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I’d Bring Crystal Back to the Forefront of the Marvel Universe

I remember when Bob Harras first had Crystal join the Avengers – his take on her was quite apt, I thought – she was a unique personality in the sense that she was married to the mutant son of Magneto, she was involved with the Fantastic Four, she was an Inhuman and she was an Avenger – she was hooked into all parts of the Marvel Universe.

So why have we barely seen her since Onslaught?

I’d make her a bigger part of the Marvel universe – perhaps an Avenger again, perhaps not, but at least USE her.


I second that. And let’s see her use her powers a bit more and be less of a damsel in distress.

Well,she made a nice return with Quiksilver’s post House of M adventures.

I agree. All she does now is pop up in Quicksilver stories as the bitchy ex.

Maybe with the involvement of the Inhumans in SI she will be more prominent in the MU.

I’m on the other side of all this — she’s a character who’s so damaged and whose powers are still sufficiently nebulous in their extent that I don’t see much purpose in using her anywhere outside an Inhumans story.

I dig that she’s standing by her race, as it were, in the current MU. Unless she were part of an Avengers team, I think she belongs with the Inhumans.

She’s a skrull!

Andrew Collins

March 15, 2008 at 4:26 pm

Even worse, didn’t the Sentry spotlight issue of New Avengers during Civil War hint that Crystal and he were former lovers? Talk about being thrown into a bad situation with a lame character. Crystal definitely deserves more than being saddled with that unfortunate association…

Good idea. Never thought of her quite that way, but Crystal’s got quite the Storytelling Engine. Just keep her in her orginal Jack Kirby costume, please!

Unfortunately, she now became known, deservingly or not, as sort of the official whore of the MU; even the Sentry scored with her, and she became a joke. But I like her and I agree that with her unique connections, she has a lot of potential. That said, I don’t see her fitting anywhere but with the Inhumans now.

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