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365 Reasons to Love Comics #65

Mike Week, Day Three! Prepare your eyes for the feasting, all you hep cats and kittens out there in Goodsville! Your brain may explode from the poppiest pop comics art of them all!


65. Mike Allred

Allred 0.jpg

The above is from Mike Allred’s issue of Solo (#7). Click to make gigantic and readable.

Allred’s got a glorious, vibrant art style that explodes off the page. He captures all the wonder of old-timey comics with the sensibilities of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art, Hanna-Barbera animation, and that formless, day-glo substance that is our childhood memory of comic books. Our Man Mike’s love of comics is palpable on every page. He’s not ashamed to glorify what some would consider silly and show why he finds it electrifying. Influences from Kirby and other Silver Age-y artists are apparent, but not to the point of thievery: Allred is his own man.

Under his pen, everything becomes shiny and new, full of life. From his work on Madman to his adaptation of the Book of Mormon to his work-for-hire stuff in X-Force/Statix, his clean and bright linework (enhanced brilliantly by the colors of his wife Laura) causes my eyes to widen with joy. Mike Allred’s a pop art god and the living manifestation of comics joy. It’s why he’s one of my favorite artists currently working. He is charmingly insane, and his work is amazing. Look for Madman Atomic Comics from Image in April. Booyah.

And now, the art showcase:

Allred 2.jpg

Allred 3.jpg

Allred 1.jpg

Allred 4.jpg

Allred 5.jpg

Click that one to make it so massive, it will shake the heavens with its glory.

For more info and art, swing yourself over to his sexy website, AAA Pop Comics.


Mike Week just might be the best week ever. I’ll let VH1 know.


I love Mike Allred with all my comics heart. He was my first favorite artist, and I’ll read anything he does.

Even the Book of Mormon.


Never a big fan of Allred’s style, though he is imaginative and better than the standard superhero artist.

The Mad Monkey

March 7, 2007 at 12:55 am

Easily…and I mean, easily…my most favorite Mike of the modern comics era.
But, I gotta gotta gotta know…
Where did that kick-ass DC picture come from?
That’s just groovy and ginchy all rolled up in a poptastic burrito.

The DC pic comes from Solo issue 7 by DC, an all Mike issue (if I’m not mistaken).

Although I’m not his biggest fan, I like the fact that he created his own recognisable style.

I like Madman, and I’ve got all of the Madman and Atomics TPBs, but much as I do enjoy them I always feel he’s falling just a little short of where he should do as a writer. It’s nothing I can put my finger on, but I thought Jay Stevens’s (Stephens?) Atomic City Tales worked a bit better at the same kind of thing for me

Dan, it’s Stephens.

Thanks – I suppose I should have checked Google but I couldn’t be arsed

Mobelius Rodelius

March 7, 2007 at 8:55 am

Thanks for big-upping Mike Allred. I agree with Apodaca that I’ll buy anything Allred does with zero hesitation. Is anyone else bothered by the way his stuff has been colored lately though? I think it started in his Solo issue, but his colorist (Laura?) has been doing this intentionally blurred, pseudo-newsprint effect. I think it is meant to look like old-style comics, but it drives me insane. Allred’s art is so crisp, and at its best (atomics, x-statix) it jumps off the page. Anyone else bugged by this?

Also, has anyone else noticed that Allred draws the most attractive females in comics? And he does it without slapping huge breasts on every character.

Mobelius, I couldn’t put a finger on it before, but now that you articulate it I’ve had the same concern with the preview pages from the new Image series… I’m sure it will still rock but I could do without the coloring as well..

Seeing his work in X-Force, coupled with Quitely’s in New X-Men, was a revelatory experience for me. It coincided with my renewed interest in comics after I graduated from high school. But really, my first Allred drawn comic was one of those “Wow, comics can be like this” kind of things. It melted my brain. In the good way. Also, good on you for pointing out how much Laura adds to his work. It’s similar to what Dave Stewart does to… well, just about every one.

Also, has anyone else noticed that Allred draws the most attractive females in comics? And he does it without slapping huge breasts on every character.

Nah – that’ll be Steve Rude

Oh, man, I love Mike Allred! And, as I incessantly remind everyone when I talk about him, he’s from the same town as I am, Roseburg, OR. I’ve met him a few times, and he’s a really cool guy. And his comics are awesome! I’m super-stoked about the new Madman series.

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