my favourite:


Michael Golden didn’t draw that Barbie cover. Or at least he didn’t sign it. Mary Wilshire did. (Isn’t her first name Mary?)

And those Detective covers he did (less than ten, I think) were very neat.

Thanks for the Michael Golden plug! He’s one of my absolute favorite artists. It was baffling to me that, at the New York Con, he wasn’t surrounded at his table. I got the chance to talk to him for a couple minutes, and was blown away by how humble and self-effacing he was.

Oh, and one of my favorite Golden shots: That big Marvel Universe book that came out ten years ago has a two page spread that he did of the 80’s heroes. Amazing picture. Can’t find a scan though…

Oh, and for all you Golden fans: there’ll be a Michael Golden Modern Masters out in June.

that first picture, with Nightwing on a train; from which comic is it?

Nightwing #73

He did some pretty covers for Detectice Comics as well, here’s my favourite:

Ooh – I remember that run of covers. They were excellent. I remember a very good one with Batman hanging upside down from a tree

Michael Golden is my favourite Batman artist, based mostly on a spectacular run of Batman stories from the old ‘Batman Family’ series.

The Kirbydotter

March 9, 2007 at 11:20 am

Michael Golden is like Neal Adams, he could make you buy comics with his gorgeous and cool covers. And like Adams, you could aften become disapointed as soon as you actuallly opened the book to read it.

He made me collect ROM, MICRONAUTS, and the Roger Stern run of DOCTOR STRANGE(which was a good thing since I would have missed a great run).

Golden’s work in BATMAN FAMILY is among my favorite too.

Golden is from the same new wave of the early bronze age as Wrightson, Simonson, Kaluta, Chaykin, Marshall Rogers. It’s a sad common trait that most of these guys produced very little in the many years they have been in the business.

Golden is also one of these artist who has to ink himself to do his art justice. Do you guys remember a BATMAN SPECIAL from a few years ago, with a one-shot villain called the Wrath which was horribly inked by Mike DeCarlo I think.

i loved looking at and reading the first 12 issues of NAM my dad was a history teacher of the vietnam war so i gave my collection for him to use in his classes ,i think the kids stole them cause they were so good!
my mother didnt want me reading war comics and made a big fuss so i showed her the issue when the vietcong soilder changes sides to the americans and that shut her up because it was so powerfull, it wasnt glorifying the war.
i would love to see a movie or Animation based on the first 12 issues and holding tight to every detail in the comic.
Hell, ill even make the movie myself if i could. Mike golden is a great artist, no doubt about it!
Can anybody tell me if it was Micheal who did illustrations for an Aztec warrior book cause the detail was similar?

I believe the first time I saw Michael Goldens art was POSSIBLY “Savage tales” But, I really came to like his work with “The Nam”.
Michaels detail in the first issue was amazing. It got even better when John Beatty (?) was the inker. He made Michaels artwork glow. It became perfect in every way.
When The Nam MAG. came out I enlarged several of the black & white pages to 11 by 17 inch size to study the art work. I still have the enlargements and the Comics.
Some things are worth looking at over and over.

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