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I’d Give Captain Marvel Black Widow’s Role in Harras’ Avengers

If you reread Bob Harras’ Avengers run, you’ll notice two things…

1. It wasn’t all that powerful of an Avengers team


2. Black Widow really doesn’t DO much

That’s why, I’d have Captain Marvel II take over as Avengers chairperson during Widow’s tenure.

I do not think it would change any of Harras’ stories, really, and all it would do would be give Captain Marvel II some much-needed exposure.


Is Marvel allowed to give Captain Marvel exposure? I thought that the point of her one-shot was to demonstrate how much potential the character had and thereby justify never using her again.


If Monica got exposure in the last decade she would never have been in Nextwave, and that would be criminal.

Bob Harras’s Avengers team (and I don’t think it’s such a horrible run as some others) was also trying to conform to what was cool at the time and all superteams seemed to be trying to be more like Image Comics.

The Black Widow had attitude and abilities more in line with this style than Captain Marvel/Photon/whatever. I’m also not sure another female energy controller in team already with Crystal and Sersi would bring much diversity.

actually that team was very powerful…you had Hercules, Vison, sersi, and crystal, so the strongest olympian god, vision is often thought of as one of the more powerful avengers, a eternal who caqn re arange molecules and a inhuman who can control the four elements…plus Black knight who a lot of people forget is quite intelligent for tech support..its a well rounded core team..but yeah Black widow did nothing in that run

From what I remember, Harras decided to keep the lineup that was on the team when he took over the book (adding Crystal to the mix), rather than do the standard “new writer, new lineup” thing. Black Widow was one of the characters left over from Larry Hama’s run.

It was powerful initially, Rob, but Harras’s plots tended to revolve around depowering it in various ways. Hercules was stripped of his immortality and much of his strength early in the run, and Sersi wound up the pawn of a villain and thus not much of an asset to the team.

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