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I’d Give the Post-Byrne Superman Supporting Cast Some Plots

Jose Delgado, Cat Grant, Bippo, Ron Troupe, even that little kid the Whites adopted (Keith, right?) – they might not be the greatest characters in the world, but they add a certain richness to the cast of Superman that you just don’t get with every story simply being Lois, Perry and Jimmy (and now Lana).

What would it hurt to give these characters a chance?

I’d give them a story here and there.

Okay, maybe not Keith White. We have to have SOME standards, right?


Bibbo! He’s my fav’rit.

Good call Brian! I voted for the Jerry Ordway run on Superman in the ‘best 100 comic book runs’ poll mainly because of the great supporting cast he established and how it opened up loads of story possibilities! It does get tedious reading yet another ‘how Jimmy got the signal watch’ or ‘Lois is in trouble because of her investigative journalist instincts’ story.

I’ve actually realized that this was the point I dropped the Superman titles. I thought the key to Byrne’s reboot was that the Superman stories were about a farm boy from Kansas who found he had amazing powers, and was forced to use them to help others.

But at the end of the day, he just wanted to be Clark Kent. So Clark’s story was the key, and Superman’s adventures were an interruption. Don’t you think he’d love to never be Superman again?

What’s wrong with Keith?

Jose Delgado AKA Gangbuster has lots o potential. Ad Oracle to the mix and Bats has an “in” over in Metropolis

I have to admit, I always liked Keith. I admit to a pretty strong bias, given that the era of Superman comics during which Keith was a prominent supporting character was the run that got me into comics as a kid. Still, I think that kid played his part, and played it well about 3/4 of the time.

Personally, I think it was a mistake to kill off Jerry White. Especially right after they revealed Lex Luthor was his real father.

BTW, Brian… “Bippo”?

i read that cast in my formative years, so they all have a special place in my heart; i’d LOVE to have that gang back, just because they do give more richness to metropolis.

but don’t leave out the guardian and the newsboy legion! they were fun too, and i love me some guardian.

Super Buddies Forever

March 16, 2008 at 4:27 pm

It’s rather irritating that this cast has been dropped and forgotten since around the time Loeb came on board. The general rule of thumb in the Superman books since then has been that the only Post-Crisis concepts that can be mentioned are the death, return, and marriage.

These characters made Metropolis seem like a real, functioning city. It made sense for Clark and Lois to have a large support network other than Jimmy Olsen, and I’m hoping that when fans who grew up in the Ordway/Jurgens/Stern era begin writing the books, they bring them back in full force.

You didn’t read the Superman books a couple of years after the Death, right? The supporting characters swallowed all four books for a long while.

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