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YouTube Can Be Good – 3/12

Some more neat comic-related YouTube videos! Both about Jack Kirby this week!

Zack recommended this one, which is a piece from The Masters Of Comic Book Art, introduced by Harlan Ellison.

Next, the HappyShow! put together this very interesting video, which mixes pictures of the old Marvel Bullpen with audio of the Bullpen members from 1965.

Pretty darn cool, huh?

If you have any suggestions for future clips, let me know!


The Mad Monkey

March 13, 2007 at 3:09 am

First video:
I had never heard The King’s voice before.
Now I have.
Now I can die (relatively) happy.
But, Ellison forgot that Kirby also took Jimmy Olsen into his Fourth World and introduced us to Darkseid there. Shame on you, Harlan…you grumpy, old bastard (I mean that lovingly, of course).

Second video:
I’ve heard too much of Lyin’ Stan’s voice. *ugh*
Hearing Wally Wood was kind of eerie…but still neat.
It was like listening to an old 30’s-40’s radio broadcast with all the bad line-reading and New York accents. And, I mean that in a good way…I’m a fan of the Big Band era.

Fun to be had all around.

Me personally? I think the Philly comic trailer is good…even with its cheesy music… :)

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